Suicide or Murder

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When you're little and you hear your parent kill their self, so you think. In this short story, there is a twist of suicide and murder. You think one, yet the other actually happened. Now this is the twisted turns of a misfortune child who lost their mother from her succeeding in suicide, but so they think that's how she died.

Submitted: January 08, 2014

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Submitted: January 08, 2014



You don't care about me. You never have. There's  one thing that hauntsme about us, and that's our child. A shot rung through my mind, remembering the day I was seven and I heard my mother shoot herself. In the note she left before she diedit said I was the only thing haunting her about their relationship. I'm the mistake. I sat up in my bed and as any other day, I studied the pictures on my shelf of my mother and I. Memories filled my mind and my eyes. I started to cry. I didn't even feel the pain of her being gone anymore,yet I cry so emotionless. Nothing could change the fact she's gone. No one could change the fact I still miss her even through I barely remember her. The pictures help keep my memories alive.

I walked down stairs, my dad was already awake, the smell of coffee was in the air. He was drinking a cup of bitter, black coffee. "How can you stand to drink that?" I asked disgusted. He strugged "It ain't that bad, give it a try." I smiled "I'll pass, besides mom always said coffee will stunt your growth." He frowned "Yeah, she did say that." I forgot my dad is in more pain than I am. His wife of a better half of 40 years. I finally couldn't take it anymore. I had to ask "Was I a mistake?" His jaw dropped "Why would you ask that?" I looked at the floor "Mom's letter." My dad didn't say anything. I guess I got my answer. I sat down on the couch beside him messing with my phone "I miss her." He looked at me and gave a little smile "Yeah kiddo, I miss her too." I glared back at him "Do you believe she's in a better place?" He nodded "I'm sure she is." I smiled "Yeah, I hope." The conversation ended before it was started. It seemed like we couldn't have a conversation unless it was about my mother. My father stood up "Well, I have to get to work, drive yourself to school?" As I watched him leave I replied with "Sure."

I picked up my phone and invited my friend's over. I needed to get high. My phone recieved a strange text. "I miss you Natalie, remember i'm always watching." I texted back "Who is this?" Suddenly I heard a knock and I jumped. It was just my friend Amber. "Got the stuff?" I asked. She handed me a bag. "Good get the bong." I smiled. She went to my room. I recieved another text. "Remember me, remember me, please." I didn't reply. Half an hour later, I was geeking. When I recieved a call. "Remember me? Remember the park, in the woods, we would play. Remember me, I love you." I hung up. I was scared. I shoved it off as a prank call, but I got a strange feeling that it actually wasn't.

"I'm about to go for a walk." I stood up talking to Amber. I left my friend in my house alone and took my phone. I went to the old park in the woods. Me and my mom us to go here, the only park closest to us. I then recieved another text. "He didn't care, he never cared, I stayed for you my dear." I dropped to my knees and started digging. I soon came across a body, and a phone. My mother, suddendly my father appeared "You shouldn't be digging in places you know you shouldn't be." I stumbled backwards "How did you know I was here?" He laughed "I track your phone, like I tracked hers. that's how I found out she cheated on me, and that she wanted a divorce. She only stayed with me for you, but she wanted a family with some new guy she was seeing." I was confused "But mom's note." He cut me off "I wrote that, I made the choice for this family, just likeyou made the choice to come here, bitch."

He came towards me and started strangling me. Suddently a spirit rises from the ground "Don't touch my child!" It was my mother. A chilled wind flew by as my father flew down a hill, hitting trees, then bashed his head into a rock on the bottom. I called the cops. I tried to explain what happened. They didn't care. They certainly didn't believe me. They believed my dad murdered my mother, but also believed that I murdered my father. They sent me away to an insane institution.

Believe me or not, but I still get calls from her, reminding me she's here and watching...

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