Cast a Coin

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Man pollutes and kills Gaia because he is not satisfied with himself. But by killing Gaia, man actually kills himself. This poem is narrated by the stars.

Submitted: October 30, 2011

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Submitted: October 30, 2011



Chained, hanging, food for the vulture Gods
The last of a dying breed, we vow
This may be the final stand in an epic tragedy
A romantic murder tale that is no mystery

So many coins were cast in our history
Faces glinted in pools of hope
But those who gazed at us as guides
They were in fact our mortal enemies

The polar star acts as a celestial guide
A guardian angel to show the way home

The worst pain was
A child gazed to us
Wished us damnation
He dreamed of our end

We cast no crime
Cause no tear, no pain

We paint the histories of man in constellations
Shining the good of the past and future

But that boy grew, he became more wise
We cast our tears down in cascading stars
Frozen in space, we are unable to defend
It is cold here, hatred is a lonely thing to feel

We allowed man to send his minions to swim in our seas
To explore our vast realms, to feast on our beauty
But man will take for granted what he holds before him
And so the boy became a man

Humankind aged and became more advanced
The boy, now a man became old and wiser
He lit the skies with a flame like a phoenix
Torched every wish ever made by a child

And now, the skies, they are dark
Haunting figures roam our seas
Ghosts of the stars
We feast on man in revenge of his deeds

Burn in hell for what you have done
By setting the stars ablaze
You rain the heavens in corpses
Setting a rage in the Gods like that of a thousand phoenix's

The boy became a man
The man became wise
The man plucked from the skies
Tortured his very wish

Mankind will cause the very flame
That will burn him into oblivion

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