Missing Home

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Here is a perspective of a child who was kidnapped. The child just want to go home, and they have hope they might eventually see their family and loved ones again, but with the twist of life, they may just see home again, just not physically or in the way the child had hoped.

Please mister, I just want to go home. I do not understand why I am here. I do not understand why you wanted me. Please mister, I miss my bed. I miss my family. This stack of hay you have me sleep on smells disgusting, and it hurts my back. I can barely ever sleep without the song my mommy sings for me. Please mister, I know my tears won't change your mind. I know I can not change your mind, but maybe if you look deep down in your cold, dark heart you will realize I belong home, not here in the old, beat up barn. Please mister, just tell me what you want? 

I remember the day you came for me. It was close to Christmas, and my family had the fire burning. I sat close by because I remember I loved the scent of that timber wood. I remember that night mommy and daddy both had to work late so they had Mrs. Jules stay and baby sit me, but little did they know that Mrs. Jules would have to run home and fetch something. She promised she would be back in just a few minutes, but I knew that was a lie. Mrs. Jules lived half and hour away, so she would not be back for at least an hour. I remember how my parent's use to tell me never open the door for strangers, or anyone at that. Mrs.Jules had a key, so I wouldn't have to let her in. 

Hours had passed and Mrs.Jules was no where to be seen. I kept looking out the window for her blue Honda to appear, and it never did. Maybe she was just gone for minutes and I had assumed it was hours. I don't know, honestly. I heard a knock on my front door, and of course curious as can be, I went to look in the eye hole of the door. There stood a man. He had ocean blue eyes, and a smile that could melt the heart of angels. His facial hair was ragid, and he said Mrs.Jules had sent him instead to watch after me, since a family emergancy had came up. I listened to him, cause I did not know I could not trust an adult. I was suppose to listen to adults. They are suppose to be role models, and people to look up to. He came in calm as can be, and came over and sat on my couch. 

"When will your parents be home?" he asked casually. I shrugged because I really did not know, also my parents warned me not to talk to strangers. Their rules conterdicted but I was not going to disobey any. He smiled and said "Come on, give me a guess, I would like to know when I will be able to leave." Once again I shrugged.  The man gave me darted eyes, and I began to feel scared. It was a feeling I was use to, but not in the way that I was now. The kind of scared that when you think a monster is under your bed or in the closet. The scared you feel like when you think your life is threatened or in danger. The man got up and started walking towards me, so I took steps backward. He grabbed me by my wrist and started to pull. I remember letting out a pitchful scream, hoping my neighbors would hear. No one came to my rescue as the man put my in the back of his car. Tears filled my eyes as I tried to open the door and they wouldn't open. Child safety locks are not safe at this point.

What seemed like hours in a car with a man who lied to get into my hours only turned out to be half an hour. I remember the car stopping and him pulling me out and throwing me into what looked like a beat up barn. He threw me into a stall that had a stack of hay. He pointed at it like that was my hint to go to sleep. I crawled up ontop of the hay and layed there wondering what did I do to this man? Why would he want to hurt me? 

"Mister, I want to go home."

"Yeah, well no."

"But why, mister?"

"I've watched you. I've watched you for the longest time. Lola Michelle Torris, i've had my eye on you since you were born. I knew when you were born, you were suppose to be mine. I never had a chance like today to easily come and get you. Today was perfect. You're mine now, and you're never going back. I will find us a home, far, far away. That will be your home, do you understand? I've watched your every step. I have collections have your hair, and items you thought you lost when in reality I sneak through your bedroom window so many times and just took things. So soon you may have those items back to make you feel like this is more like home."

"Mister, it will never be home to me. My home is with my family. You are a stalker, a weird, old stalker and I want to go home."

"You selfish little bastard! I worked my butt off for this, for us. You do not apperciate what I did for you? I have tried my damnest to make sure you would be happy with me! Yet, you want to go home? You're never going home! Do you understand me? Never!"

His tone was harsh and reckless, as I hugged the stack of hay. God only knows how long I would be trapped here with a man who obsesses over a seven year old. Fright took over me again, and questions came to my mind one after another. What if I never do go home? Will my family forget all about me? Will I die here with a man I should have never let inside my home? How could I have made the biggest mistake of my life? 

"You're adorable when you cry." he said calmly. "It brings out your freckles that illuminate your face and brings out the real redness of your hair." It sounded as if he was trying to cheer me up, but was horrible at doing all. "Look, I took a teddy bear from your home one day, would you like it? I'll even give you a blanket, it can get a bit chilly to be honest." I nodded as he continued to talk. "You know Lola, I want you to be happy with me. So, just ask for things, make anywhere we go home, but never ever mention that fact you want to go "home" to your "family" that isn't me, do we have an understanding?" I nodded. "Good, well here you go the teddy bear and blanket." He handed me the items and kissed my forehead, which sent shivers down my spine.

All night long I could not sleep. I missed the song my mother use to sing for me. I can barely remember the tone, but it soothed me. I heard the man snooring, maybe this would be my chance to escape! I got up slowly and opened the stall door. It made a loud noise, but it didn't seem to wake the man up. I started to head to wear I thought the exit was. I went through two double doors, and what I seen, oh what I seen will haunt. There was skinned bodies of what looked like children. Some blood was dried and some looked new and still moist. The skin was hanging on the wall with what looked like brands on the back. Each skin had a number. He didn't want just me. He wanted many children. He was sick, very sick.

"Lola, why did you wonder off?" The man's voice came behind me. I stood in fear not knowing what to say but knowing my last memories will be here. "Oh, you found my room, didn't you?" he asked as I nodded. He then grabbed me "Bad kid! Kids never listen! I try to do the best for them, but they always end up disobeying. Why couldn't you just stay in your stall? I never wanted to hurt any of them. I really never did, but it has became a habit. I have known all of them children from birth, but yet they didn't care what I wanted to give them a good life with me, I wanted their home to be with me." 

"h..how did you know all of us..since birth?" I barely managed to ask.

"Well sweetie, i'm a doctor, and no one will expect a doctor to have anything to do with the disappearance of kid's life they never had anything to do with after bringing them into the world. You see the police will be looking for a serial kidnapper, or maybe even a pedophile, but they will never expect me. My plan is sinster, yes, but also I just want a child. I can not have children you see, my sperm will not allow me, excuse my language because you probably do not know what sperm is, but my wife and I had tried to have children for years, until we went to a doctor to be tested, and I came back as the one who could not have children. It broke our hearts. I promised her a child, no matter what. I promised I would bring us a child. Everytime I bring a child into this world I wonder if they will be perfect for my wife and I. All the children you seen in there, were not perfect, and wanted to disobey. I branded them, so I knew who they were exactly, after I killed them. I skinned them, so they when their bodies decay, I will have their skin to remember of my once prized child."

"Mister please, I just want to go home!"

"What did I say about saying that?" His voice took a very sinster tone. His right arm went backwards, and back to where he slapped me in the face and I fell off his lap. "Look like you're a child who can't behave either, and I thought you may have actually been the perfect one!" He dragged me by my hair back to where the bodies of the other children were. He took a piece of metal and made it hot. He ripped my shirt off, and put it on my back. The burning sensation killed. I let out cries louder than I ever cried before. He smiled and said "Well hello, B-0086." I had been labeled. He then pulled me over to a table, and broke my neck, everything went black.

I woke not knowing where I was. It was dark, and then all of a suden it was like light blinded my very eyes. I was now staring at the bodies of children, instead of darkness. Yet now, there was an extra body hanging up, and a new skin upon the wall. The skin was fleshly cut, you could tell. The blood dripped off it like rain falling from a roof on a rainy day. The labled on the back was "B-0086."

Everything was dark again, as the light came back I was some where different. I was home. I seen my mother and father on the couch. They were both crying their eyes out.

"Momma, daddy! I'm here, please see me! I'm here!" I wanted to cry, I wanted them to see me, I was here! I wanted to cry so bad. No tears came out.

"Who would do this to us?" My mother's voice was filled with hurt, and my dad shrugged crying more after that question. I could see the hurt in them. He caused my family pain, and soon there would be depression if they find my body, and the other children's body. I never wanted them to hurt, I was wanted to go home.

Now I see how people can truly be. A young life taken away by someone people are suppose to trust. By someone that is suppose to help people not end their lifes. Now there is nothing but hurt for my family, and there is no justice for me or the other children that had "disobeyed" the doctor. Maybe one day he will get his "perfect" child, maybe one day he will be caught, and justice will be served, but that won't help ease the pain of the ones we love. Our souls are watching them as our body was badly mutilated in a beat up barn somewhere.


Submitted: December 13, 2014

© Copyright 2021 chrissyisthename. All rights reserved.

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Some minor errors, but a good read. Could be expanded to be a longer piece of work. ~EoM

Sat, December 13th, 2014 3:26pm


that was really good :)

Tue, December 16th, 2014 4:55pm

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