Dad's Gift

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It's a story about a father who can't afford anything his child desires, but loves her to death. So, it's all about the decision he takes, to fulfill his daughter's wish

Submitted: July 10, 2013

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Submitted: July 10, 2013




Dad's Gift
When I was 7, I asked my dad for a chocolate on birthday, and he said that he can't afford that, and bought be a small candy. The only thing my dad does all the time is - painting. For some hilarious reasons, he's been painting the same picture over and over again, since ages.

Again, when I was 13, I asked him for this very beautiful and colorful scarf, that I've noticed on a mannequin, in a big shopping mall, on my way back home from school. But, my dad said that he can't afford that as well, and bought me a hair-band.

Later, I came to a point when I was totally disappointed and vexed with him, and thought I would never ask him anything ever again. So, to keep my mind occupied, I started to spend most of the time watching TV. And I would watch the same show without missing any repeats, because of my favorite and famous guitarist. Whenever I see him, a blush crosses my face instantly. So, I thought that's the best way to keep myself busy..

But, when I was 17,  I thought, I would ask him  one last time.

So, I told him that I would need a diamond ring for my 18th birthday, which was a month away.. To my utter disappointment, he gave me the same answer again, and also told me that he bought me a round bowl kind of an aquarium, so that I can have a gold fish as my pet.

I lost my temper when I heard that and tore off most of his paintings. My dad was upset with my behaviour and walked away from home, and I thought he would come back by evening, but he never showed up for days together.

Finally, when it was my 18th birthday, somebody knocked the door, and I was very happy to see my dad again. He looked tired and drained off. I went and hugged him and there was a gift in his hand, and it was the same old aquarium wrapped.

After he handed over me the gift, he fell on the floor and lost his conscious. I called my family doctor immediately, and told him all about it. I was crying my eyes out, and an ambulance came to my place and we took him to the hospital.

After he was given some treatment,  doctors said that one of his kidney is missing. While I was still astonished, and upset with my dad for his decision, the doctor said that he needs some medical attention and treatment, but that would cost about $1000.

I couldn't afford that amount, and I went to all my acquaintances and friends to borrow money, but no luck. I was totally sick of everything.

So, I came back home to see if there's anything I can sell for money, but could hardly find anything. I went to his room and was astonished to see his paintings, because all of them were my pictures only. He was trying to do it over and over again so that he could do better, the next time. I sat down on a couch, putting my hands across my forehead. After a few minutes, I saw the gift he bought for me, and I unwrapped it, and found that aquarium, but there was something else inside.

I found three things - 1) The chocolate I asked for, when I was 7,, 2) The scarf I was found of, when I was 13, and 3 ) The diamond ring I desired for. I was amused and then I could understand why he had to donate his kidney. When tears were streaming down my face, somebody knocked the door, and when I attended, there was some scary person at the door. I literally had goose bumps because of his unpleasant face.

I asked him for the reason for his visit, and he said he can lend me money in exchange of something. I took a deep breath, because my hopes raised up instantly. I thanked him and said he could have anything in exchange. He took a stroll all over my house, and found nothing worth, but the diamond ring. I was sentimental about it since it was my dad's gift, but I didn't had another option than to give it to him.

I ran to the doctor, but he said it was too late. I feel on my knees and wept bitterly. After sometime, I came back to this evil man to return his money, so that I could have my dad's last gift atleast. But, he said he needs nothing, but my hand in marriage, in order for me to have the ring back. Initially, I was denied, because he looked like a beast in a human form.

Later, I thought that, the ring was too precious, not because of its own value, but because my dad traded his life for it, so that I could have it. So, I took a deep breath & closed eyes and stretched my hand forward for him to put the ring on my finger, in order for him to marry me. Ironically, he held my hand, and pressed his other hand against my eyes, and held me close to him. He then took me somewhere, but continued to keep my eyes closed with his hand.

After sometime, he drew his hand back, and I realized that I was in a hospital, and I was surprised to see my dad on a wheel chair, seemed to me recovering. I ran to him, hugged him tight, and apologized to him. Then, I noticed that gift on the table, that was beside my dad. I realized that, the beast kind of a person would have brought it along with us, while coming.

When I unwrapped, and there were only 2 things in that –

The chocolate and the scarf. Immediately, the doctor came and told me that, that beast kind of a person was the one who paid the money on time, for the treatment. When I looked around, he wasn't there, but was at distance as he was leaving already. I dropped everything and ran towards him.

Nothing surprised me more than this, when he turned around and took his mask off his face. It was none other than my favourite guitarist, and I swear he was so handsome. He got down on his knees, and proposed me with the same ring. It was like my dream that came true, and my eyes were filled with joyful tears. But, this time I turned my face towards my dad to seek his permission, and he nodded his head as a sign of approval, with a wide smile.

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