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Hello! I’m Christian Taylor and this is “Booksie Life Stories.” Tonight, I am interviewing Darkism; since his debut in June of 2010, this poet from Slovakia has created a number of memorable works from “Kind Pride (Mask)”, “Scream Out Loud”, “When I’m With You”, “Love Emotions”, and countless others. Tonight, we’re going look into the life of Darkism and quite frankly, this is the most in-depth interview I have had by far in this series. Here’s Darkism on “Booksie Life Stories.”

Submitted: December 25, 2012

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Submitted: December 25, 2012



Hello! I’m Christian Taylor and this is “Booksie Life Stories.”  Tonight, I am interviewing Darkism; since his debut in June of 2010, this poet from Slovakia has created a number of memorable works from “Kind Pride (Mask)”, “Scream Out Loud”, “When I’m With You”, “Love Emotions”, and countless others. We’re going look into the life of Darkism and quite frankly, this is the most in-depth interview I have had by far in this series.  Here’s Darkism on “Booksie Life Stories.”


Christian Taylor: Over the last couple years, you've developed a fan base on Booksie from your poetry...why do you think people love your work?

Darkism: For the start I would like to thank you that you decided for having me as your guest. Well I think, that my poems are very emotional and that can bring the best out of the reader.  Yes, there are also some different types of poems, such as, Love, drama, comedy, but most of them are dark themed.

CT: Is that where the name Darkism comes from?

Darkism: Partly yes, but I choose Darkism, for the reason of the era, like the dark times, but in the sense of dark poetry.

CT: As you know, I've been a fan of your work for a couple years now and a lot of your poems do exhibit 'dark themes'. Where does one find inspiration to write poetry like that?

Darkism: Good question!  I think that in the past of my life, there were some up and downs, as with all of us in life.  I remember when I was in high school and on, I didn’t socialize with a bunch of people.  Sure, I had couple of friends, but I wasn’t as open as some of the other kids.  So in my spare time, I was going through the internet and there I found Booksie; or rather Booksie found me.  With that, together we complete each other; I feel relief when I put my thoughts and my struggles on paper.

CT: Poetry seems to be used as an outlet for many poets to get their feelings out there and express themselves in a way that is difficult to do otherwise. In my case, I started writing poetry because of my parents’ divorce.  Is there a specific moment or event that made you want to write a poem?

Darkism: Yes, there are many occasions that I wanted to write.  Normally, I’m not an opened person, but rather only opened around the people I know. But I want to share my life and my story’s to the people that I don’t know so together we can see all the poets and the masterpiece we together create.

CT: Very true...it’s funny you say that. I remember the first time I started communicating with you on Booksie. I remember that you wouldn't respond back to my comments unless it was directly about your poetry. It took a while before you would respond back to my comments...was that because you weren't an open person? Just didn't like talking to strangers so much?

Darkism: Mostly because I wasn’t so open and I didn’t know how to communicate with a healthy sense of humor.

CT: I want to go back and talk about your work...is there any poem that you've published that has a significant meaning to you? Or is your personal favorite?

Darkism: Yes, some of the poems are closer to me than others, for example I like “Love Tomb”, “A Prisoner”, and “When I’m With You.”  However, most of all, I like “When I’m With You”, because I wrote it, when I was in love with some girl, but sadly she had a boyfriend at that time. (laughter). 

CT: I can image that it must have been heartbreaking...

Darkism: Yes, but you move on, as everything else in life. When u stumble upon the wall, you try to overcome it.

CT: That's the way to go! It’s like the quote, 'fall seven times, stand up eight.' Is it easier to write poetry when you’re feeling down? Or it easier whenever?

Darkism: For me personally, it’s better when I’m feeling down, because there is a reason to pull back up, the reason to fight, the reason to prove yourself and others; on what can you do or can’t.

CT: I obviously can't speak for everyone, but I believe that when a writer is depressed or sad...it seems that they come up with their best poems. Do you believe that's true?

Darkism: Of course, I think that the poet deep inside him, he knows that he’s victorious in his words, even though it seems that he’s defeated.  He again shows with his talent, determination that we will not give up, and that goes in everyday life by showing people that you can, although others say it in different ways.

CT: I agree...I agree. Besides poetry, what other interests do you have?

Darkism:  I like to play all kinds of sports, from basketball to table tennis. I also like drawing and computers in general.

CT: An athlete, an artist, and computer wiz...do you consider yourself a triple threat? Haha.

Darkism: Hehe, not really, I consider myself normal person as anyone else.

CT:  What does your family think about you writing poetry? Are they supportive?

Darkism: Well, my family doesn’t know that I’m writing poems.  Yes, they know that I spend some of my time writing stuff, but normally when my dad asks me,’ what I’m writing?’, I tell him nothing because first off, he doesn’t understand English, and I hate translating everything.  Secondly, I keep my work for myself.  Sure there is a day that I’d like to share it with some of my friends, but not all of them. And normally my family is very supportive on everything I do.

CT: That's good to have a family that supports you...that's always a good thing. Do you have any siblings?

Darkism: I have a brother, he’s 5 min older than me, we are twins, but not very similar in looks. Hehe.

CT:  I bet difference in interests too, right?

Darkism: Well depends on what, we both like to play video games, but yes, they are some differences in hobbies, interests, etc.

CT: What do you hope to accomplish in 5 years with your poetry?

Darkism: Uhhh…that’s long time.  Lol.  Well, I don’t have any big goals in the future; all I would like is maybe that readers would continue to enjoy my work, as they do now.

CT: On Booksie, are there any poets/writers that you aspire to be or they inspire you as a poet?

Darkism: Sure, there are some poems/poets that are very good and they inspire me as well.  For example I like PrinceEdward, mpspenguin, Lucy Sahara xoxoxo, and many more.  Of course, how can I forget you, Taylor.

CT: Haha...thank you! Finally, we're going to play a little game you really like to play. I give you 4 words and you write me a poem.

Here's your words... Live, Life, Love, Never



Live life like you never loved before,

From your dearest closest friends,

That you would do everything to keep them save,

Even if it kills you,

Don’t never let them go.


I don’t think its great piece, but I do like this game! Hehe.

CT: Darkism, it’s been a pleasure! Thank you and best of luck to ya!

Darkism: Thank you for having me, best of luck to you as well.



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