Falling to Pieces

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"Nice to meet you, too."Remy lied again and tried to keep everything together. She was actually getting away with it too, they had no idea they were standing in front of a woman who was falling to pieces on the inside.

Based off the song "Lie A Little Better".by Lucy Hale :)

Submitted: August 24, 2014

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Submitted: August 24, 2014



  ~*~Falling to Pieces~*~

The crescent -shaped moon shined over the ocean, reflecting its light on the water and the breeze blew, a little bit too cool for the middle of summer if you asked her.

Remy pressed her bare feet into the cool sand and tried to concentrate on the squishy feeling on the bottom of her feet. She tried to concentrate on the beauty of the beach at night, anything instead of what she just saw a few moments ago -her ex - boyfriend Shawn walking through the party with a tall, beautiful woman.

Having mutual friends with your ex really sucks, especially when that mutual friend is having a birthday party and both of you are bound to be in the same place.

Remy tried her best to feel numb, but it was hard to ignore the harsh ache in her chest and the tears burning the back of her throat.

And it was also hard to ignore that the happy couple were making their way over in her direction.

Act like you're okay, Remy! Just lie and say you're fine, and make it as painless as possible! She thought to herself.

Swallowing over the lump in her throat, Remy forced a smile upon her heart -shaped face as Shawn's eyes met with hers.

It's only going to last a couple of seconds, just be cool.” She reminded herself.” Don’t let him see you're hurting!

"Remy!"Shawn said coming over to where she was standing. Any other guy would avoid their ex-girlfriend like the plague, but of course not hers. It wouldn’t be such a bad thing if she still weren’t madly in love with him.

His arms were pulling her into him and giving her tight squeeze, and she returned the gesture. Seriously, why can't he be just like any other ex that her friends have had? It's not fair.

"How are you?” he asked with a dimple -popping smile.

Remy did her best to give him the smile, that always lights up her dark green eyes.” I’m fine,” She lied through her white pearly teeth."You?"she asked.

Shawn ran his fingers through his floppy dark hair."Good."he stated.

They did the whole -that's good - awkward head nod and the woman in the gold colored summer dress shifted behind him.

Shawn looked back over his shoulder and then back at Remy, with a smile that made his full lips curl up at the corners and made his dark chocolate eyes sparkle. 

In one quick movement, he pulled the woman with a tight, clean bun on top of her head beside him.” I would like you to meet someone.” he said to Remy.

He kept a hold of the woman's hand and smiled up at her."Remy, this is my girlfriend, Julia. Julia, this is Remy, one of my good friends."

The ache in her chest grew at his words.

Julia pulled his hand away from his and held it out to Remy, who took and shook it.” Nice to meet you.” Julia said politely.

"Nice to meet you, too."Remy lied again and tried to keep everything together. She was actually getting away with it too, they had no idea they were standing in front of a woman who was falling to pieces on the inside.

Remy was able to act like everything was all fine and dandy until Shawn grabbed at Julia's waist and pulled her into him, and then she lost it.

The pain of her heart breaking overwhelmed her and tears stung in her eyes, making them glossy. One slipped down her cheek and she tried to wipe it away before anyone caught it, but of course with her luck, Shawn did.

"Hey, are you okay?” he asked pulling his arm away from his girlfriend's waste and moving closer to the girl he used to love.

Remy turned towards the ocean, wiping away another tear that escaped. Turning around, she forced a smile."Yeah, I’m fine, just summer allergies,” she said brushing her fingers through her long dark hair.” I think I'm going to go get a drink."

"It was so nice to meet you, Julia,"she said politely as she could.” It was nice to see you again, Shawn,” She patted his arm as she passed.” See you later.”

She was planning on leaving, but with it being Rachel's birthday party, she knew she couldn’t. Rachel would be devastated if she left this early.

So, Remy poured herself some strawberry wine cooler into a plastic cup and headed to the area where people were dancing.

Swaying to the beat of a country song, she tried her best to forget about Shawn and Julia. She tried to forget that he had moved on, she tried to forget that the man she was still crazy about was crazy about someone else.

And it stung like hell.

Who cared if they broke up? Who cared if they decided they weren't right for each other?. She was in love with him. With everything inside of her, she wanted to be with him.

She wants him to be hers and her to be his. And it makes her so damn angry that it'll never be like that again. She should have fought harder when he was walking away that day.

By the time, the radio switched to song number five, Remy had already downed five wine coolers.

She went from feeling like she was falling to pieces to warm and tingly as the alcohol set to finally feeling numb.

And she was enjoying it.

Until the radio switched to a slow song and Shawn pulled Julia out in the sand, right beside her.

Pulling her tall body into his, Shawn looked straight into her eyes, like no one else was in the world.

So much for the alcohol making her feel better.

It felt like he was trying to torture her on purpose.

Starting to feel the ache in her chest and tears burning in the back of her eyes, she knew she had to leave. She couldn’t stand to be here anymore.

Throwing her cup down in the sand, Remy marched over to where her purse and keys sat.

Gathering them up in her arms, she left without saying goodbye.
Remy started up the car and the engine came to life. She tore out of the parking lot and onto the road.

Her vision was blurry and she knew she shouldn't be driving, but she only lived a few minutes away and the only thing she wanted was her comforting bed.

With her mind fuzzy, leaving her feeling like it was a dream, she continued towards her house.

She wished that this was all a dream, but knew with pain drumming down on her, that it wasn’t. That it was real.

Wishing she didn't let him go, and kicking herself that she actually did, Remy pushed down on the gas pedal. She was speeding, but she didn't care. She didn't really have any common sense at the moment to stop. All she could think about was getting the hell away from there.

The car sped around a bend and bright headlights met her eyes. Quickly realizing, she was on the wrong side of the road, she turned the steering wheel sharply to miss the car. She did, but unable to push on the brake fast enough, she soon felt the impact of crashing into a telephone poll.

Her body slammed back and then forth, hitting her forehead off the steering wheel. Blood poured out onto her skin and down her face before she blacked out.


Opening her eyes, she was met with bright lights from above and closed them again.

A moment later, Remy tried again and this time she was met with a figure. Trying to get her barring together, she blinked, hoping that she could see clearly.

"Remy."A voice said lingering over her.

It took a moment for the voice to register."Shawn?"she questioned.

Blinking again, she could now see clearly to see that she was right and noted that her head felt like it was going to explode at any second.

"How are you feeling?” he asked. At the sound of his voice, her head pounded.

Remy's hand flew to her forehead."Okay, my head hurts.” she cringed at her own voice.

Sitting up slowly, she realized where she was. The hospital.” What happened?" she asked confused.

Shawn ran a hand through his hair.” Your car crashed into a telephone poll.” he frowned.

Twirling a finger in her dark hair, she questioned.” I did?"

He shook his head while plopping down in a chair in the corner,"Yeah."

Sitting there confused in the bed, she tried to figure out how this happened. With her mind foggy, she tried to put the pieces together. Then it hit her all at once.

The party, Shawn and his new girlfriend, wine coolers, and then she tried to drive home.

Throwing her head back against the soft pillow, she looked up at the ceiling, only to find the light made her head hurt.” Was anybody else hurt?” she said panic pulsing through her body.

Her hands were shaking, tears were stinging in her eyes."No, it was just you.” he frowned.

Remy covered her face with her hands and broke down."Oh my Lord,” she said.” I could have hurt someone else.” She brought her hands up to her forehead, running her fingers over her bandage that was covering her golf-ball size bump.

Repeating herself over and over again, Shawn got up and gently placed his hands on her arms to calm her down."Remy, it’s okay, it’s not your fault you ran into a telephone poll.” he said.

Through her tears, she said, "Yes it was, I was drunk."

Shawn backed away until he hit a wall."What?"he asked shocked.” I thought you were dead when I found you Remy, do you know what I felt when I thought that?"He ran his fingers through his hair.” WHAT IN THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?” he screamed.

" I WASN’T,” she yelled back and her voice echoed off the walls.” THE ONLY THING I WAS THINKING ABOUT WAS GETTING AWAY FROM YOU AND YOUR NEW GIRLFRIEND."

He looked at her confused and was about to ask more when she stepped in. Sighing heavily, she was ready to let the truth spill out. "Shawn, ever since we broke up, I tried to convince myself I was over you and I started to believe myself,” she said.” Until, tonight when I saw you with Julia and realized I was lying to myself the entire time."

Shawn let out a soft laugh.” I knew that tear I saw wasn't summer allergies,” he said.” You know, you have always sucked at lying."

Remy laughed.” I know, I guess I should have learned to do it a little better."

They shared a laugh and then all of a sudden Shawn was leaning over the bed, pressing his lips against hers.

He smiled when the kiss broke.” I’m not over you, either."

"What about, Julia?"Remy asked shocked.

"See, I’ve been lying to myself too. And when Julia saw the way I was looking at you when you were leaving, she broke up with me."

"And is that how you found me?” she asked.” Running after me seconds after her breaking up with you?"

Shawn laughed."Yes,"He looked into her eyes, like she always dreamed he would again.” I love you Remy, I have never stopped."

Remy smiled. “I love you, too."

Shawn reached down, gently touching his forehead with hers." And I'm never letting you go again.” she stated.

He glided his fingers along her cheek before gently pressing his lips against hers.

And all the pieces that were falling inside of her early that night was now coming back together.


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