Juliet's agony aunt

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when juliet has a problem she needs an agony aunt. This is what i did for my 3rd year romeo and juliet project.

Submitted: June 12, 2013

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Submitted: June 12, 2013



To: Aunty Lisbeth

Darkshade Printers


5am. Monday the 10th day of July in the year of our Lord 1595

Dearest, Dearest, Aunty Lisbeth,

Tis but a week, since mother’s words  pullest, nay draggest me from schoolroom blushes, and with nurse, my constant companion, my betrayer, didst plot to wed me to Paris. Who could neer bring me happy nights! Forsooth, I knew I would end nought but dreary days in abject misery.  Afeared was I that mine heart would neer race with longing, mine eyes would neer gaze on love’s sweetest face; nor mine heart flutter and take flight on fledgling wings.

Till I beheld him, dearest dearest Lisbeth my Romeo. Our eyes duelled and Cupid’s arrow tookest flight. Cruel, cruel serendipity, how could she plague me thus, soar me to Orion’s belt, then plungest me back to Earth on Icarus’s wings. Mine heart, mine enemy, who thinkest me his sun. This son who may neer be this Capulet’s paramour.

What must be my fate, wisest of the wise? Shall I scalest the citadel of hate  and fear; lay myself prostrate at Montague’s hearth. Nay, nay for Capulets, vengeful Capulets would rend Verona asunder. Or must I embraceth one last dawn, biddest mine heart adieu and wed that dullard Paris. Hark tis the haunting echo of a Nightingale’s song and morn is fully here. Shall I riddest myself of confusion and countest the hours till my Romeo and I standest as one beneath heaven’s inconstant moon.

Help I beseechest thee.

Very confused


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