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The novel has a narrator but the chapters are split for the main characters. Sam is our narrator. After they won the football match they all decide to have a celebration at the pub. Sam tells Rob about his sister. Rob who is a teenage Lothario falls in love with Sam's sister, Chris and tries to get her attention as she is a tomboy. When Chris lays her eyes on him she immediately falls in love but doesn't tell her brother. They secretly date and then have sex. Sam worries about their friendship and is haunted by it. As the novel goes on we learn about the history of both of their families.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 -Sam

Chapter 1 Sam   We made it to the finals in football. We trained extra hard this year. There was not a year gone by that... Read Chapter

chapter 2-Sam

Chapter 2 Sam   It was Saturday; I couldn’t wait until this evening, for the celebration. Only once in a life time do ... Read Chapter

Chapter 3- Chris

Chapter 3 Chris   Chris phoned Rob as soon as she got home. She spun up a great lie to Sam, she fancied Rob. As they com... Read Chapter

chapter 4-Sam

Chapter 4 Sam   I didn’t even know Rob and Chris were dating. But I loved spying on them at lunch time in the canteen.... Read Chapter

Chapter 5-Rob

Chapter 5 Rob   Rob handed Chris the painkillers and when Sam was gone he put his hand around her and kissed her cheek. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 6-Sam

Chapter 6 Sam   I had a maths test. I had studied so well for it, but when I got my test paper, Chris and Rob sprung to ... Read Chapter

chapter 7- Chris

Chapter 7 Chris   Chris left the bathrooms with Adele and Aoife. She told them about her relationship with Rob and that ... Read Chapter

Chapter 8-Sam

Chapter 8 Sam   As I entered the car to go home I looked at Chris. She was reading her text messages and smiling. I have... Read Chapter

Chapter 9-Donnie

Chapter 9 Donnie   I didn’t tell a living soul about Rob and Chris’s relationship. From that day on I hanged out wit... Read Chapter

Chapter 10-Rob

Chapter 10 Rob   Rob packed everything he needed. He fetched his keys and drove his BMW to the entrance of Chris’s hou... Read Chapter

Chapter 11-Sam

Chapter 11 Sam   I woke up in the morning, I realised that my sister was not downstairs and she is usually the first one... Read Chapter

Chapter 12-Chris

Chapter 12 Chris   It was nearly 6 o’clock and Chris was hungry again. Rob and her walked hand in hand again to the Mi... Read Chapter

Chapter 13-Sam

Rob and Chris have been found. Sam learns that Chris is one month pregnant. Sam plans revenge on Rob. When he finds ROb and Chris he punches Rob and Rob collapses he is taken to the hospital. everyone hates Sam especially his sister Read Chapter

Chapter 14-Sam

Chapter 14 Sam   I couldn’t survive in the car. Nobody would talk to me; I couldn’t stop looking at Chris and was ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 15-Chris

Chapter 15 Chris   Chris entered the room and took a deep breath as she looked at her sleeping fiancé. She placed the f... Read Chapter

Chapter 16-Rob

Chapter 16 Rob   I looked at the two of them. Chris just couldn’t bare looking at him. Sam looked as if he was about t... Read Chapter

Chapter 17- Sam

Chapter 17 Sam   Months had past. It was so great living as a family again. More great news came, Mum was pregnant again... Read Chapter

Chapter 18-Rob

Chapter 18 Rob   It was my wedding day. I stood at the alter with Sam as we waited for our brides to appear. I looked at... Read Chapter

chapter 19-Chris

Chapter 19 Chris   As we grew up, Rob and I had three babies in total before we decided that it was enough. The third ba... Read Chapter


This book is dedicated to Rob Minchin a boy i really do love as you can see he was mentioned in my story. Love you Robbie.  I wo... Read Chapter

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