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A 100 word story based on fact with some fantasy added.

He’d not seen her in decades, but news of her premature death prompted him to try and find the band members. Success, thanks to social media. They met up at a London pub, reminisced and delighted in banter again after 35 years. Then……

 “Why not? Let’s see if we still have it in us!”

Rehearsal room booked. Gear lugged in, gear plugged in.

Five, fifty-something blokes in that confined space, like no time had passed – sounded the same, even smelled the same and…….still LOUD.

 Fifteen months later, platinum album and poised for a world tour.

 From a death - a rebirth.

Submitted: May 02, 2012

© Copyright 2022 ChrisMarkiewicz. All rights reserved.

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