Murderous Lust.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Love is common, everyone experiences the feeling, but half the time, that feeling is lust. Their presence just draws you near, making you want them. Like they are just at your fingertips but you can't even grasp it. Staying up all night, thinking, dreaming, and imagining about a certain someone. Relationships are rocky enough, but how much can someone handle, when the relationship turns from rocky, to murderous?

They say crushes are crushes because when they reject you, it crushes your heart into a million little pieces. Yet, that's the part I enjoy the most. The pain that's left behind from someone acting so cold and distant. The feeling of being so unwanted, and weak. Weak as in it's like the heart can't take anymore, like it's reach it's breaking point, but it truly hasn't. It won't ever reach it's true breaking point until the very last beat. At least, that's what I think.

Girls come to easy now a days, and guys just prove they aren't worth the time. I wouldn't call myself straight, lesbian, or bisexual, I call myself open minded. It's a very good skill to have now a days, truly. How else can you truly get the full experience of life if you aren't even a little open minded? My dad calls me sinful, and that the devil is truly my father. He's a preacher, and i'm not the little preacher's daughter as he wants. If it wasn't for my mother, I would probably be excommunicated not only from the church, but home too. I'm a senior in high school, and life is just full of fun and surprises when you're as open minded as me.

"Kat!" Velma yelled down the hallway to me. Velma is my best friend, she has short, curly, red hair, and is about five feet, six inches. She's smart, and maybe about half as attractive of me. "Hey, Vel." I screeched back, as we ran to hug each other. "You dye your hair a lighter blonde again?" she asked, I smiled "I'm glad you noticed, ever since I dyed my hair brown, I've wanted to go back to my natural blonde, how does it look?" She nodded in approve. I smiled and we continued on our way to history. "Have you heard of the new guy? His name is Chance." she squeled in my ear. "Ha, well Vel, I like taking chances." I said with a sassy wink. Almost any guy or well any person I wanted could, and would be mine. Once I ran into this Chance character, I will be taking a chance with Chance, like I took a chance with Destiny once. Once I zoned back in, I realized Velma was still yapping "Don't be too forward with him though Kat, he's new, and I don't think he wants everyone getting in his face, let alone trying to get into his pants, I mean we know nothing about this guy, what if he likes serious relationships?" I looked at her "I can do a serious relationship Val." She just started laughing and laughing as I rolled my eyes at her. We walked into Mr.Newoms History class, and right there he was. I lost my breath. He was absolutely stunning. I seriously did need to take a chance.

I sat down right next to him. "Hi, i'm Kathy, with a K. You're Chance, you don't have to introduce yourself, I have already heard a lot about you." He smiled and said "I'm sure you've only heard my name." I nodded in his direction and he continued "Well, let me tell you more, over coffee after school?" I nodded and smiled. He was pure perfection. My heart has never felt such a rush, and my stomach has never been so tied up. Coffee this afternoon was going to be one of the best things in my life.

That afternoon I met up with Chance back outside the history room, we walked down to our nearby coffee stand, and I got my usual mocha frap, and he got a black coffee. His coffee taste was terrible, but excusable. We sat down at one of the tables outside. We talked and talked for hours. Our conversation went through many, many topics, and we had many things in common. It was weird how perfect we got along. Maybe, just maybe the chances would show that Chance was meant for me, meant to be in my life. We considered the coffee our first date, and planned to continue having many dates after that. 

Chance was my dream guy, blond, blue eyes, tall, and strong. He even had the perfect personality along with that. I couldn't wait to tell my parents. They would be so excited. I ran home after coffee that night. I just had to tell them. "I met a guy." My dad automatically started shaking his head "You're a sin Kathy. A sin. Do you understand the disgrace you bring this family?" I looked at him "It's different this time daddy, I honestly think he's the one." He stood up angerily "You say this every time, child. We can't keep murdering the wrong young men to please our ancestors. We can't. You make them mad every time it's the wrong young man. You make us murder. I am a son of God, I preach his word, and you make me murder the wrong ones." I stared in his eyes and sternily said "I'm almost positive Chance is the right guy this time, you'll see when you meet him daddy. I won't sin this time, you'll see, this won't be murder, this time it will be sacrifice, and we won't have to move anymore, we will make our ancestors happy this time, I promise daddy!" He walked away, he didn't want to hear what I had to say, but then again, maybe he realized it's okay to take chances once in awhile.

Dating Chance wasn't even that bad, he was actually pretty sweet. He would bring me roses everyday, and even serenaded me outside my window. He was such a cliche that he did it in the rain one night, until I ran outside, and he kissed me. His kiss tasted sweet, almost like honey. I didn't know what it was about him that truly drove me insane, but I'll never forget it. We held hands everywhere, and everyone knew we were together. I started hanging with him more than I did with Velma, and she absolutely hated that. She even started a fight with me about it. "You dipped on our plans last night." She glared at me with so much hatred in her eyes. Yet, her hatred wasn't meant for me, I could tell it was meant for Chance. "I had plans with Chance too, sorry." She snarled and said "You always have plans with him, you can skip one date to hang out with me, I am suppose to be your best friend, or is your head taking too many chances, for you to actually realize that anymore?" I started to laugh at her jealously "You need to chill, stop getting so jealous." I walked away from her.

Later at home, mom and dad were talking, and I happened to over hear. "It's two days before we have to sacrifice that boy, I hope she's right about him." father said. "I think he might be, from what I've seen of him, he does seem to fit the description well." He snarled "We need perfect not well. I will not murder for her again." My mom hit him with a wash rag "She is our daughter, trust her opinion once and awhile." He laughed "Trust? You want me to trust her? She may be your daughter, but she's a sin to me." I heard my mother gasp "She is as much as a sin as you are Jeremy." and she stormed out of the room. I walked in to have a few words of my own with him. "Dad, I heard you, mom is right. You murder just as much as I have. You're a sin also, but you know what i'm not? I'm not a hyprocrite, but you are. You preach a word, a word that not even you follow, and that makes you a filthy hyprocrite." He stood up "How dare you talk to me this way! I am your father." I laughed "You would have to consider me your daughter for you to be my father, but in two days I will sacrifice Chance, and I will be right. Later dad." I left the room, leaving my father speechless.

The two days had passed. I texted Chance the place to meet me. I waited about an hour before he showed up. I knew he would be late, so I made sure I told him earlier, so that he would actually arrive on time. I told him we were going to take a hike, he was all for it. I hiked at least four miles before getting to the right place. My parents were already there waiting for us. "I didn't know you brought your parents with you." I nodded "Yeah, even old people need exercise babe." He laughed as we draw closer to them. My parents smiled and waved, and we returned the action. My dad then said "You kids must be tired, please sit down for a bit." We did as told. Chance and my father started talking about hunting, and fishing, and then the time finally came. My dad stood up, followed by my mother and I. Chance was the last to stand up. My dad threw him into a circle we had drawn with chalk the day before. Chance started to get scared, I could see his blue eyes tense up. He looked at me, his face had such panic upon it. I smiled and walked over to him, as my dad was still holding him down. "I'm going to kill you now Chance, you're perfect, and our ancestors will just adore if we sacrifice you." He started to squirm. He kicked my dad in the testicals, and ran. I ran after him, I got close enough to where I could tackle him, so I did as so. I then dragged him back with help from my mother. My father got back ontop of him, as I pulled out my knife. My dad started the sacrifice. "Dear Ancestors of the Michens, please accept our sacrifice and treat us good for the next three years until we have to sacrifice again. We tried to find the most perfect one, and here is Chance." I started at his neck, going down to his chest. The blood started to make a pool on his skin. He screeching giving us all a rush. I leaned down to his ear and wispered "I love you." as I took the knife and slammed it in the left side of his chest.  My father now muzzled his screams and cries, as we all took a chance licking the blood on his chest. We then finished the sacrifice, I pulled down his pants, and sliced his penis off. The painful look on his face helped me know, I did an amazing job this time. After five minutes, Chance had died due to loss of blood, we then buried him.

Months had past, and things had changed for us Michens. Good things started to come to us. My father's church got larger, and my mother got a job as a chef for a business man and his family, and I got better grades in school. I know for certain Chance was my true love. We brought me such luck, and pleased my ancestors. I'm glad I got to experience this all with him. Who know love could be so exciting and rushful? 

Submitted: October 17, 2015

© Copyright 2022 chrissyisthename. All rights reserved.

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