Ignorance, learning and growing

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An essay on self-taught and growing up.

Submitted: April 16, 2016

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Submitted: April 16, 2016



Ignorance comes with youth. 

As children, we are handed teachers. 

We are spoon-fed what we are "supposed to believe" when we are at our most fragile. 

We are not expected to ask questions, but to accept what those teachers say, as fact. 

Our worlds are squeezed very tight. We have our parents, our teachers, and our friends; and because of so little exposure to choice, we take what we are taught at face value. 

When growing up, the world begins to open up.

 You begin to hear more. 

You begin to find teachers everywhere, and you begin to hear them, and then you begin to listen. 

You then slowly begin to realise, that you never had a choice. 

You were to listen, but not speak. 

Each year, you grow a little more. You grow into new beliefs, and fall out of old ones. 

You learn of the importance of self; and realise that you are your own teacher. 


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