Chronicles of a Dawning God

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One of the first pieces I wrote. You can probably understand why I haven't carried on with it.

A Vampire who longs to rise higher above the lives of the human's that live around him. Etc.

Submitted: December 14, 2011

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Submitted: December 14, 2011



The scene opens up in an old run down small flat, you can’t see out of the windows as they are covered by dark red curtains that are also extremely dirty from what looks to be years without having been washed.  All you can see in the room are newspapers all over the place, piled up on tables, chairs, against the walls and many just spread about across the floor.  As well as the being newspapers there is rubbish all across the room also as well as plates, knifes, forks and other containers that once held food.  There is only one door way into this room which leads onto a hallway which has three doors coming off of it and one door way at the very end.  One door way is the way in and out of the flat while we can assume the other three will be toilet, bedroom and kitchen.  The door closest to the first room begins to open slightly as out stumbles a man, around his forties wearing dark red-purple trousers with a black t-shirt and a smart black coloured jacket which has a trail like a cape, he leans against the wall as he moves across the hallway all the while holding some sort of gold glass holder with a glass inside of it which looks to be stained with sort of red or black liquid as the dim lights makes the colours hard to make out properly.

He makes his way down the length of the hall way while sliding himself along the wall, either he has troubled walking or there is another reason that he is doing this, the reason of which is not known.  He makes it to the door of the room at the far way of the hall way, he gives the door a quick kick to open it more as he steadies himself back onto his feet to then walk through the door way.

This room is not much better than the first room we were in, the place completely dirty as if the room’s never been cleaned before and that food is just thrown about on the floor with no concern at all, this room has only an old wooden table placed in the centre of the room with a single chair close by, there is also a fridge freezer that is up against the wall.  The unknown character begins making his way over towards the freezer, leaning himself on the table by doing so knocking the table with his weight, his makes his way across the side of the table and reaches out his arm onto the side of the fridge freezer which he then pushes himself over into.  He steadies himself so that he’s able to stand up still as he opens the fridge door, once opened there is a burst of raw meat coming from inside the fridge.  After taking out two huge slabs of meat he throws them over his shoulder onto the door not even looking as he does so, though both pieces of meat do land on the table anyway.  He turns his head round and looks onto the table as if he’s checking he’s got enough meat out, he shuts the fridge door as he turns his body round too loosing his balance and falling towards the table though lucky for him he stops himself falling by grabbing on the table with his left hand so that he is now leaning at a big angle, he gives out a groan of annoyance…he moves his right hand round to the table and places his glass onto the table so that right hand is now free, he positions his hand onto the table and pushes himself put with both hands also moving the table along as he does so.  

He then stumbles to the top and moves his way around it as to get to the chair, which he kicks into his way so that he can sit down on it; he slumps down onto the chair as he reaches with his right hand over to grab the first piece of meat.  He gets the meat and grabs it so its in the middle of his hand…moves his hand above his glass and begins to squeeze the meat as the blood dribbles down from the meat and his hand into the already harshly stained glass.  He drains this piece of meat as much as he can before taking it to his mouth and ripping a chunk off as he throws the rest of that meat onto the table so he can reach for the other piece of meat to which he does the same thing to, draining all he can from it before dropping it onto the table.  He takes his glass from the table and smells the glass as if he’s testing wine, bringing the glass to his mouth he takes a mouthful of drink and swallows.  He lets out a sigh that shows he must have been pretty thirsty as his eyes also light up with a fire like effect.  After only a few drinks of this blood he rises to his feet, turns his upper body as to grab the meat from the table…putting on of them in his inside pocket of his jacket while he takes another bite out of the other piece he now holds in his hand.  He begins to make his way out of this room which one can assume would be classed as his kitchen although there’s hardly a thing in it.  

As he makes his way down the hallway now being able to stay more on his feet than he first was before his drink and meal, still taking bites out of the raw meat as he walks down the hallway, stopping at what his front door to look down at the newspaper which is laying in front of it. He bends down to pick it up in the same hand that has half of the piece of meat in it too.  He once he’s picked the paper he stands back up straight and walks into the room we judge to be his front room or lounge if you will.  Kicking some of the rubbish and newspapers from one of the seats onto the floor to make room for him self.  Slumping down into the chair, making sure he doesn’t spill any of his drink as he then takes another bite out of the meat before resting what’s left onto the arm of the chair freeing up his hand so he can look though the paper.  Lifting up the paper so that it’s not folded over anymore he seems to begin to read the headlines on the front page

“Reports Of Another Missing Male” reads the main headline in huge letters across the top.  He throws his head back letting out a small evil sounding laugh “Man…They only just noticed him?!...Haha Police” he says out loud with a sense of knowing or having something to do with it and better embarrassed the police may have only just found out about it lately with his harsh sounding voice.  He rolls his eyes as he turns the page, flicking though the pages with a bored expression on his face as if apart from the missing person on the front page nothing else in the paper interests him. As he finishes going through the paper his folds it up and throws it over across the room out of un-happiness it seems, he downs the rest of his drink and still keeps hold of his golden glass holder and eats the bite that was left of the first piece of meat, he stretches his arms up into the air and then  lowers them down so that they are now spread out to his sides once he finished he pushes himself up out of the chair still holding his glass in hand, he turns his head to look towards the door and he then walks over towards the door.

He opens the door and exits out just closing the door behind him not seeming to care about locking the door, now that he stands in another hall way with a set of stairs at each end, he makes his way left from his down and down the stairs leading to the front door of the building exiting into the streets of the night.  He stops after a few steps out of the building to take a look around the area that he is standing in; he lets out a sigh of disappointment and then walks over to the road, takes a look left then right and begins walking to his right.  He walks off into the night as if he is a home when he is in the darkness, he walks with his head raised high and his chin up though at the same time he has a annoyed look on his face and gives people glances as they walk past him, this along with the way he is dressed give him an presence that people around him can pick up on making even the boldest of characters a bit paranoid when this dark being is about.  

He continues to walk forward as if he’s in some sort of a rush to get to where he is going to.  He then stops at the edge of the road opposite what looks to a park, he licks his lips and walks across the road into the park which has next to no lighting inside which means that it is almost pitch black as can be.  The park has trees all over the place, he after he had walked down the pathway a bit me takes a quick right into the trees and bushes, he stops and listens until he hears the sound of what sounds like a few guys that are hanging about something within these trees.  The mystery character then makes his way to where he can hear the noises coming from, before walking into a bit of a small open area where across the gap is three guy’s all around there mid-twenties, one sitting of a fallen tree and the other two standing up smoking roll ups.  

He stops and looks each of them straight in the eyes one at a time as a way of trying to psyche them out.  He notices that they all actually seem to be stoned as they greet him as just another one of there mates and offer him to join them.  He walks over without saying anything as one of the guy standing who is wearing a beanie hat takes a joint out of his pocket, places it in his mouth and feels around for a lighter.  Having not been able to find one he asks one of the other guys if they have one, which one passes over to him.  He sparks up and takes a few tokes before he passes the joint to the Dark character.  He takes a hold of the joint as the others tell him what he’s meant to do with it; he takes the joint to his mouth and tries to breath in knowing that he actually can’t.  He doesn’t look all to bothered about it though as he sucks a bit of smoke into his mouth and then out a few times before passing it onto the next guy.  The next guys he has joined with carrying on smoking as he carries on looking at each of them as if he’s trying to work something out in his mind.  After turning his head to face each of the three guys in turn, he moves his head back facing the middle guy sitting down as he then lifts his head as if he’s looking down on them.  

“And you people are happy?” He begins, continuing before any of them are able to say a word in return “This is what you have lead into becoming? You have this life that you could’ve lived doing something that would in turn help out your fellow man through out the world and you have lead into this way of life, with a life you’re given to follow through into whatever it may have been you once dreamt of and turning this into a reality that you have clearly disrespected…what makes you believe you should be allowed to continue on this way of life or really just life in general? The fact that there may be many reasons you should be left alive maybe true but there is the rule that says that is the way it is actually meant to go? Beliefs of God may have once left you humans with a sense of hope and belonging into this world of life that you have merely disregarded…you may not get punished by an all seeing eternal form that is referred to as God but has there ever been a threat to his plan that is so widely spoken about? The fact there has never been one person that has been able to change his plan into another form…into a form that cannot be determined all from the beginning but changes once I may feel so…”
He stops his talking to once again look around at each of the guys that are finishing off the joint they were smoking clearly not able to totally focus on all that he is saying, which leads him to start again.
“you may not understand the facts I am bringing forward to you right now or ever because you’re clearly not able to nor will you have the chance too…my point will be proven…you will find out…they all will find out…” with that said he turns his back to the three guys and begins to walk off back in the direction that he first came from.

Once he is a good distance away the guys begin laughing too each other about what they remember him saying too them clearly not taking him serious at all.  The dark character continues to head back towards the road from which he first came from this night not once turning back, who knows what is going through his head after the sudden out burst of the people he walked into tonight.  He walks all the way back to his place where he seems to be living at, heading straight for the kitchen to collect another handful of the meat that he keeps, taking huge bites out of the meat from his hands not caring for the blood that has begun to run from the meat down from his mouth.  While still eating he walks into the sitting room to where he sits down on the space that he made before he left, sitting down taking another bite before he leans his head back as far as it will go before it rests of the back of the seat. Raising the meat once again towards his mouth as he lets out “They’ll understand soon enough” before taking another bite, closing his eyes in what seems to be as if he’s only come back to wait until he says something once again to do.

The next dawn lights up the currently quiet streets of where the blacked figure lives, with soon to be a change in the whole mood of the town and maybe it could become even bigger in the end.  With our man seemingly passed out on the chair he was sitting on the night before after he returned home, nothing seemed to have changed, he then become to awake and move while mumbling to himself at the same time as he headed for the kitchen in his flat.  Moving to the fridge and taking out a fresh looking piece of raw meat, closing the door to what looked like a bigger pile of meat that there was before.  He made his way back in the room at the front of the flat which he had woken up in and took a bite out of the meat that was in his hand.  The sound of police sirens was heard slightly in the background as they seemed far away but becoming louder.  A scream is then heard in what seemed to be the direction of the park that the dark character had been to the night before, he turned his head in the direction of the park from inside of his flat and gave off a small smile which was filled with evil intent.

Even with the police seeming coming closer towards the direction of his flat towards the park area, he doesn’t show any kind of concern for anything as if it has nothing at all to do with him to begin with.  The devilish smile that he gives off says otherwise though.  He finishes eating the slab on meat that he was holding and heads towards his “bedroom” seemingly done for the night and the day at that.

As the sun sets on another day, the park completely sealed off not allowing anyone to even get close to see what has happened two nights before, the sinister character begins to awaken from his slumber, moving through his rooms like a man who has been bleeding draining all the power and blood from him.  Collecting a piece of meat from his kitchen and squeezing the bleed from it into his mouth as he holds it in the air as a rush of energy runs through him.  Without even wiping the blood dripping from around his mouth he makes his way to his front door to find the latest newspaper in the post box.  

Taking the newspaper and making his way into his “front room” he places himself down in the ready made seating place and bites into the meat before looking at the newspaper getting blood all over it.  Looking at the head line of the cover page stating “Three People Left Dead In Park”.  Again the evil smile crawls along his face knowing what this is all about.  

He continues to read the news report on this event, with the details about the remains of the three men’s bodies left in the form of a cross, with two placed on top of a single person to make the form of a cross and that there flesh had from the pictures that had been taken was almost completely removed from there bodies and was no where to be found.  Also reported was a note was left by the bodies, which seemed to be a note for the police which read “Catch me if you can…remove me if I let you”.

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