The "New" Arrivals

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Five of Lee's children drink a potion that turns them into babies. Now Lee has to take care of them while looking for a way to turn them back to normal.

Submitted: January 29, 2014

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Submitted: January 29, 2014



The “New” Arrivals

“Hey guys, have you seen Danny?” Lee asked. “He is in the backyard fighting Harold.” Gregory said.
Indeed, they were fighting with gloves. “Well, when he comes in, tell him-” Suddenly, Lee heard something break. “What was that!?”
He went into the kitchen, and there were five babies there. “Oh…my…goodness…” Lee said. “Daddy, I want a toy.” one of them said.
“Alright, who left a baby potion in the refrigerator!?” Lee angrily asked. “Sorry. I was using it to work on something.” Harold said. “Well, thanks a lot, Harold! Now we have five babies to take care of!!” “Lee, I’m sure they won’t be babies forever. Harold’s potions don’t last long.” Jill said.
“Well he’d better hope so, because I do not want to take care of babies for the rest of my life! I do that enough with Sarah!”
Later on in the day, the babies messed up the walls by drawing on them. When Lee woke up, he couldn’t believe his eyes. There was crayon everywhere.
“Oh…my…goodness…” Lee couldn’t say another word. “All right! That is it! I’m killing those brats!” “Wait! Lee!” Jill tried to stop him, but it was too late.
He went to the babies’ room, and tried to kill them, but they reverted to their adult selves. “Hey guys! Harold turned you all into babies!” Lee said.
“What!? Where is he!?” Sarah asked. “In the basement looking for his wallet!”
The gang went to Harold, ready to finish him off. “Err…Guys? We can talk about this.” Harold pleaded, but the gang just got into their fighting stances. “Or not!”
They beat him every which way, making him end up in the hospital.
Lee and Sarah were there with Harold. Sarah got her fighting gloves on, and prepared to punch him again. “Oh no!” Harold said.
“Die, you poor excuse for a human!” Sarah said as she punched him, knocking him out again.

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