My Number One (Him)

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This poem that I wrote is about a girl who has lost all hope in life. She is always on the edge of break downs and falling apart. The poor gal is mentally harmed. There is only one thing in the world that gives her the strength to keep going.... that would be her brother. Her brother is there for her and believes that she can make it.

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012



I am spinning in circles. I have nowhere to go. All life is doing is dragging' me to hell.

I have so many troubles, I just wanna yell.

Being swallowed by the dark cave that I'm living in is killing me inside and out.

I am waiting to see the light, but I don't think its ever going to burn bright.

There are monsters that haunt me in this cave. If I'm not careful, then they'll drag me down.

My life is worthless. I want to get out of here, because I have so many fears. I am crying on the inside.

Even when I'm happy I still cry billions of tears. If I were happy, I know that it would only last a moment.

There is one person in this cave, just one, who helps me with my fears and tears. I am here for him.

He may not be with me all the time, but he makes me happy. He is the best thing that I have .

He is not a boyfriend nor a friend, but he is something more.... he is the best brother and the only brother I've got.

He is and will remain mine throughout time. The only reason I rise above and push through is because he believes in me,

and I some what do to. He is everything I wish for when I am stuck or alone. When I am sad, I think of him and then move on.

So he will always be my Number One. My brother from my mother and my mother's only son. 

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