The Sickness- Part 1/ Normality

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

In the beginning there is a normal boy but life takes a sick turn and gives him a power he cannot control. Normality becomes a sickness and the rest is just filling to a horrible end.


The Sickness 
Part 1- Normality

Things are not always as they seem to be, yet in most cases they are. In a crowd of people you could always spot the misfits the ones who tried to blend in yet failed to do so. Would it surprise you if I told you that I was one of these misfits? I am just a ghost in society until it’s necessary to acknowledge me. Yet the idea that I’m an outcast wouldn’t bother you because I haven’t introduce myself. My name is Dillon Tons and I have a sickness. I know it’s quite abrupt of me to just say it but it’s true. I’ve had a sickness for as long as I can remember but truth be told I don’t think I can remember. Sometimes I believe I was born with this sickness yet why would God give me this poison if I had done nothing to deserve it. I know I’m getting ahead of myself I just lose track sometimes so you’ll have to forgive me, for now.
However forgiveness could never cleanse me of my sins for I am a threat to society, or at least that’s what my therapist told me before he walked out the door forever. I hope he’s living the good life in hell seeing that he’s dead now. No I didn’t kill him, sort of. Yet we’ll come to that time in the story but for now let me tell you a secret. My mind functions differently then others and what it can do will strike fear into you knowing that I’m walking around. This is the time where I tell you my horrible story and you’ll see how it advances into darkness. So now here’s to the beginning where everything seemed normal.
Before I realized I had a sickness I was just a normal child with normal friends who didn’t think anything less of me for I fitted in. They understood me clearly for  spoke clearly and fluently without their eyes wondering away from mine. I had confidence, strength, intelligence, superior all around and the children of my class respected me. I had the average child dream to live a life worthy of appreciation and pride yet sometimes life doesn’t work that way. In the week of my birthday events would come to bring halt to my plans and with it the sickness. Have you ever had the feeling of knowing that something would happen no matter how hard you tried?
That Monday I instantly had that feeling like the calm before the storm.  
Monday would start my journey into the abyss that I would sink into and it only be the beginning. Suddenly people were not as welcoming as before and even my friends would shoot me weird glances as if they were looking at an accident just waiting to happen. Silence would soon follow for no one wanted to be around the chaos and as I tried to reach for a line there were none to grasp at. It would of been easier to ignore if they didn’t make it seem obvious but the more I gave the less I received. Yet still reality was in no compare to my dreams for they would reinsure me of my oncoming doom. That Monday would become the first Monday of my life for it was the first time I’ve ever had a night terror that I could truly remember. At only the age of six I would begin to just grasp at the idea of fear but it would be thrown at me with full effect. 
Have you ever had the dream were you couldn’t wake up trapped within your own mind the hell of your creation a cage that permanently tormented you. That would only introduce fear in it basic form not yet fully blossomed into a disease cancer like. The darkness surrounded me quickly as I stood in a room cornered by my own intentions of mental torture and misery. The air was nearly non existent and it would seem to deny me of it’s comfort. As I struggled for breath the darkness would consume me for then I could see my demon my nightmare with the red eyes. They pierced me seeing through me like I was invisible yet it had known my being very well. It would stare as my last breath was drawn and it would reveal itself to be me.
I remember waking up in a sweat confused and disoriented by what just happened to me. The fear I had I couldn’t comprehend because before it I had not understood fear like it for it was everything I could fear. Fear was fear and like all emotions it forced itself into plain sight controlling your core. I would however ignore the fear for I could not have it daunt on me any longer. It would become part of me shoved into the darkest pit of my mind where everything fear related would be stored. Tuesday would approach without worry but I would recall Monday nights’ dream as it would soon become reality Wednesday night.
It was ten minutes after midnight and something would inspire me to get out of bed. A strange force would pull me from my bed and direct me towards my stairs were I could hear noises coming from the basement. Why did it have to be the basement of all places?  As a child I feared the basement of my childhood home for it was more than a basement it was a storage place of my fears. But it wasn’t the basement I fear it was what it held in it’s walls. There was a boiler and three closets, two of them which did not bother me, but the last one the first one you saw when you came down the stairs was full of evil. The black coated door that was more then a closet it was more of a storage area where I kept my fear my demons. The moment you came down to the basement the door would taunt you and sometimes if you listened closely you could hear voices trapped behind wood.
I came to the kitchen which held the entrance to the basement and it was open yet usually it is closed. I would believe that someone must have forgotten to close the door but then I remember that every night I sneak down to lock the door with triple bolt yet it was open. I could hear the voices surrounding the walls echoing throughout. Slowly I went down the stairs against everything I’ve known and I saw it for the first time truly. The door that would become a repeating feature of my nightmares yet on first look I hadn’t recognized it. As I stared at the door a silence fell upon the house and I decided to turn around but my exit had vanished and the door would open. As it opened the light started to fade as a fog started to surround the room and me making it harder to breathe.
Darkness would quickly come over the area and the door still in sight started to emit a red flare covering the room with a blood colored smoke. The door continued to open as the fog thickened becoming denser harder to breathe yet I could begin to see a figure in the doorway. I don’t know what I saw but it seemed to look like an angel in the distance. I couldn’t focus yet still with limited air and strength I closed my eyes and released a scream with all my might. The worse of it all was I was awake the whole time as I could ever my parents running down the stairs to come and grab me. But while they approached I could still see the figure standing in the doorway wings extended and although I couldn’t truly speak  tried to ask “Why”. Why would this happen to me.
All of Wednesday as spent in my room as I laid silent waiting for something to happen for the answer to a question many ask. My grandparents would watch over me for my parents had to work and I couldn’t blame them after the condition they found me in. When they came down the stairs last night I was in a ball covered in sweat and smoke surrounded me. Somehow part of my illusion came into reality but it looked to them like I tried to start a fire yet no matches or lighter nor anything that could be used were near me. Had I pulled them from my dream to here. It couldn’t possibly happen seeing that no normal human could do that and I was a normal person , I think. Thursday was of no importance for it came then went like it didn’t exist but it was finally Friday the end of my week. 
I was enlightened to get out of bed for it was the day before my birthday and I had plans to do things other than to remorse over a stupid dream. These actions of mine would prove to be flawed and insufficient for reality would strike hard. I had lied about Thurday being  insignificant for it was the day I dreamed of my accident. On a Friday afternoon I decided to cross the street looking down were traffic would come to see no car approaching but as I entered the street so did it. A black sedan roared around the corner of my street and I could not react in time for I had been hit without clue of what just occurred. Truth be told I stood there with a purpose for the dreams of Thursday assured me of the events of today so I had to get hit in order to live out my nightmare. And even though I knew about the accident I didn’t try to prevent it because of one little fact and it was what would be the consequences. It was quite obvious to me that this was going to happen no matter what I did and eventually karma would catch me off guard. But how much longer could I withstand the torment. While on the floor of my neighborhood street I realized something. I had been CURSED. Continues in The Sickness part 2 CURSED.

Submitted: November 27, 2014

© Copyright 2021 ChrisJacobsen. All rights reserved.

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