Escape reality

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Flash backs can bring bad and good memories back, unless you're stuck reliving that bad flash back almost everyday of yor life, thinking it is actually happening again. In this tale, a girl remembers being stuck in a abandoned building by someone she thought she could trust, but overall of course in the end the truth is revealed.

Submitted: January 28, 2014

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Submitted: January 28, 2014



 Zap. Just like that my life meant nothing. I was nothing, a nobody but another faceless soul on this hell hole we call a planet. He took everything from me. Everything I held near and dear. No longer did I put up a fight, no longer did I defend myself, my rights, anything. It was pointless. I am pointless. 
He was suppose to be someone I looked up to. Someone I could trust. But I guess the first rule everyone should learn "Don't Trust Any One." My role model became the one person I hated. Yet, my feelings now went numb. I don't feel nor do I wish I could. Living without feeling just makes my kind of life willing. 
His footsteps got louder as he entered the abandoned room he left me in. Vacant and alone in a building of torture. No one questioned when they see him walk in. No one ever came in to see what he was doing. No one cared. I vanished and no one cared or bothered to look. Oh ok. He crept closer, he didn't have to sneak, I suspected him. Yet, he still continued to creep upon me. 
"You can walk you know." I said. I sounded like a robot I know, even the emotion left the tone of my voice. I was emotionless. His cold, dirty fingertips found their place on the back of my neck. I shouldn't have spoke. Before I could apologize my head was slammed into the cement on the ground. I bleed, my head must have went numb cause I certainly dust feel the blood escaping from the gash I now had. "Look bitch, I didn't say you could talk, next time I want your opinion on something I do, I'll ask." 
Hours passed. And since I'm not saying what happened in those hours you might of guessed. Rape, yeah no. He has raped me, which is what mainly turned me cold, but instead this time he actually cleaned up my head. "I need to move you, this building is being destroyed tomorrow and you can't be dead yet, not by any other but myself." Great, I know he is going to kill me sooner or later. 
His car smelt like beer and weed. He acts like a hormonal teenage boy yet he's 57. I needed to plan an escape, maybe when I escape I will feel, I will gain my emotions back. I won't be such a robot. He drove and drove until we finally had to stop at a gas station. He locked the doors after he got out. I quickly unlocked them and started to run. I ran and ran, I don't know for how long, or how far but I ran not looking back and hoping he wouldn't catch up. My abductor would realize I'm gone soon, unless he didn't care I was gone either like everyone else. 
I made it back to town after 3 days. I was thirsty and probably dying of hunger. I was skinner and just disgusting looking. No one would talk to me. No one looked at me. I could tell they judged me by my appearance. How I was dirty, smelly, all my scars. They didn't know the truth. They didn't care. They were just judgmental. 
I heard a little girl whisper to her mom "did she escape from the insane asylum?" People called the cops. I had no clue what was going on. The cops came I tried to explain my abduction to them but they wouldn't listen. They drove me to Millers Insane Asylum. I shouldn't be here! I'm not insane! 
As we entered the cop shouted for a nurse "we found the escapee" I didn't escape! I was never in here! The nurse sat me down and looked me in the eyes "Angel Dunnet." Sure she knew my name, didn't mean a thing to me. "You were abducted, when you were little by your uncle, he did things no uncle should do to their niece. After you escaped that day from the gas station, you were sent here until you escaped 3 days ago. We searched for you. Until you wounded up in town, people seen you on the posters we had up and called the police to send you back here. You're a hazard to the people. You may remember soon enough you belong here, you may never remember in your condition. The only thing you always seem to remember is what your uncle did to you." I looked around, memories flashed back to me. I remember being here in the asylum. I had friends and people that cared for me here. The nurse continued. "We need to give you a shower, you never let us but the smell is too much for us and the patients to handle." I asked " when was the last time I have showered?" The nurse frowned "not since you were abducted. You won't let us, and that's a main factor of your memories coming back, reacting in your mind like they are really happening again." I looked at myself in the mirror. I was a 8 year old girl who didn't look dirty or smelly. "I'm not taking a shower I don't need one!" So they sent me to bed.
  That night I woke up an the abandoned building where my uncle keeps me. He slapped me "you're 25 now and still thinking of me. I always was a ladies man." I hated him. His face, his personality. Just him. I need to escape ...

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