Time of Death.

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A Son visits his ill mother in hospital, it turns out to be the last with a visitor neither had expected.

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011



Fade In:

INT. Hospital room - Night

Opening into a pure white single hospital room, CLAIR lays in a hospital bed with breathing apparatus and connecting to a heart monitor. She has on a hospital gown with the sheets covering her lower half.

She has medium length curly brown hair which is loosing it's colour, her skin extremely pale and body is very weak.

The door opens, Clair vaguely turns her head as MARCUS enters the door. He is dressed in jeans, a black heavy metal band t-shirt. His hair is a brown colour which reaches half down his back.

CLAIR tries to speak but with very little strength in her body she's unable to say anything.


Hi Mum how you doing today?

MARCUS takes a chair and moves it beside her bed taking a seat.


The doctors didn't tell me much about what's going on, we're all hoping you will get better soon, we miss you back home.

MARCUS holds back his tears, resting his head on the bed. CLAIR manages to lift up her right arm and grabs a hold of MARCUS's hand.

CLAIR speaks with a low raspy tone.


Don't worry... you'll all do fine without me because I love you all

CLAIR gives MARCUS a smile which he returns.


I know, just don't know what it'll be like otherwise.


Just remember I always believe in you.

MARCUS erupts with tears and takes her hand with both of his. calming himself down he looks into her eyes.

From behind MARCUS, the darkness begins to move like a thick black mist. The mist forms as it moves into the room taking the form of the GRIM REAPER.

The GRIM REAPER stands behind MARCUS with the mist forming into his robes and scythe.

The scythe stands at round seven feet tall with it's blade curving for around four feet in length. It's appears to be a unknown amount of centuries old.

The GRIM REAPER slowly moves forward towards the bed, passing through MARCUS which gives him a chill all the way down his spine.


Some say that is a sign that death is here.


No, don't talk that way your going to get better


Goodbye MARCUS, tell everyone I love them too... forever

CLAIR relaxes in the bed which unknown to CLAIR and MARCUS, the GRIM REAPER stands towering over her. Death reaches out it's arm and places it on CLAIR's shoulder.

CLAIR slowly closes her eye's and her breathing begins to slow down. The heart monitor alert's MARCUS to her slowing beat.

He jumps up out of the chair and hurriedly moves to the room's door.

INT. Hospital corridor

Busting the doors open MARCUS takes a look around for any passing doctors, only to see a few nurses in a doorway down the hall talking


Please I need some help for my mum!

Alerted the nurses make there way over to the room.


The nurses enter the room and quickly examine the heart monitor.

Nurse One

Page a doctor we need one here now, we're loosing all vital signs!


Can you help her?

Nurse Two

Please just let us do our job.

NURSE TWO walks MARCUS out of the room as he takes one last look back.


MARCUS walks across the hallway and takes a seat of a row of chairs near by before breaking into tears in his own hands. Two doctors jog down the hallway and enter into the room.


As we return to the room, CLAIR is laying flat on the bed with her eyes closed as the doctors and nurses stand around here

Doctor One

O.K I'll call it, time of death 21:33

DOCTOR ONE pulls the sheet over CLAIR's face. The doctors and nurses organise the hospital equipment.

Unseen to everyone is the GRIM REAPER who's hand still resides on CLAIR's shoulder. As the doctors and nurses exit the room the REAPER removes his hand from her body.

The REAPER begins to slowly walk backwards before turning back into a black mist and merging with the darkness of the shadows from the night.

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