I'm me, not you.

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We all know a person that tries to change us, so we are more like them. They like you for who you're not, and not for who you really are. They like the you, that you either pretend to be, or that they try to change you to be. Either way, sooner or later your true self will come out to show.

Submitted: January 14, 2014

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Submitted: January 14, 2014



I know i'm not the prettiest.

Or even the smartest.

I understand you think you're better than others.

And to others that bothers.

You act all big and bad.

Yet, you get scared when people confront your dad.

You want to take me under your wing.

You think as me as your queen, and you the king.

Yet i'm me, and i'm not you.

Sorry to break it to you boo.

You can't change or tell me what to do.

Things about me, are what make me me.

Do you not see?

I see the act you put on.

You think you have won.

Yet, if you just be you

then people would like you boo.

You can't try to make us like you.

Cause I am me, not you.

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