A Short Story of Heartbreak

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
First heartbreak, i guess i just wanted to write it down and not bitch to my friends

Submitted: January 05, 2014

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Submitted: January 05, 2014



A Short Tale of Heartbreak – by Christian Reed


It was a cold January day.  Mother nature had recently painted my mountain town in a glossy white coat that made everything bright and polished.  From the houses and streetlights to the trees and small creeks that sprawled out through the city’s infrastructure.  It was indeed a snowy day.

It was a day I won’t soon forget because it was the day that I first felt heartbreak.  Bianca was her name. She was about 5’7” with big brown eyes that could see right to your soul and seductively long wavy brown hair.  She had the body of a goddess and a smile that could make even Walt Kowalski (Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino) smile. She was all I wanted and all I could imagine I would ever want.  I had a master plan that involved a huge risk and a grandiose movie-style romantic revelation but sometimes the chances you take don’t exactly pay out how you originally thought.

Rewind 10 months.  Bianca and I were in that celestial connected by the hip puppy love stage.  It didn’t matter what was going down, where we were going or where we ended up; all that mattered is that her hand was in mine and mine in hers.  That was the happiest time of my life up until this point.

Rewind another month.  We met at a party where I was sober to make sure that hooligans were kept in place and my shit wasn’t destroyed.  I was standing outside the swinging door that goes to my laundry room and this gorgeous girl comes up to me.  She says no words but starts dancing right there in front of me.  Thank god she didn’t say anything to me because I’m sure I would have sounded like a really nervous Popeye.  Naturally I started dancing with her.  Eventually things got physical and before long I got the genius idea to just back through the swinging laundry room door so we could be alone. 

Things were going great; I was sober and about to hook up with this absolutely beautiful girl, which NEVER happens to me.  At parties I’m either sober and awkward, standing in a circle of people I kind of know surrounded by other circles of people who kind of know each other, or completely drunk and making friends with everyone and their mother.  Anyways, she was on top of my dryer and I was slowly taking off her shirt to reveal the goods beneath the wrapper when she stopped me. She looked me straight in the soul with certain sincerity in her eyes, and said something that I will stick with me forever.

She said, “You can take me now, right here, right now in this dark laundry room and never see me ever again; or you can take my number, walk me home, and take me to dinner tomorrow and see where things take us”

Good God! This woman was bold! In retrospect I should have taken choice B but of course my horny, half undressed self chose choice A and took her to paradise right there on top of my dryer.

She was right, I didn’t see her again for a long time: Two weeks.

I bumped into her at a bookshop called The Tattered Cover in Denver.  We were both stunned and I, unfortunately, turned back into a fretful Popeye.  She clearly remembered my choice and our first words were so awkward it seemed like an eternity. Time eventually took its course, I made myself out to be a bumbling idiot (a charming bumbling idiot at that), and she laughed at me.  Things were going well.  I asked her out, she said no, I asked again, she said no again this time with utmost clarity, but then I asked a third time, just to some coffee as friends and that was it, and she said yes.  Wow that was a lot of commas in one sentence.

Any who, we went to coffee I won her heart and things were great.  Good laughs, good memories, good sex, she even learned how to roll good spliffs! (Yeah that’s right bruh my chick rolls spliffs son whatchu know about that? Nothing the only thing your girl rolls is your good times, nyiguh!)

Back to the matter at hand, fast-forward four months.  Bianca comes back from her classes to tell me that she got approved to study abroad in Australia! Great news we thought, this is going to be a great learning experience we thought.  Until one sad realization hit me when I was taking a shit the next day.  She’s going across the planet for six months. FUCK! Long-term relationships never work out the way that they’re planned to.  It either ends in one partner cheating on the other or the partners get sick of each other’s personalities just because they only text and face time!

So here’s where things get interesting.  I spent hours devising a plan that would not only save this relationship, but also allow Bianca to have a great time without worrying about me.  It goes like this:


Step 1:  Take her out to decent dinner (At the Cheesecake Factory or Applebee’s or something along those lines)

Step 2:  Make rude remarks to everyone you see including Bianca

Step 3:  Walk back to your place and come up with complete bullshit reasons to break up with her that aren’t even reasonable

Step 4:  Break up with her with poor explanations of why

Step 5 (If Necessary): Hang out with mutual friends without her knowing you’ll be there and then get it on.

Step 6:  Don’t talk to her while she is in Australia, not even liking pictures on Facebook

Step 7:  Wait 3 days after she comes back and ask her out to casual lunch

Step 8:  Pay for lunch and ice cream/coffee after

Step 9:  Hang out and drink at the bars as friends

Step 10: Perform a movie style, romantic proclamation of your feelings all along and explain your plan


Well as you can see this was a terrible idea but I thought I was a freaking genius. 

Dear lord those six months while she was away were miserable.  She was always on my mind. Every thought, every song lyric, every dream was on her.  Every time I woke up I would roll over and smell her side of the bed.  Every time I went to sleep I was the big spoon with my body pillow (poor substitute, I know). She was ALWAYS on my mind.

So, eventually, after six long months the time came for me to initiate Step 7 and it was going well! Can it be? Could I have really pulled off this master plan? Are things back to normal? Is our love rekindled? The answer is no and it went a little something like this.

She got back and was stoked to be going to lunch with me.  God damn was I excited for things to pop off.  We went to the Lazy Dog, had a few beers, had a few laughs and even shared a few moments of delightful silence.  When we were through, we walked out onto the mall and chatted about the old times - the good times and the bad.  We grabbed some coffee and sat down outside in the cold January air.  Snow was falling and she looked entirely gorgeous, her lovely hazel eyes staring right into my pale green ones, as if she was about to lean over and touch her lips to mine.  As if she was about to put her head on my shoulder and tell me how much she missed me and wanted to make plans together again.  Then I would proclaim my master plan and we would live happily ever after.

Cue vinyl scratch!

She looked right in the eyes and said that she was sorry that all of the feelings she had for me were long gone and she had a boyfriend in Australia.  She said they’re in love and are counting down the minutes until she moves back so they can start the life they dreamed about every night while they laid on the beach staring up at the stars.

Long term relationship huh? Why didn’t I think of that?

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