Watchful eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Now a days almost everything is on the internet, we have followers on instagram, facebook friends we don't actually know, followers on vine, followers on youtube, and even fans on booksie. We share a lot of our information, and we never think twice about the consequences it may cause us.In this story, Taylor McBee is about to find out how the internet can really ruin one's life.

"Should I share this photo on facebook or instagram?" I thought to myself, before I decided both. Followers and friends have became my obession. One day, I will be internet famous, and I will make my way to the top, as Drake mentioned in one of his songs "Started from the bottom now I'm here." All the hashtags I can put for this photo, or none at all. I can put a cut caption on the picture, but it doesn't matter, all my likes will add up the same. Sometimes to make my fans and followers love me more, I actually private message them, it makes them feel so special, and them loving me, makes me feel special.

The internet has been my life since I was just thirteen. Every moment of my life it seemed I had to post, and people seemed to like me. It gave me such a rush. When I became sixteen, my friend Tina and I had agreed on a little game of who can become famous first. That's when our whole life became the internet, and making ourself look like we were the baddest, hottest, and coolest girls out there. No shame to say, I had won the game. 


I watch you. I watch everything you do, from the time you were thirteen, right up to your age of eighteen right now. I know where you party. I know where you spend most of your time, and I know your favorite activities. I know where you like to eat, and I know who your best friend is. I also even know where you live. Ever since you were thirteen, I was obsessed. Your photos stuck in my mind like super glue, the images never leaving the exsistence of my mind. Your friend is cute, but you're the one I want more. I watch and I watch and I wait until one day when I can make my perfect move. 

I remember when you first got on the internet. You were thirteen. Everything you posted, I had to simply like. Then you became sixteen, and you and Tina posted a lot of photos. It was hard to choose which girl I wanted to obsess over more, but feel special, because I picked you. You put on such an act, I can tell. You set yourself out to be bad, hot, and cool, but I can tell you're so much more than that. You're spiritually amazing, I can tell your soul is a good one. When I look at your pictures it is almost like a wicked attraction pulling me right to you. The power of it gives me such a rush. 


"Tina, wanna come over?"

"Hmm, yeah sure, I'll be over in a minute." Her voice seemed shushed. 

I hung up the phone, and awaited my best friend's arrive. Minutes had passed and no sign of her BMW anywhere. I began to worry, until I heard a soft knock on my front door. Tina had started to worry me now. I went and I opened the door as tina came inside. 

"What's wrong baby girl?"

"I'm not allowed on the internet anymore." she said with a saddening tone.

"Um, what the hell, why not?"

"My parents said it's not safe. That all the strangers we have liking our stuff, and seeing everything we do isn't safe. They said that someone could come, and seriously hurt one of us badly. They said  I may have facebook, and I may text, and snapchat, but only if it's with people I actually know."

"Seriously? What are the chances of someone actually coming to hurt us or harm us on purpose, I mean they said you can't be on the internet, but they never said that your fans couldn't become mine, and you can appear in every selfie I take."

Tina's smile got wide, and she knew my idea was perfect. I took out my phone, and we continued to act like we were the baddest, hottest, and coolest girls anyone could know. My instagram likes were being blown up, and her followers did become my followers. Everything we did that night, from netflix, to pillow fights, watching cat videos on youtube, and eating pizza was all on my instagram and facebook. My phone kept buzzing and buzzing, and my smile and joy became a huge rush of success for myself. 

One of my followers even private messaged me and asked if we were home alone, watching scary movies. Of course I have to be honest to my followers, or what kind of leader would I be? I simply replied yes, but no scary movies, just chick flicks. The man who messaged me never messaged back after that.


I had my phone set up so that I could get your pictures when you posted them. It seems as if you and your friend Tina were having some kind of girl's night, and I wondered if I could intrude, but I held back my urge. You kept posting more and more pictures, making my smile and thoughts grow. How did someone so pretty end up being the main focus of my life? I finger slowly tapped the like and heart button on both your instagram and facebook photos. My heart grew wild when I seen the pillow fight photos. You two girls should know better than to trust stangers with your personal items.

I messaged you, this has been a long time coming, but I had to know before I make my move. I asked if you guys were home alone, and perhaps watching some sort of scary movie. You replied very fast like the doll you are letting me know you are home alone, and watching chick flicks. This is my chance. I need to act upon it now, before this chance slips away and I may never get another one. I got into my car, and I started driving to your house. Like I said earlier, I know where you live.


"Tina, do you think it's weird when fans don't reply to you?"

"Um, sometimes, why Taylor were you talking to someone?"

I nodded, and then strugged it off, maybe the person just had to go. Yet, no one has ever not replied back to me in conversation. I had such a strange feeling about it though, and for a minute I thought that maybe Tina's parents were right. That maybe the internet isn't a safe haven as we thought it was. I shook the thoughts away and continued to watch "It's all about Mary." with Tina. 

"I wonder what it's like to have so many guys obsess over you." said Tina.

I laughed "I don't know, you could but you can't talk to people you don't know." 

"Hey! That's for safety reasons, anyway, I have to head home, my mom and dad told me I can't stay the night tonight, since we have my Aunt Sharlette's wedding tomorrow."

"To bad you can't instagram that, ha, have fun girly, bye, I love you Tina."

"Yeah, yeah, bye, I love you too Taylor."


Now, i'm at your house. I'm peeking through your windows. I can see the movie you're watching. My mom use to watch that movie. Your skin looks so soft, like a babies. Your hair was in a messy bun, but still cute. I heard your laugh, and it was like angels singing in my ears. Every little thing about you was beyond perfect. You are perfection at it's finest. 

I waited and waited, hoping Tina would leave soon so that I could make my move. Finally, after what seemed and felt like forever, she got up to leave. I heard where she's going. She's going to a wedding, maybe she'll comes to ours. I heard the front door open so I dodged and hid in the bushes. She wasn't allowed to see me, only you are allowed to see me tonight. 

I waited a couple minutes after before appoarching your door. I gave it a knock. You must of thought Tina came back, and maybe her parent's changed her mind. You opened the door, and you just stared at me, like I was some sort of alien. I pushed the door open and came in, shutting the door behind me. You look so cute when you startled. You had your mouth open like you wanted to scream, yet couldn't. Your face scrunched up, and adorable. I grabbed your arm after I put a sock in your mouth, and duct taped it shut. I didn't want to scare you, but I couldn't have you screaming either. I pushed you outside, in the mid of darkness, no one awake, no one to see us. I pushed you into my car, and I drove back to my place, back to where you will be able to actually have a safe haven that isn't the internet.


There was a knock upon my door, and I was hoping it was Tina. She could have left something behind, or maybe she got her parents to change their mind. Either way, I would be glad to see my best friend again, since I hate staying at home, alone. I ran over to the door and opened it. It was certainly not Tina. There stood a man, tall as a tower, leaning over me. He had a ragid bread, and eyes like darts. His appereance gave me a shudder, and I started to back away. He pushed the door fully open and walked into my house, shutting the door behind him. My mouth hung open, no words or noises able to escape it. Tina's parents' worse nightmare was about to be my reality, and my thoughts tried to warn me earlier. He stuck a sock into my mouth before duct taping my mouth closed. Which I thought was pointless since I wasn't making any noise in the first place. He then dragged me into his car, and he acted so caring towards this entire kidnap, like he actually knew, and cared about it. The whole feeling was so surreal. 

We were in the car for what felt like hours, before he eventually stopped, got out of the car, opened my door, and pulled me out. I was staring at what I thought was his house, or maybe it was just a random abandoned building he found. The place looked old and creepy and I was not looking forward to spending how ever long here, with him.


I finally took her back to my home. I couldn't tell if she liked it or not, but I had set a bedroom up just for her upstairs. I'm sure she'll like it. I pulled her inside and walked her to her room. I layed her on her bed, I took the sock and tape off her mouth. She stared at me in confusion, and out of temptation, I kissed her. I couldn't stop kissing her, the more I kissed her the more I wanted to do. One thing led to the next, and the entire time she screamed and cried. I didn't want to hurt her, I just wanted to love her, and I guess the love i'm showing is tough love. She will get use to this eventually, she will love me. I will make her love me. 

Finally, I tied her to her bed so she couldn't tried to escape, and I fell asleep right next to my loved one. The entire night she just would not stop sobbing. She made me want to take a hammer to her head, and watch the blood trinkle out, like a fossil. She made me feel like I had built up anger inside ready to explode, and kill her in anyway possible. She made me hate her so much that all I wanted to do was cause her pain. I just wanted to sleep, but she wanted to cry, she didn't care if I slept or not. She was being ungrateful for all that I have done for her so far. She felt sadness, not happiness, like she was suppose to. She was filled with fear and hatred. 

****************************************************************************He pulled me inside. I was scared, I didn't know what he was going to do to me. Now I wished I never became an internet addict, I wished I never made that stupid bet with Tina when I was sixteen. I never thought something like this would happen to me. I was just a normal girl, living a normal life, sure I tried to impress people, but I never planned on having a stalker or watcher. He took me into a room, where he made me lay down. He took the duct tape off and the sock out of my mouth. The sock made my mouth dry, like I had cotton mouth. The man then leaned down and kissed me. I tried to move away, but it didn't work, his grip on me was too hard. He then kept kissing me, finally he got ontop of me. I screamed, I cried, I scratched, nothing seemed to work, nothing was getting him off of me. I cried, and cried, he didn't seem to care he was hurting me. 

Minutes passed, and tears still were rolling down my face. He tied me to the bed, and fell asleep next to me. His arm over my waist. I cried, I couldn't sleep. I was hurt, scarred, and scared. I just wanted to be home, I no longer wanted any part of the internet, I no longer wished I opened that door. I no longer wished that I would have answered that man's message letting him know that I was home alone. I messed up so many times in my life, and putting my life on the internet, was the biggest mistake I could have ever made.

I weeped and weeped till I seen sunlight seep through the window, and I realized it was moring. I was not tired, but I was still in pain. I wanted to cry, but it was like my tear ducts were empty. The man rolled over and looked at me with a smile, and a gentle kiss on the cheek. He acted so caring, yet I could see the amount of hate he seemed to actually hold for me in his eyes. That scared me even more about him. I thought at first he cared about me, which was weird, but now I can sense and see the hate, which was scary.

*************************************************************************************************I finally was able to fall asleep. I had a new plan. A plan to kill her. She was an annoyance I should have never picked up. I thought she was perfect, until I realized she was never love me. She is just scared of me. She didn't want me the way I wanted her, and if I let her go, then she would tell, and I would be in prison, I was not going to prison. 

I kissed her check and stared into her eyes. I could see how scared she was. I grabbed her arm and pulled her down into my basement. This is where Taylor McBee would die. I tied her up against a pole in my basement. And I grabbed a chainsaw, the only actual weapon I considered would be acceptable to kill her with. A gun, no that would have been too easy, A knife, slow but less blood splatter as a chainsaw. I thought my weapon choice was perfect. I could her was crying once again, but they were more mouth sobs, since no tears came out of her perfect sea blue eyes. I walked over and turned the chainsaw on, I first cut her neck open, and let blood splatter all over me, the rush, the feel of the blood, made me smile the biggest one I have ever had. I then went for her stomach and so much blood poured out of there. I laughed as the feel of her warm blood hit me repeatedly. It felt amazing. I looked at her, and her dead body. Her beautiful soul was no longer with me, her eyes were dead, cold, and souless, her body now tore up, and I have never seen such a beautiful piece of art. 

****************************************************************************He dragged me out of the bed, and started pulling me down stairs. We ended up in what I think was his basement. He tied me against a pole, and he walked over to a table where a chainsaw layed. I felt a nervous and a deadly feeling hit the bottom of my gut. I knew I was going to die today. I knew it. I started crying. Well not really crying, no tears came out of my eyes, and the only way you could tell I was trying to cry, was the sobbing coming from my mouth. I could see him coming closer with the chainsaw, and I knew, I wasted my whole life on the internet. I barely gave actual people time. I never got to say I love you to my parents one last time, and my first time was with a manic, and it was unwanted. 

The chainsaw first cut my throat, and the last thing I could see, was the man in front of me, with my blood all over him, smiling wickly. I am Taylor McBee, I wasted my whole life on the internet, trying to become internet famous. I wanted so many followers and likes, and I never noticed the real world in front of me. I was addicted to the "fame" that was never actual fame. By my choice, and my actions on the internet, a man had tracked me down, raped, and murdered me. Only if I would have been more careful.   

Submitted: December 14, 2014

© Copyright 2021 chrissyisthename. All rights reserved.

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