Remembering Tarah.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

When a drug addict goes missing, people assume the drugs were some kind of result, but what really goes on in this girl's life? Is drugs the reason she vanish or is something more sinister going on? In a race between life and death, a girl who no one has any real concern for could be in life threatening danger. What is she to do? Or who will remember her for who she use to be and is. The remembrance of a drug addicted girl, or her actual will to survive.

Addictions control many people's lifes. They feel the need to have that substance, as if it is some kind of life support. They feel like they need it to survive, and some times, they're right.

No one knew where she was going or what she was even up to, as she hurried to catch a train at 9:45 P.M. Tarah rushed down the stairs, and ran to the train with open doors about to shut. Her eyes grew wide as she made it in just moments before the doors closed. She gave a sigh of relief as she made it on. She found a seat next to a tall man with a musky smell. She offered a smile but got declined one back. She shrugged it off, New Yorkers aren't usually the nicest anyhow. 

Shortly after the train stopped, Tarah was only three blocks from her parents' apartment, she hated asking them for money, but some times, it just needs to be done. Tarah ran to her parents' apartment and rung the bell for them to let her in at least seven times. The dust from the doorbell coming off was enough to make Tarah sneeze as the night became darker. Finally after what seemed like forever, she was buzzed in. She walked over to the elevator that was not working at the moment, so she had to take the stairs. To her poor luck, her parents lived on the fourth floor, which means she had to conquer four flieghts have stairs. She was exhausted when she finally arrived to their door. Her mother greeted her in with a loving hug and meaningful looks and exchanges. Tarah was glad to be home at the moment, but she could not forget what she actually came for.

"Tarah, I have missed you so dearly, your father is asleep right now, I could wake him, but we both know how that works. Oh tell me how you have been, is there a new man in your life? Oh, tell me everything my love."

"Well mom, I can't really stay to talk, I have a question, a question in which I am very sorry to ask, but it must be done. I need to borrow some money, I hate to ask, but it's very important."

Her mother nodded and walked over to her checkbook, writing her daughter a check for two hundred and fifty dollars. Her eyes lost the sparkle in them after handing her daughter the money, and Tarah just getting up and leaving. Tarah rushed out the apartment to find a place to cash the check. Lucky for her, the near-by Walmart will cash checks. She went and cashed the money, she was then on her way to do what she wanted to do in the first place. 

Tarah took out her phone and dialed Darrell. He answered, and they made a meeting spot. After waiting twenty minutes for him Tarah still wasn't going to leave. She needed her fix. Finally, Darrell showed. He took the money and handed her what she wanted. Tarah has been addicted to Meth and Herione for over a year and a half. She has kept it a secret very well, but always ran to her mother for money when she needed a fix and fast but had no cash. She was sure her mother is suspious of her actions, but has never mentioned it. Tarah was on the train back to her house when she got a bad feeling.

Tarah got home and started to smoke the Meth she had just got. She felt more relaxed until she heard a noise. She suddenly started to tweak out. She searched her house up and down for what ever could have made that noise. She then decided it must have been someone not something. Tarah started to get highly parinoid. She started packing her bags, the bags that were found on her bed, when Tarah's missing persons report was filed.


The lights that shined in her eyes disappeared as she watched Tarah leave after getting the money. Her mother has started to be aware what was really going on with her daughter. Just the thought of her daughter on drugs, very harmful drugs, killed her. She didn't want to keep giving Tarah money, but she only saw Tarah when she needed money. She hated it, she hated the feeling of knowing what was truly happening and not stopping it, or helping her with her addiction. She felt like a terrible mother. She began to hate herself, and hate Tarah also. 

Her mother decided to follow Tarah, trying to have hope that her daughter actually wasn't on drugs. First, they went to a Walmart, where Tarah was seen cashing the check she had given her just a short amount of time ago. Then they went to this dark alley only 3 miles from the apartment. She watched Tarah stand there for about twenty minutes until a man in a Yellow Chevy drove up. A tall, black man stepped out, Tarah had handed him the money and he handed her something. Her weary eyes couldn't tell what was handed to her daughter, but her gut feeling knew it was what she feared. Her daughter was on drugs, and she was helping her daughter's addiction instead of preventing it.

Grace, Tarah's mother ran back to her apartment and woke her husband up. "William, Will, baby, please wake up now, it's important."

Will sat up in the bed, blinked a couple times then looked at his wife who continued to say "Our baby William, our baby! She's on drugs! She came by for money again, and yes I gave it to her, then I followed her, she met with some man, and gave him the money, and he gave her something in return. I didn't actually see what it was, but trust me it was drugs. I helped our daughter get her fix!"

"Babe, calm, you didn't even see what it was but if you want, I'll go by her house and check on her." His wife nodded, so William got out of bed, and put his shoes on. He got on a train and headed to his daughter's house, which was many, many miles away from their apartment. He got there and the door was already slightly open. "Tarah, its your father." No one responded. He got a bad feeling and figured he should check the place out. There was no sign of any force entry, but there was no sign of Tarah either. He checked every room, and was headed to his daughter's bedroom. The door to her room was also open, so he went inside. Her room was full of bowls and needles for drugs. It then hit him, his wife was correct, Tarah was an addict, she was addicted to Meth and Herion. He looked around and seen the half packed suit cases just laying on Tarah's bed, he then went home as fast as he could. When he got back to his apartment, he locked the door and found his wife, with a worried sick look on her face in the middle of the kitchen. 

"Grace, she is on drugs, I found the bowls and needles, it must be Meth and Herione. Even worse, there was half packed suitcases on her bed, but Tarah was no where to be found." Grace dropped to her knees and began to cry, as William called to make a report to the police. 

The next day the cops surrounded Tarah's place, still no sign of the addict Her parents faith started to shake as weeks and weeks passed and still no sign. After three months had passed, the search for Tarah had been called off. Grace and William had lost hope to even search theirselves. The only thing they could do for their daughter was to remember her. 


"You think i'm stupid don't you trick?" said a deep but familiar voice. Tarah turned away from packing to see Darrell standing at her door. She gave him a confused look and he continued "You trying to rip me off? I never suspected you to try to do such a thing, I never even count what you gave me, I had that much trust in you, I went home and I was about one hundred dollars short of what you owe me." Tarah started to back away, and he went towards her. "You owe me now, and you know how you owe me." He grabbed her arm, and off they went to the train station.

It was hours before they got off the train, and nothing in sight looked familiar to Tarah. He pulled her inside a nice, cozy little cabin. "Get in the bedroom and change now." Tarah did as told. Darrell went into the room, and got on top of Tarah, taking his pants off. Tarah cried the entire time, she didn't want this, but this was her due for not paying what she was suppose to. Tarah could feel the buzz wearing off, soon enough the pain of reality and sickness would kick back in. She just wanted everything to go away.

After five minutes and Darrell got off of her, he realized she was coming down off her high. "Sucks huh? Well, i'm not giving you anymore, i'm also not taking you back with me, bitch." He shook his head and continued "I sold to you the entire time you started using, and you had the guts to rip me off? I'm the only person to ever show compassion to you, we had trust, I trusted you to not rip me off, just like you trusted me enough to tell me about the cancer." Darrell got up and left, he left a poor, upset, hurt girl in the middle of nowhere.


Tarah didn't know how to get home. She didn't know where she even was. She rationed food at the cabin and survived three months on her own. Those three months she grew weaker. The drugs kept her from the pain the cancer was causing her. She didn't want treatment, due to the expense, and she didn't want others worried about her. Her pain was becoming unbearable, the cancer was spreading she could tell, now she was regretting not taking the treatments. She searched the house for a fix, hoping there would be something to help with the pain. Finally, she found a small rock of meth, and a bowl to smoke out of. The high was barely a high, but enough to take a good bit of the pain away. 

Darrell showed back up to the cabin, as Tarah was on the floor, high, and asleep. Darrell thought she would of been back home by now, so he decided to take her back. When Tarah woke up she was on the doorstep of the apartment buildings her parents lived. She didn't want to see them, she didn't want to hurt them they way she's been hurt all this time.

Her parents started believing Tarah was dead, she hasn't even tried contacting them, yet that was normal. Grace was looking out the window when she saw what she believed to be her daughter running from the steps of their apartment building. "William! I think I just seen Tarah! She's alive." This isn't the first time Grace had claimed to see Tarah though, so William strugged and brushed it off. The first couple times he actually rushed over to see what Grace had seen, but after so many disappointments of it not being Tarah, he stopped rushing over to see who Grace had claimed as Tarah. 

Tarah hated hiding from her parents, but she was done with the pain, she ran home. Her home was now empty. Everyone has thought Tarah was dead. Tarah found some of her stuff she had hidden in the attic, including her glock. She had enough, she can't stay high enough to take away the pain, and the pain was killing her more than the drugs would ever. She put the glock to her head and pulled the trigger. Now maybe, they can actually remember Tarah.



Submitted: September 20, 2015

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