Love Lost to Freedom

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Deep desires. Life. Love. Balance between love and one self. Everything. Words I should have said. Hopefully one day we will find each other again. You'll have to wait for awhile.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




something I do know.

I always have heard from people I have a big heart.

I don’t. I make myself feel this to fit in, but truly I don’t.

I feel absolutely nothing most of the time.  

I just broke up with my girlfriend. I should have been sad or feel something.


I think about being trapped. That’s what it was.

She had me in everyway. I couldn’t escape her grasp.

Trapped in comfort ability.

Hell dressed in heaven.

She was so incredible just everything only way for words to describe. Perfect fit in everyway.

So I pushed her away only logical.

MY attention and focus returns to my own life,

I love you Linds and I always will,

 For all the things I didn’t say I’m sorry. So sorry.

but I’m no good to anyone trapped.

I want to be free.

Bust through this social confines that hold me in place.

Go to school…get a job…marry…children…live close to home…


I am meant for more than ordinary. More than just for some people.

I don’t mean to say ordinary. I’m meant to do what’s in my heart.

And what society deems as an ordinary life isn’t in my heart.

I’ve seen the tragic conclusion of conformity.

I can’t have that for my life.

So I’ll move on.

Unleashed from some shackles that held my future down.

Biding my time

Till the day that my choices are all my own.

One day soon that will come.

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