Imaginary Friends may exist.

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We have all had an imaginary friend as a child, but what if they actually existed...what if our imaginary friends, were actually spirits of someone who died? In this story, we see a twist of friendship that can tear a family apart, which a splash of love involved.

Submitted: January 07, 2014

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Submitted: January 07, 2014



What if your imaginary friend isn't imaginary? What if you actually knew them before they became your imaginary friend?

I never had many friends. When I was a child, I had this friend no one else could see. My parents called him my imaginary friend. So that's what I called him too. He disappeared when I hit the age of 13. Now three years later and he's back. He's older than before. He's 16 also.

I was upstairs in my room listening to Three Days Grace, when I seen this boy appear at my window and said "Nicole! Remember me?" It hit me, my imaginary friend. "Why are you back? I'm passed the stage of imaginary friends."

"I'm not imaginary, and i'm in need of your help."

"You're not imaginary!?"

"No, we were childhood friends before what happened, David Lucus Tomms."

"What happend?"

"You have to be kidding me. It was all in the newspapers."

"I asked what happened."

"I'll save it for another time."

"But David..."

My dad walked in my room. He asked "Honey, who are you talking to?"


"Oh is your imaginary friend back? I thought we talked about this."

"Dad he isn't imaginary! Something happened to him when he was younger."

"Sure doll, have you been invited to any social gathering? I think you need out of the house."

"I think you need out of my room." I threw a pillow at him and he left. David then appeared next to me.

"You should be nicer to your dad."

"No, he didn't believe me."

"That's because all your life you referred to mas as your imaginary friend."

"That's what everyone else called you."

He smiled. I couldn't help but think how much cuter he was now.

"So i'm cuter now, aye?"

He could read my thoughts, geez.

"Can't some things stay private David?"

"Sorry, it's easy for me to listen to the thoughts of others."

"Are you going to tell me why you're back?"

"I need your help."

"Obviously, but with what?"

"Finding my body, I just need a proper burial, I don't want who did this to me to be caught. I would hate to tear his family apart."

"You know the person that killed you?"

"We all know him, he lives in this town, he's right under all of our noses."

"What did he do to you?"

"Molested me. Then bashed my head in with a 2x4 piece of wood, and then buried me in a dirt basement."

"I have a dirt basement."

"I know."

"It wasn't my dad was it?"


"Would you tell me if it was?"

"Yeah, but I am in your basement, that is why I'm stuck at your house, with you, my spirit lingers here, stuck."

"Can you show me where in the basement?"


"Okay let's go."

I got up, and headed down to the basement. I wasn't allowed down there but anything to help a friend in need. Once we were down there I kept the light off so I wouldn't be caught. I then grabbed a shovel that was leaning against the wall. I then asked "Where?"

He started to glow a little to show me where he pointed. I then asked "Are you going to tell me who did this?" He finally responded "I don't want to say, I would hate to see his family fall apart, the girl I love is in his family."

"Who do you love?"

"That's a secret."

"You can tell me."

"I said it's a secret."

"Why do you have to be so secretive?"

"So others don't end up the way I am."



I dug and dug until I hit something. "I think I might have found you."

"Yeah you did, now pick my body up and bury me in a grave yard."

"You're demanding for a spirit."


I laughed and quickly stopped when I heard someone coming down to the basement, once they got to the bottom, I ran up and out the house. I heard footsteps coming after me.

It took me half an hour by foot to reach the nearest cemetary. I started digging, then my father showed up. "Were you digging in the basement?" He asked me.

"I needed to save David."

"You shouldn't be snooping."

"You knew he was down there?"

"I put him there."

I took a step back. "David promised it wasn't you."

"I told him to keep his mouth shut."

"Why did you hurt him, you...You." I got quiet "You molested him."

"I may seem sick to you, I know, but killing him is what saved our family, he threatened to tell."

"He had every right to tell."

"Nicole, you can't tell anyone about this."

"You're sick!"

"Nicole listen..." I cut him off "No you listen you sick bastard, i'm calling the cops when i'm done burying David!" My dad ran over to me and pushed me in the hole. "You shouldn't have opened your mouth to me you little bitch." He snarled at me. He started piling dirt on top of me. I stood up, and he hit me with the shovel. That's when everything went black. When I woke up David was beside me.

"You will be in the papers tomorrow Nicole."

Why?" I asked confused.

"Well, your dad won't admit to killing you, so people will insist you went missing, like me."

"My dad killed me?" I asked shocked.


I tried to cry, I wanted to cry but couldn't. Being a spirit I guess I couldn't cry. David looked me in the eyes and said "By the way Nicole, it's you I love." I felt the need to blush, but couldn't. I didn't know what to say so I responded with a simple "I love you too David."

"And now we can be together forever." He said excitingly. 

"Yeah, we can."

He grabbed my hand and looked at me. "Good, I didn't want your dad to kill you, I wanted yo to stay safe, but you were the only one who could see me." I hugged david "It's okay David. I understand."

Later at my house, my father was going insane looking at picutes of me, when he went to the bathrrom and looked in the mirror I popped up behind him. "You killed me." He stumbled backwards "You wanted to tell."

"Now it's your chance to tell." I stared at him.

"I will never."

"You killed me, and David. You done worse to David then you did to me. I'm your daughter, you were suppose to love me."

He started tearing up. "I do love you."

"But you killed me daddy."

"You wanted to ruin me."

"You ruined David's life, and now mine too."

"I couldn't help it."

"You can control your actions." I pushed a phone towards him. "Call."


I went inside his body and picked up the phone and called the police. "Hello, I would like to place a report about a child molester and a murderer."

"What is your name sir?"

"Edward Kassens."

"Who are you reporting?"


"Who did you molest and kill sir?"

"My daughter Nicole Kassens, and David Tomms."

"Sir, are you positive you are the one who preformed these actions?"

"Yes, i'm positive."

"What's your adress sir?"

"59 Cedar park, Willow, Pennslyvania."

"We will be right there sir, stay put."

I got out of my dad's body. "I took care of it." He fainted, and that was it. 35 to life, no bail.

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