If Only by Christelle Tabet

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A little boy, who has no friends and no social life, decided to commit suicide.
While writing his last words, he discovered that every wish he writes down comes true, all he has to do is write -before each wish- "If only" then turn the paper over.

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



Jake is an 8 years old boy, who has no social life, no friends and no skills, he’s simply a lonely kid who’s living his life only because he has to and not because he wants to.
The story begins when Jake decided that he has no will to live anymore and decided to commit suicide.

He brought some pills to his room, put them on the table then opened the drawer and got a paper and a pen. He started to write down his last words:

Mom, Dad... I was never the son you deserve to have, I’m just a stupid and useless boy who will never make you proud.”

While writing, a tear dropped on the paper but he continued... “You were always there for me, and always gave me what I want but... I can’t do that anymore, I can’t keep on living while I hate my life and everything around me, I don’t even have friends to play with! If only I had a dog to spend my time and have fun with, maybe things were different... I’m sorry for the pain I’ll cause you, but this is the right thing trust me.... I Love You.”

He turned the paper over and opened the pills pack and when he tried to take them, a voice interrupted him. He - surprised - followed the voice that was coming from the wardrobe, opened it to find... A DOG! He rubbed his eyes and didn't believe what he saw, he touched the dog to make sure it’s real, and then he ran, frightened, back to the paper and kept thinking... He took the pen and wrote: “I want a chocolate bar.” He looked around the room, in the wardrobe, but nothing happened! there was no chocolate bar. He tried again and wrote: “If only I get a chocolate bar.” But again he failed. He held the little dog and warmed it up with his hands and thought about what happened, and then an idea came up. He put the dog on the bed and went back to the paper and wrote: “If only I get a chocolate bar.” Then he turned the paper over and looked around to find a bar of chocolate on the floor.

For the first time, Jake was happy, he hid the paper and went to bed with his new dog and slept peacefully.

The next morning, Jake woke up and ran to the drawer to get a new paper and wrote: “If only I get some good friends.” And turned the paper over. He brought the dog to school; when he arrived, the kids approached him and started chatting with him and playing with the dog.

Day after day, he became more popular, he has never been happier than that moment!

Everything was just amazing, until Jake’s mother had an accident and went into a coma. Jake was so sad, and unhappy, he entered his room and wrote on a paper: “If only my mom could live.” Then he turned the paper over but something strange happened, the paper glows suddenly and words started showing: “Jake, bringing someone back to life is not as easy as getting a dog or a chocolate bar. Unfortunately this wish can’t come true.” The glow disappeared. Jake’s tears filled the paper, so it glowed again and new words appeared: “Your mother can live again Jake but you have to give this gift away, you have to kiss your dog, your friends and your popularity goodbye, your wishes will no longer be able to come true.”

Jake didn’t think twice, his love to his mother is bigger than any other wish, so he took the pen and wrote: “I don’t care if I have friends who love me, I don’t even care if I was popular, noone will ever love me as my mom does, so Mr. Paper thank you for everything but I just need my mom back. If only I have my mom back.” He turned the paper over and looked to find that his little dog wasn't around anymore, he likes it but his mother’s life was worth the sacrifice.

Jake’s mother woke up and got better and everything went back to normal, except that Jake isn't feeling sad or useless and doesn’t want to kill himself anymore, he’s now a good kid who saved his mother's life.

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