The Lost war

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The lost war, is a non fiction war story, based in the non fictional year 1111

Submitted: December 30, 2010

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Submitted: December 30, 2010



The Lost War.

intro. on the smuggy 9th of august 1111, the enemy germans were violently raiding england, we as the english people could not do anything, until one day everything changed forever....

chapter 1. the germans were patrolling england and any english people found would have been killed. the english people had no control. we the english were hiding, but the germans were coming closer and closer. the king had been killed, the goverment of england had been killed, but one person was still alive, prince the 3rd of england (olbas oleic the 3rd) but under shelter in a private location. england was crumbling before its own eyes. most building had been raided by german soldiers. other building were abanndoned and squatters had moved in... unitl the germans found them and killed them in a inhumaine way. as no shops were open or inhabitable food stocks were very low, familys were starving, and some family members had died of starvation of dehydration. while england was on its knees, olbas oleic was creating a plan to bring england back up and stop the germans in there tracks. olbas was a kind of peson that never gave up even if the germans killed every english soldier, olbas had a way towards winning every war germany coughed up. the most english soldiers had died or been killed, one day when germany was attacking fiercly and most english killed, a german soldier with blood dripping down this face shouted loudly \"Wir werden diesen Krieg gewinnen, und töten alle Englisch, und wenn wir diesen Krieg gewinnen dont, werden wir eine Atombombe fallen auf England!\" and then fell to the ground at once. at the time we did not know what he said because no individual wanted to speak german. many survivors were volenterring to be in the army, but as germans had been patrolling england, german soldiers killed all recruited. germans have no consience they will kill anybody that they saw, even babies. one brave englishman got into the german head quaters to seaze the germans plans, and was brutally killed onsight, this person was a friend to the english army and had a family of 6. everyone was too scared to sleep in case of a air raid , many died slowly of sleep decrivation.

chapter 2. While i was trying to survive on only dry bread and dogs flesh, while this happened my friend was brutaly killed by the germans, i was forced to surrender, a horse and cart rolled up to me, while the enemy on foot were pointing gun after gun at me. I shouted \"YOU WILL NEVER WIN THIS WAR YOU SCUM\" that is all i can remember, When i woke up i saw blood gushing down my upper leg, when i had came around i realised that i was a gonner, totally done for. i was lying on my back i tried to move i couldnt i didnt have enough strengh in my bones. friheghtuyner (the german leader) was on foot walking nearer and nearer towards me, i was shouting \"YOU WILL NEVER WIN YOU SWINE\", Then i felt my heart race, my stomach churned, i threw up on a germans shoes, then before i could blink he friheghtuyner himself, light a torch held it at me shouted in english \" DIE DIE DIE!!!!\" then when i though he was exagerating he threw a can at he knocking me out for a few hours, wen i came around, he poured petrol down my throat, then before i could shout \"NO\" the german swine threw the torch at me, i saw a light, in my last breath i said \" you.............. will......... never................. win...............\" I felt red hot burning sensation, i saw blood. short sad chapter 3. \"He died, his body was never found, it has been thought that the germans threw his body in the sea, never to be seen again.\" chapter 3. THE END OF THE WAR, LOST. I am my friend who died friends, tragic but life must MUST go on. Englands hopes to win the war are all is lost, the war is lost all english of will be deported and enslaved into germany, where we will all become slaves to the german scum. England is at its darkest hour, while atomic bomb strike is imminant. England will be no more, If any english people were hiding during the atomic strike, they would die in 2 seconds exactly, england would be wiped of the face of the earth. But since i was high up in the war office, but since i was fired, because of telling some of the jobs to my family. I still know what olbas was up to, I will tell you but since i only had a copy in french you will have to translate it your own way: Quand les Allemands sont prêts pour la grève sur l'Angleterre, nous mettrons nos espions dans l'action et lorsque le moment est venu de nous mettrons notre sabatours en action, ils vont tuer le chef allemand, qui va laisser les contrôleurs impuissants, puis nous mettrons plan abkillgerman dans l'action et définir les coordonnées de grève sur l'Allemagne, régler la minuterie pour 3 heures plus tard, puis lorsque le temps est écoulé nous ferons sauter l'Allemagne hors de l'eau. ENGLAND WILL SURVIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

chapter 4. Today i had a telegram from olbas, because I was still working at the war office, because they needed all the people that they could employ, the telegram said that olbas had put the secret operation into operation. in 4 hours time we would eather be slaves to germans, blown of the earth or killing the german leader. 3.30 hours later....... I was unexplainably scared, if we died i would never forgive myself for not joining the army and fighting for my country. the time now is 5 mins to zero time. I was bracing for the worst but no germans were in sight, zero time is upon us, It is now 3 minutes past zero time, I was recovering i shouted at the top of my voice \"WE WON!!!!!!!\" i ran towards the broken down crumbling high street and screamed out the wonderful message, the few surviving came out crawling from the wrecks, one old man with blood dripping down his face said \"how do you know?\" i explained carefully witout missing out any detail. soon after the old man shouted \"HEY WHATS THAT NOISE!!!!???\" soon after i witnessed the most terrible feeling down my spin, i had an idea what had happened...... chapter 5. the end. \"England was blown off the face of the earth, and he died, no survivors.\" \"England was rebuilt over time and now in 2010, england is an established country.\" I am the only one who lived to tell this story as i was only blown into the atlantic ocean, and swam to to surface. I lived in greenland for 39 years until england had been rebuilt because of the works of nature. Bless all english soldiers who lost there lives in war combat.


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