Variations on Unjust Times

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Historical Fiction  |  House: Stories by Christian Filostrat

The United States romances Mobutu Sese Seko and gives him everything. He finds happiness in what he always calls the defining relationship of his life - until the Soviet Union relegates itself to the past and Washington’s affection turns to indifference followed by disapproval.

This is the story of what he does to survive.

An international political tale, Variations on Unjust Times explores the lives of people in several countries struggling to survive webs of crumbling castles and intrigues, as they entangle themselves in their own limitations, history, yearnings and what friends and foes have in store for them.

Table of Contents

Mokonzi na Bakonzi (Chief of Chiefs)

The US State Department is looking for ways to tell the dictator he is no longer needed.
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The Sly Solution

The US State Department has difficulty telling the dictator he's no longer needed. After a long while debating how to tell him, they pick a crafty method to make sure he gets it.
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A Monday meeting like any other

The U.S. State Department puts its seal of approval on the manner it tells the dictator that he's history.
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Ambassador Molu Sakeseba

Ambassador Molu Sakeseba, the dictator's handyman in Washington is warned that the United States' rejection of the dictator will cause his downfall. He, however, is unconvinced.
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