A Dark Calling

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The beginning of an idea for a much larger story.

A man is haunted by nightmares of dark beasts, creatures and his own passing. This night he has an terrible nightmare and after awaking he finds himself somehow very eerie


Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



I stood, alone, burning under the blazing sun high in the red sky. Its rays cooking my skin without mercy, its rays heating up the san beneath my feet, sering the soles of my feet with every step forward. I don't know how i got here, but i am and I need to continue moving forward. I can't die here. I walk for miles and miles, the sand stretching out further ahead across the plain. My skin turning red to match the sun. My lungs heavy, every gasp of air makes in harder to breath, its never been this hard to breath before. But the air has never been so hot. It pains my throat and lungs on its way in and out of my body. The sweat drips from my brow into my eyes. I rub it anyway with my index finger, flicking the moist liquid on the sand. It sizzles instantly and is dry again in seconds. But i walk on anyway in these unforgivable condistions.

How long have I walked for? How many seconds, minutes and hours have I been in motion? heading towards an target I cant see, drifting to a destination I have no directions to. My pace has slowed, my whole body is heavy being weighted down my the heat of the sun. I look down. My feet have sunken into the sand. Its warm, too warm. I pull my left foot out, feeling relief at the moment its unburied before the heat again takes hold. I pull my right foot from the sand, its the exact same. I glance back behind me, I don't know why but I do, something tells me to so I listen. My eyes scan the horizon, endless mounds of sand as far as the eye can see and further still. My eyes drop down to the sand, my foot prints. Their not to be seen. I can only assume the wind has covered them up... wait, I havn't felt any wind since I got here. It all seems very strange.

The unrelenting sun continues to treat me like a roast dinner being prepared. I don't like it. I want to get to shade but I fear I might not have enough energy to reach far enough. Will I die out here? My body left without a grave? lost and forgotten in the sand. Buried and becoming one with the sand that surrounds anything and everything. I cant give up yet... just a little further. But I drop to my knees, pressing my hands into the sand. I cant continue anymore. The sand and heat have beaten the very energy and life out of me. I just want to sleep so I close my eyes.

I dont feel the heat anymore. I dont feel the tiredness or any faitgue. Is this what it is like to die? I wonder. It seems quiet peaceful. And also there is nothing, just darkness, never ending eternal darkness. But something isnt right. My mind still thinks and that shouldn't happen in death. I force my eyes open and the light blinds me. I try squinting through peeking eyes. Slowly I get used to the image and can look around. I see grass, a field of the purest green grass I have even seen. Its beautiful. I realise that I'm sitting under a tree, an apple tree. Its branches full with the glory of leaves and ruby red apples. Its a sight to behold along with the butterflies that flutter along, their colourful winds adding the right injection of colour to the solid green back ground. At last I can relax if only it was for one last worry on my mine. I want an apple. It looks too delisious to ignore and too wonderious to not try its taste. I push myself to my feet and peer up looking for the apple that hangs down the closest to me. Circling the tree I spot one and reach out my hand to grab it but I can't, it remains too far away. Maybe a little jump will do the trick so I try but I miss, the apple remains out of reach. I'm not willing to give up though so I plant my foot on the trees bark trying to get a foot hold. I manage to shift myself up closer, I must be less than a foot away from that red delight so I gingerly release my left hand and reach up to grab it.

My fingers slam shut into a fist. What happened to the apple I was grabbing? I look and it was ahold my hand, just out of my reach. Was it always that far away? It must have been and my eyes are just tired, Once I have the apple I can relax and take a nap out in the green fields while being gently rocked by the breeze. My left hand grabs the nearest branch, giving me the stability to hoist myself up and balance myself on it. There it is, the apple. Its right before my eyes. Its smooth red colour makes it look like its full of the sweetest juices that it would be a true fruit of bliss. My hands take either side of the apple, I'm not loosing it this time. I bring them together around it slowly with a growing hunger inside me. My hand glasp the apple and my vision blurs. The greens begin to shfit into sickly looking brown and grays. The apple in my hands starts thinning and twisting and turning a shade of yellow in colour. I bring my hands down, plucking the apple from the branch as it transforms becoming a rope. The branch cracks beneath me and I plumit down, I would have broken my legs if their wasn't a rope around my neck.

My neck twisted and bruised, blood seeds out from between my lips, dripping down onto my bare chest. I hang there, waving slightly from side to side as nameless onlookers watch and call out in a language I don't understand at me. They seem angered but show no emtion or expressions. I stare striaght ahead at them, they dont move but grow in numbers, mutlipling with a growing noise getting louder and louder, ringing throught my ears deep into the middle of my mind. I try to speak but nothing comes out, the rope tight around my throat crushing my vocal box so I close my eyes.

I open my eyes and before me see a buildings in the distance. A town. It might be my only hope to understand what is happening. I move closer towards it a step at a time but not of my limbs are moving. I look to my left, my arm outstretched resting against a plank of wood. I look to my right and see the same, I try to move from the wood but find its impossible but see nothing holding me back. I look down at my legs and feet, finding that they too are held solid to a plank of wood with nothing holding them there. I look up, the town growing bigger as I gain on it, drawing closer. A sharp pain shoots across my arms, resonating from my hands, up my arms and shooting down my spine. I glance over, a nail slowly pushes it self through my hand into the wood but nothing is forcing it. The pain grows as move nails appear, forcing themselves into all four of my limbs up to my shoulders and hips, ripping through my flesh and breaking thought my bones to reach the backboard behind me. I scream out in unbelievable pain but no sound is heard. Nothing but silence and pain. And then nothing, I feel nothing and look to my arms. The nails are gone but I find myself still held in place as the first nails re appear, replaying to act of sinister cruetly again.

The hurt becomes too much and my vision blurs on the edge of blacking up. Seconds before my brain shuts off, it stops. The pain releases me from its grip and I feel the relief looking from arm to arm and leg to leg without a sign that the nails had ever been forced into my body and repeated over and over countless times. I realise in that time that I am on the edge of the town, old wooden structures stand either side of me. They sway and creak with the wind, likely to clapse with a moments notice. But that is not what my mind focus' on. Up ahead of me, stands a man. Too far to distingush any features but it all feels errirly familier even though I cant make sense of it.

Smoke begins to rise from the ground and drift around him growing into a blackened mist, comsuming him up. But he remains standing, without any moment. I feel eyes on me, searching me and my soul. The man takes a step forward the mist following in his majestic steps. The ground below his feet decays on touch turning to sickening brown, then grey, then to the deepest of blacks. He draws closer, the mist growing cutting off the sky, the ground filling with darkness as he reaches out for me grabbing the collar of my shirt. I see a face, a face I wasn't expecting to see. In draws all breath from my lungs and emtpies all thoughts and feelings from my mind and body. Drowning out all outside influence as I stare into the face peering at me from total dark. It was me. My reflection.

Words filter into my mind like soft whispers taken by the wind. "Welcome to [Monster] Town."

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