5 Minutes

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A man's last 5 minutes of life. What would you think in your very last moments of life?

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



My clock is going to run out, how strange this feeling.

I have 5 minutes left to live and im just sitting on a grassy hill watching the sky. I wonder if I have done everything, but could I really do everything anyways. What if im not satisfied? Theres nothing to say if I’m truly not. My friend sits comforting me assuring me ive lived a good life, wasting her own precious time. Maybe that’s a good measure, I like it. I have someone who cares enough to be with me at the end comforting me, I must have meant something to someone.

Im going to die in 4 minutes. Did I even live? I get that dreadful feeling like I stayed up all night studying the wrong material. What if ive done everything wrong? I remember how terrible I felt but now it makes me feel like laughing, after all there is no consequence. My friend is so beautiful in this moment. why did I never tell her that? I could kiss her right now and it wouldn’t matter. But then my last moments wouldn’t be my own they would be ours and that’s not right because this was my life I made the decisions that brought me to this point.

3 minutes till my certain death. I thank God for the journey. There wouldn’t have been highs without the lows. Silly this introspection now is. It doesn’t matter if ive wasted my time even my last seconds that would be ok. It’s justified. Because in that last second I will look at life and the world with love and feel its beauty for the first time. That’s something. That’s worth every bad decision every mistake.

I have 2 minutes left. My friend is holding me crying. I cant help but smile. How loved I am. How wonderful that last second will be. In these last minutes theres no feeling of guilt of all the people ive wronged all the anger ive felt is finally let go, how freeing. In these last minutes I really live. She wants me to say something. I say something. She laughs the only laugh ive ever heard. Im looking at the clouds and I cant help but wonder if heavens in there? Im going I can feel it in the deepest recesses of my mind and soul Im going to it, I just wander what its going to be like. I get excited like the moment before a first kiss with a girl who lights my heart.

1 minute till death. Im crying and I don’t really know why. The sky is so beautiful and I wonder how people don’t believe in God. Just look up. This is it. I look at my friend and tell her not to worry and I tell her how beautiful she is. She crys even more. I hold her face in my hand and kiss her. Bliss.

I stand up and begin to walk down the hill.10 seconds left. Im starting to breathe more quickly. I cant stop. 5 seconds. She crys out. 3 seconds. Im soaking everything in. 1 second. It’s a beautiful second.

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