A Beautiful Evening.

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A short story about a man's undying love for his wife..

Submitted: May 15, 2014

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Submitted: May 15, 2014



It was the best evening I had in a long time. We walked along the beaches under a star lit sky with nothing showing us the way but a pale moon light. We shared the laughter as we talked about the past. A slow walk not wanting it to end too fast. The smell of the ocean and the warm sand under our feet felt beautiful. There were smiles on both our faces. Not a care in the world. Nothing to distract us. It was perfect. I found a quiet place with no one around. Taking her hand I knelt to the ground. She looked in my eyes as I in hers while I sang the words 'Earth angel, Earth angel, The one I adore' I pulled her close with my arm around her waist 'Love you forever and ever more'. Gently I spun her around, 'I'm just a fool'. As our eyes met 'A fool… in love with you'. We closed our eyes as we kissed. A kiss we have both longed for. 5 years away from her lips felt like an eternity. A tear rolled down my check. A tear of joy, a tear of sorrow. A tear wishing there's no tomorrow.

I opened my eyes to a feeling of Déjà-vu. It looked and felt exactly the same. 30 years ago on this very beach, maybe this very spot, I took her hand with our friends and families a watch, I promised to love and cherish her for as long as I live. We were married here. Her eyes had the same love as it did 40 years ago. It hadn't lessened, it had grown. The warmth of her hand, the smile on her face, I remembered the promise we made to stay together for now and forever. A promise that to this day we never broke. We stood still with the moon light upon us exactly like at our high school prom when we sneaked out to the roof to have our dance under the moon.

I took her by the hand, we continued our walk. She lay her head on my shoulder as we began to talk. Walking alone the open silent road filling the air with the sounds of our laugh. Just her and me. We were lost in our little bubble for all the world to see. But our walk was cut short as we stopped at a metal gate. I felt her hand on my check, turning my face to hers. I looked at her, she smiled at me. Knowing what was coming next I tried to look away. She kissed me. Our journey had ended but I wanted her to stay. I felt her hand leave mine as she walked up to the gate. Looking back I wanted to say 'Thank you for a beautiful life'. But before I could say anything I felt a hand on my shoulder and a voice from behind 'I knew you'd be here tonight Mr. Patrick but now it's time to go home'. I looked back and she was gone. I got in the van with two men waiting. One of them said '4th time in a row?' as they put my straitjacket on. I looked at him and with a smile I replied 'It's our anniversary'. As the van drove down the road, I looked out the window and said 'Thank you' as the cemetery went out of view.

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