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My poem was written today

I think I make a clear point with no concrete answer

It is quite easy to read and understand

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011



Black and White

Sun is life

It lights the colors of the earth

By the sea the sun is vital, only true blue can be perceived

In front of me stands your face, by the powdered shoreline


You with your summer shades

In them I don´t see you but me, myself reflection

Oh, those summer shades are generous not so self conceived

I see my black tangled hair shaped by the winds direction

I see my glowing skin yellow as your sunglasses

I see more beauty than in my water reflection


As the sun declines into the horizon and your sunglasses are a new garment in your hair

I see my reflection no longer but my inner self is still there

In the darkness everything seems to rest except my mind


My mind stays awake

Diverting between thoughts of reality and fantasy

I get scared and curious at the same time

Slowly my body rests

My thoughts become dreams

My dreams disguise my deepest thoughts that as I wake, I never recall


Is this preposterous? Or is it that black and white don´t exist.

Light needs dark and dark needs light

As something seems so different it is still so alike

Easiness, difficulty,sanity, insanity, women,men how can one function without the other?

So we remain dead or alive in this planet, doubting should there be a line between black and white...









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