Don't forget to wake up; yeah, it's all that...and just a little Jazz

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more life...

Yeah it's all that.

and Just a little Jazz.

You wear your masks.

Party all night, I know how you make your rounds.


But for now, just take a little breath.

Don't try to make a sound.

Hold on to what you got.

Don't forget to wake up.


The more you shout.

Don't break out.

Our voices are the only sound.

Let it live, let it be, we're all alright.


Yeah, It's all that; and just a little Jazz.

Don't forget to wake up.

Gimme a kiss goodnight.

Let the reggae take us on flight.


We ain't late, we got all day.

Yeah, all the love and holdin hands.

Baby we got all day.

Lets make our rounds.

Pop some champagne.

Lets live for today.


Baby...lets just cut away

Leave the world to detonate.

We ain't late.

Yeah all the love an holdin hands.

Yeah, it's all that; and just a little Jazz.



Baby, we got all day.

All day.

Christian Antonious

Submitted: October 12, 2010

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