Misconception of Wrestling Entertainment

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A small article to let people know what things are to be believed and what are fake in wrestling entertainment shows

Submitted: September 03, 2010

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Submitted: September 03, 2010



Misconception of Wrestling Entertainment
(I've written this article to aware the people of my community as people here aren't necessarily educated or have decent knowledge about this, so the contents maybe already known to many of you)
Wrestling Entertainment shows are found to be grasping a large number of viewers as their years go by. In our country as well, many, most of them children and teens, are found to be craving to watch these shows. What is the x-factor of these kinds of shows is its variance from all other existing shows. Wrestling entertainment shows like WWE and TNA(the leading shows in this area) feature a delicate mixture of reality and pre-planned drama. And this very mixture has eluded the knowledge of the viewers of country like ours and created different misconceptions in their mind.
Wrestling Entertainment shows may seem real because of all the brutal beating and bleeding, which actually is real, but each move on the ring and outside is already planned. In simple words, who wins, who loses, when a wrestler wins, with which move he pulls of the win, everything is pre-determined. In fact, the wrestlers involved know what move will be next each time throughout the match. Similarly, the drama off the ring like the chairmen getting hit by car and the fact that a camera just happened to be there, are already planned incidents, done in order to make things spicy.
Another misconception is that when people get to know about these facts, they begin to think everything is fake, even the hitting and skull-smashing part. In fact, the only real thing about these kinds of shows is this very beating part. Every move wrestlers execute in the ring, the impact on the recipient is as real as it seems. That’s why not everyone make it to these kinds of shows. And this fact makes the injury shown in the show real as well. That’s why we can see these shows requesting viewers not to copy them as these shows maybe for entertainment, but the hazards are real and we have to delete the misconceptions from our brain’s memory to interpret these kinds of shows properly.

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