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When someone annoys to the point you plot murder, and then suicide. In this tale, you see what goes through a person's mind when they can't take anymore of someone's complaining. I guess they have a right to complain if it involves an obsessed killer.

Submitted: January 07, 2014

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Submitted: January 07, 2014



Ever have to listen to someone complain so much? Even if they have nothing bad in their life going on, they still complain. They just think life is so horrible. That nothing ever goes right for them. That God must just hate them. I hate those types of people. I never thought you would be one of them. Ha, before I get to far ahead, let's jump back to the beginning, shall we? It all started on Halloween, we both were invited to Janet's Halloween party. You were wearing an angel outfit. I figured you didn't put much thought into it because of how common the costume was. Yet, you still looked insanely beautiful. Even from where I stood, which was directly across the room from you. I swear, I must have just spent hours staring at you. At your gorgeous face, and your fit body. Damn, I knew I wanted you. I knew right then and there you were my sould mate.

Finally, the party was closer to ending, so I figured I would make my way across the room and introduce myself to you. I got closer, and your eyes widen as I approached. I didn't realize you were shocked by my costume. I was a nice serial killer farmer with a black eye. I put thought into my costume. I shyly said "Hi, i'm Jackel, Jackel Bomees." You smiled such a stunning smile and replied "Hi, I'm Sandy Moths." Such a gorgeous name for a gorgeous young girl.

We got to talking about all sorts of things. We surely connected, I knew and felt we did. We all started to leave and I invited you over. Which you denied. We had a connection, I didn't understand why you would turn down my offer. Something took over me, I grabbed you and slammed your head into my car, as you fell blacking out, I put you into my car and drove home. No one seen me, everyone had left by then. You were all mine, just mine. I didn't have to share with anyone and that made me smile.

When you awoke you realized you were tied to my bed, and had a bandage on your head. I explained what happened as I put a cup of tea with a straw by you so you could drink. I'm sure y ou were thristy by then. You started to scream. I needed to shut you up, so my neighbors wouldn't call the police. I stuck a pair of socks into your mouth. You finally shut up. Months passed and you started to calm down and listen to the rules. So the sock was taken from your mouth. We had conversatons regulary. You had such a way to spark the conversations. It made me fall more and more in love with you.

Then you started complaing. You said you missed your family, that you wanted to go back with them. I thought I was becoming your family you selfish bitch, ever think about me? Ha, I doubt it. You complained you were hungry, when I fed you a lot. You complained you need to use the bathroom, adn you complained when I hit you. You should be happy, you have it better than some.

Finally, I snapped. You complained one too many times. I untied you, and took the rope and started to strangle you. You were gasping for air, and the noises you made, made me grin more than the first time I saw you. I wanted to hear you make more struggling noises. I pushed you into the kitchen. You were weak from the lack of energy. I jumped on top of you and started hitting you, every little screech made me get a thrilling sensation of joy. I grabbed you by your hair and slammed your head into the wall, which spilt your head open. Blood leaked out of your head like water from the sink. I put you in my trunk and deaded to a hotel.

When we got there, I got room 250. We went up there, you in my suitcase that I hade to squeeze you into. For being skinny, you surely weren't easy to get into that suitcase. We made it up to the room, and I hid your body into the box spring of the matress. I figured you would have liked to know how you died before I killed myself. Our legend of love and death will live on among the world when they find this letter. In the meantime i'm loading my gun to kill myself.

1...2...3...Goodbye world. My blood will be on the walls of this hotel, and that will be that.


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