The Circle and The Stone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A fantasy novel i've been working on off and on

Table of Contents

The Circle and The Stone

A fantasy novel i've been working on off and on.
It,s a long read so far, i'm aware of that. i've been writing this for years, and it is a very long and drawn out story that will extend onto a trilogy of novels. one before this time line and one after, but, to create this world i'm trying to create, takes time and words. the first story is over a 400 page novel, and is conceptually written and complete, just need pro editing and revamped concepts as i have allready wrote part of the first novel and part of the third and last. they all intertwine. it's very complex, but if ONE person loves the whole trilogy and the whole world i created, i'm a happy guy
Oh what your reading is actually called "The Dawn of The New Forest" Booksie screwed up something with my account and i had to open a new account as a new member etc. so since the work is allready on site i had to call by that title, The Circle and the Stone is the first novel in the series, which i'm working on. The Dawn of the New forest is the middle of the trilogy which i wrote first. The Spirit of the Great Tree is after Chevis and the New Forest Coven.
If you like this wait until the "other" sentient animals in the series. Not just squirells, All types! Read Chapter

The Dawn of the New Forest Prologue. The cold gray eyes of the creature that haunted his dreams and mocked his days for far too l... Read Chapter

Chapter 3   The Time of Truth   She watched the celebration unfold before her, as she had for generations, and ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3.     She walked through the mostly now dispersed gathering still accepting congratulatory comments that w... Read Chapter

Chapter 4   Chevis.   “Now that she’s back in the atmosphere, With drops of Jupiter in her hair, Sh... Read Chapter

Chapter 5   Rowsom Woods The coven met as they always on the twenty first day of the moon, the time where the Maiden sho... Read Chapter

Chapter 7   Maggie had disbanded the circle and Thom left the clearing with no animosity from anyone. He thought of what had... Read Chapter

  Chapter 8   Seth.     “Will he live?” the Marksman asked as he watched the old man lay ... Read Chapter