"END" The end to Drogan's beauty

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The Ending to Drogan's beauty....

Submitted: July 02, 2015

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Submitted: July 02, 2015




“Drogan take care with the babe please do not hate the babe” She groaned out. Then pushed again. Drogan did not understand her words. The baby came out and cried loudly. Drogan took his daughter and looked at his wife

  “Let me hold her” Drogan gave her the babe. She cried and kissed the babe on her forehead

  “I give you to the best father in the world never will he let anything happen to you my child.” A tear fell from her eyelash to her cheek as she gave the babe back to her father.

  “Beauty what’s wrong?” Logan pulled her dress down and backed away. Leaving them to talk

  “The healer said I would bleed out if I was....to birth our child” She felt so week

  “No you are young and healthy” He felt the tear fall

  “I love you Drogan...take care of our daughter” Drogan looked at her

  “I love you Beauty always” A tear fell and her eyes closed. Her whole body relaxed. His pain came out the only way it could in a howling like never before. The small child he held in his arms smiled at his face. Her wings where white and her fangs where so small. The horns she had where small and round on top. She looked like her mother with the green eyes that reminded him of the meadow and red hair curly as could be. Her skin was pale. Looking at his wife as she lay on the ground pale as death he cried with loss and joy. Logan came back and Drogan saw the tears in his eyes as well as the blood that covered his shirt and half of his pants. Both stood with her blood all over them.

  “Logan she...” He stood and Logan looked at the babe

  “Looks like her mother a beauty she will be. You must name her.” Logan turned to the empty space that beauty had been. Drogan turned

  “Where is she?” Logan asked

  “I do not know? Take all the guard find her body” He growled. His daughter cried out with hunger. How was he going to feed her? Taking flight her crying stopped and she tried to flap her wings.

  “In time my child in time” he let the tears fall as he landed in front of his Castle. Maggie and all the other workers cried out as they saw the babe.

  “She looks like beauty” Maggie cried in joy

  “Were is Beauty my lord?” Maggie asked and Drogan felt the sorrow fill his heart

  “She is gone” Maggie cried the Castle cried in denial.

  Two nights later

  “Drogan beast of Drogan” a woman's voice came from behind him as he watched his daughter slip in her crib. Drogan turned to see a woman in all white.

  “Who are you?” He growled, the woman smiled

  “I am the one who turned you to this” She waved at him and he felt a shock

  “You did this to me why?”

  “It was your father who disobeyed me, but not to worry. I have wrong you and wish to make it up.” How

  “You will turn me back?” He narrowed his eyes

  “Would you have me do that and what of your daughter who was born this way? She will have no one to teach her to fly or to control the need for blood” He growled at her for the comment

  “Then what?” The woman in white smiled and with a wave of her hand a mirror appeared in her hand

  “Look and see what do you see?” Drogan growled and took the mirror. His face went pale as he watched his wife’s chest rise and fall. But her eyes were closed.

  “She lives?” He whispered

  “Yes she does. I took her as soon as you were not looking. I changed you when you were younger and if I were to do the same to beauty she would indeed live. There is one thing I wish for you to do first.” Drogan felt hope for the first time in two days since he saw his wife close her eyes and pass away.

  “What?” He growled, anything he thought

  “Show yourself to the Village and to her grandfather. He will no she is his blood. Then I will give her to you” The woman disappeared and the mirror along with her. Surely they would kill him if he showed himself at the village. But it was a chance he had to take. Opening his daughters door a guard stood outside

  “Go and retrieve Logan for me at once” The guard was off in a second. Looking at his daughter once again her beauty was something to behold. Just like her mother’s was/is he corrected. Her name was one fitting for such a lovely creature as she was.

  “Lord?” Logan came running in “Is she ok what’s happened?” Logan ran to the crib only seeing a sleeping babe

  “Logan Beauty is alive I saw her in a mirror” Logan just looked at him until he growled

  “A mirror my Lord?”

  “The woman in white came to me here. I saw her chest rise and fall. I must do one thing in order to have her back” Logan was all ears looking at him with much understanding in his eye. Moving around the crib as he watched her sleep

  “I must show myself to the village” Logan spoke harshly but low

  “No they will kill you for sure” Logan followed as he made a complete circle around the crib

  “Maybe but it is what I have to do for my wife. I want you to go and gather the whole village take to them to the middle and wait for me. I will come with Enchantia.' Logan looked at the babe

  “Are you sure Drogan?” Drogan looked at his friend

  “If something happens take her and go far away never look back and never return keep her safe and raise her as your own.” Logan felt the tears but hid them well.

  “There will be no need for that I will kill any who try to harm you” Logan looked at Enchantia one last time and left. Drogan could hear him giving orders to the men. Twenty two men would gladly give their lives for him and Enchantia. Taking her in his arms she woke with a soft sigh. Her eyes so green with brown ripples in the middle. Looking at her he jumped up to the beam and flew out the window. Night had come and all was dark.

He sat with his daughter at the top of a tree looking at the people down in the middle of the village. It was easy to spot Beauty's father. He had that red hair and looked sad. He saw Logan quiet everyone with a load bellow even he was proud of
  “Gets that from me he does” He mumbled when Enchantia laughed.

  “What is this about?”

  “Why are we here?”

  “It’s the middle of the bloody night you loon” With a whoosh and a loud pound. Drogan hit the ground wings covering him. All his men surrounded him as he opened his wings keeping his daughter hidden from view Drogan heard the cries and gasps from the villagers.


  “The devil he has horns” The devil not likely, Drogan growled at them and three passed out. One woman and two men. Sad!!!

  “Be silent' Logan yelled everyone went still as Drogan stepped closer opening his wing to let them see the small child he held in his arms. The man with red hair took a step forward then a tear slipped form his eye to his cheek

  “Beauty....she looks like my Beauty” He looked at the child and then at Drogan

  “She is your grandchild” Fear and shock made everyone nervous

  “You are the Lord?” He asked never looking away from the babe. Drogan held her closer to his body looking at her smiling face

“I am he. Your daughter gave birth to our daughter two nights past.” Drogan looked at the woman who moved next to the man

  “My god she laid with a monster” Drogan pulled his daughter away from the man and the step mother

  “YOU should die this day. It was you who made her go in to labor too early” Drogan growled and roared but his daughter cried and he went silent. Drogan looked at her beautiful face.

  “Please my daughter is she alive?” Drogan felt the weight of his next words was she alive?”

  “She....” The woman in white appeared behind him

  “IS alive this day” Everyone looked at her with aw and Drogan wanted to kill her. The man did not he only looked at the Enchantia

  “May I hold her?” He asked and Drogan growled at him, Logan put his hand on Drogans shoulder

  “I will watch him she will come to know harm my friend” Drogan handed his only daughter to her grandfather who held her close

  “My you look so much like my Beauty.” He spoke to her Enchantia giggled

  “She is only two days old?” He asked

  “Yes but she grows quickly” Drogan stated, watching the man smile and make his babe laugh made him at ease just slightly

  “You have a name?” He sniffed and asked

  “Enchantia, your daughter left me a letter naming her if something were to happen to her during delivery” The Step mother looked angry

  “She has white wings and little fangs. She is a monster” The woman spoke and Beauty’s father looked at her

  “You can take yourself back to the house I will deal with you at a later time.” He spoke with anger. Looking around a lot of people were looking confused.

  “I believe I have held my end of the bargain.” Drogan took his daughter back and turned toward the lady in white.” She smiled

  “So you have” She waved her hand and a light flashed three times before a body hit the ground. Grey wings covered the body until it moved. Drogan held his daughter close while Logan was ready to fight. When the figure stood her wings spread wide and Drogan was lost. She was a beauty before but now and angel she was.

  “Drogan” She smiled and looked at the bundle who was looking at her. She burst in tears.

  “Beauty” He whispered, three steps and they were in each other’s arms kissing like never before. A small laugh took them out of the Trans they were in. Beauty looked down at her child.

  “She is beautiful” Drogan handed her to Beauty

  “Meet Enchantia” Beauty smiled at her husband as he looked with all the love in his soul at their daughter.

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