A suicidal note

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when i was so sad with my life when i thought everyone hated me i wrote this but i was so stupid back then to think of killing myself.

Submitted: June 13, 2013

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Submitted: June 13, 2013



A video about me had been posted on facebook 

Am i really a slut? 

Do i really look like i was born at the side of the street? 

Am i really a retard just because i have mix-nationality? i know what i am ! 

Why do you say i had sex with mr.G? 

What do you have against me that you have to pick on my life? 

Dear who ever finds this,

If you do read this, i am dead, i killed myself. I can't live a day on this planet Earth anymore without somebody making it miserable. Well guess what they hit the jackpot and now my life is gone.

If i really was a slut, how come it took a group of people to tell me that sex was painfull, i didn't even know, because i didn't have it.

What do these people who were 'born at the side of the street' really look like? Well you must be too, Skyler, i have black hair, so do you, i have bunny teeth, so do you, were about the same height, i'm older, but if i am those type of people because of my features, then you must be one too, just look at yourself in the mirror Skyler! 

I am Jamaica as a matter of fact, i might live in Ireland, but so do you and your African friends are they retards too because they claim their nationality but they live in Ireland?

Of course i had sex with mr.G, are YOU CRAZY!! do you know thats assault and you just accused a teacher and a student. 

Reader if you are still reading you might think that i had so much to say back that there wasn't a need to kill myself.  


when ever i tried to talk back to the bully, my mouth went dry, i couldnt say it it was as if somebody covered my mouth and the words would not come out. i lost that battle and 'Retard' automatically appeared on my face. 'loser' 'dummy' all those horrible words. Teachers would not even help me, that was the painfull part. 

To: Rob (a boy i have fancied since 1st year)

I guess you knew i loved you when Evie told the whole world, when you approched me i didn't mean to run away it was just i was so sad, you knew the way they treated me when they found out. I loved you like words could not explain it, when i got a message from you on Facebook about that football event my heart was beating like a drum and i saved that message for ever life. I loved you, but how could i have loved you when i didn't love myself, i will miss you, atleast i got the feel of your arms during the Ceili but i wished i could feel your lips pressing against mine. 

To: My Parents

I'm sorry if i have displeased you, atleast now you dont have to worry about me as i am safe up in heaven looking down at you. When i am up there i will look back at my past and see why you were so angry with me when it comes to your time we can be a family again. I will miss you two, until then.  

To: my friends

If you actually were my friends and not just being friendly with me because i had money. I will miss you i hope you will understand how i feel and tell those who bullied me that bullying is bad. 

This is it, goodbye world, thank you for every moment in these last 14 years good and bad.

Dorothea Christine Kerri Smith Carmen O'Mahony . 

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