Running Mad

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
Explains the life of Jeremy and his struggle with deciding which girl he wants to be with.

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



Jeremy looked very happy. But most people dont see what Jeremy sees, they dont hear what Jeremy hears, and dont experience what Jeremy does. He liked this young beautiful girl named Karina. She had lightish red hair, pretty blue eyes, beautiful skin and a cutethin body, and to make Jeremy like her more, she was very nice to him. They were best friends and could tell each other anything.Jeremyhad many great memories of him andher hanging out. Jeremy thought about her in a dream like state, he thought about how him and Karina had to stay after school to take a test that they missed because they got detention. They got detention for talking to each other in class, Jeremy laghed while thinking about this and snapped back into his memory state. He thought about how when they were done taking the test they walked to a nearby circle k, they got some soft serve ice cream and sat on little curb by the street. Karina playfully put ice cream on Jeremy's nose and he also being playful pretended to try and wipe the icre cream off his nose, onto her black shirt. After that memory, his mind drifted into another memory about him and Karina. his first kiss, he was so happy about this memory, partially because it had happened less than 1 hour ago. Him and Karina were hanging out after school in a park, and Karina just wanted to talk. She talked about how she used to like this guy named RJ and now he is mean to her. Jeremy remembered comforting her when she cried, hugging her, supporting her and being a good friend. When her mom pulled up, he smiled and waved and when he was about to say goodbye Karina kissed his cheek, his stomach did a back flip, he felt so happy but he didnt want to seem like a loser so he held it in. Karina told Jeremy how grateful she is to have a friend like him and how much he means to her.After that memory came another, the memory of him and Karina in junior high, they were inearth sceince class together andwhen the teacher allowed it, Jeremy and Karina were always lab partners. They laughed and joked and messed up theirscience experiments together.Then jeremy snaps back to reality when his alarm goes off, telling him to go to worl. After work, Jeremy sat on his silky, cold redbed and opened up his laptop and logged on Facebook. He looked up at his dresser and sawtheanimal themed picture frame and inthe center was a picture of him and Karina smilingby the lion cage, this was his favorite picture.After sifting through thewhiny girls and crybaby guys complaining that they are bored he saw a post from Karina. it said"Karina is now in a relationship with RJ". Jeremy froze for 15 seconds then his eyes teared up, he stood up and slammed his laptop closed and punched his picture frame of him and karina at the zoo. Jeremy was so furious and sad that he walked out of his room, past the living room that was inhabited by his parents and out the front door. He clenched his fists as tight as he could and ran. he just ran. No destination in mind, he ran as hard and fast as his legs would take him. He felt the warm blood coming from the cuts on his knuckles but he didnt stop. He kept running till he passed circle k where him andKarina got ice cream, past the juinor high where they were in science class together, and finally past the park where he had his first kiss, with his best friend Karina, Jeremy wished it was on the lips but it was a mere peck on the cheek, but at the time he was grateful. Jeremy went to the exact spot, on the bench, under the tree and sat for hours. He knew his parents wouldnt be worried or looking for him so he sat, weeping into his hands, that were now soaked with tears and blood. He found it very difficult to swallow and it felt as if his heart had litterally hurt, like this kid named RJ reached in his chest, out from Karina's Facebook post, into his chest and squeezed his heart like a stress ball. Jeremy took off his long sleeved shirt and tied one end to a sturdy tree limb and then stood up on the arm of the bench. Jeremy thought about what was good in his life, the one thing he thought about over3 hours was one person. Karina. so he wrapped the other sleeve around his neck and made a knot, then he started crying hard and stepped off the arm of the bench. His vision started getting really black and he no longer felt the warm blood on his hand nor the coolair on his disrobed torso.

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