Chapter Four

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Logan and Felix must rescue Maria from trolls...

Submitted: August 05, 2014

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Submitted: August 05, 2014



Ext. Nikatachi River –Twilight-

Maria ran as fast as her legs could carry her, along with the money in her grasp. There was no doubt in her mind that Logan and his sidekick would be out searching for her. After all, it was only the money they wanted. Relief set in, the moment she spotted the river and the boat that was left lying on the ground. Quickly, she stuffed the loot in-between her cupped breasts and grabbed a hold of the wooden boat. And with all of her strength, Maria dragged it towards the river. No one was going to stop her now, not even Logan Danforth. By the time her foot touched the cool refreshing water, she exhaled a deep sigh of contentment. It was so good to have the boat back, as well as her family’s money.

A sudden noise in the brush startled her and immediately, she called out Logan’s name. Only, Logan never responded. Again, Maria called out Logan’s name, but there was still no answer. So she turned her attention back on the river and was about to hop into the boat, when two massive creatures stepped out from behind the bushes.

They had huge noses with warts all over them; and their hair was all mangled. They had two front tusks on the bottom jaw and a long bushy tail in the back. The minute Maria looked behind her, her mouth opened with shock. The one closest to her reached for her neck and rendered her unconscious, before she could scream. Maria’s body fell limp as the creature hoisted her over his shoulder, leaving the other to destroy the boat. As for Logan and Felix, they had witnessed everything and they were rather distressed about the damage done to the boat. Not only that, but Logan was concerned about Maria and her well-being.

Tonka: *curious* Ezar, what shall I'll do with her?

Ezar: You will do nothing to her, we will take her back to the cave and there we shall eat her.

Tonka: *hungry* But I'm hungry now...

Ezar: No, you will wait...

Tonka: *discouraged*

(Short Pause)

Ezar: *sniffing*

Tonka: *puzzled* What is it?

Ezar: We are not alone...

Tonka: What do you mean?

Ezar: We are being watched...

Tonka: Then we will kill them...

Ezar: No, not yet!

Tonka: *troubled*

(Short Pause)

Ezar: It seems we have something of theirs, so we will lure them to our cave.

Tonka: And kill them...

And with the princess in tow, Ezar and Tonka vanished out of sight. Meanwhile, Logan and Felix followed closely behind, which also gave them plenty of time to think of a plan.

Felix: *curious* So, what is the plan?

Logan: One of us will distract them, while the other sneaks in to save Maria.

Felix: And which one will do the distracting?

Logan: *grins*

Felix: *grunts*

Logan: Oh come on Felix, you'll be great!

(Short Pause)

Felix: *sighs* Why does this always happen to me?

Logan: Because you are the most clever human-fox I have ever met.

(Short Pause)

Felix: *smiles* I am pretty good aren't I?

Logan: *grins* And that is why you are going to do it.

Felix: So, how am I to distract them?

Logan: Bribe them with something...

Felix: Like what?

Logan: I don't know, think of something. Be creative.

(Short Pause)

Felix: Ok, and when we're done rescuing the princess, what then?

Logan: I will deal with her and you can guard the money.

Felix: Do you swear?

Logan: *grins* You have my word...

Felix: *relieved*

Int. Troll's Cave -Continuous-

Now awake, Maria screamed as loud as she could hoping the troll would release her from it's grasp. But Tonka kept her over his shoulder fiercely pinching the skin on her legs, while her upper chest began to throb. Instantly, Ezar turned his attention on his brother.

Ezar: Put her down, Tonka...

Tonka: *confused* But brother?

Ezar: I said, put her down...

Tonka: *obeys*

Tonka dropped the princess down on the cold hard floor of the cave, while Ezar chuckled with amusement. Meanwhile, Maria struggled to crawl away from her abductors, hoping to get as far from them as possible. Only, it made matters worse. Ezar inched towards the young princess, the minute he grabbed her dress he pulled her closer towards him. He then placed one hand on her inner thigh and the other hand in-between her breasts. Maria cried endlessly, wishing she were dead. It wasn't long, before Ezar discovered the large sack of money hidden inside her corset. Immediately, he yanked it out and tossed the money to the ground.

Ezar: Thought you could crawl away from us, did you?

Maria: *cries*

Ezar: *growls*

(Short Pause)

Maria: *sobs* Please, just let me go.

Ezar: And why would we do that?

Maria: *cries* Please...

Ezar: But you are worth something to us...

Tonka: You'll make a delicious meal...

Maria: *cries* No...

(Short Pause)

Ezar: *grins* Yes, a meal would do us great pleasure...

Maria: *sobs* No...

Ezar: Oh yes...

Maria: *cries*

(Short Pause)

Ezar: I could just gobble you up...

Tonka: *chuckles*

Maria: *disgusted*

And in slow motions, Ezar ran his wet tongue across Maria's chest and neck, yearning for her blood. Maria closed her eyes, imagining herself at home safe and sound with her mother and father. But that vision changed once she noticed their skeletal bodies. Then, all of her hope had vanished. Tears rolled heavily down her cheeks, as her body was being invaded by the most vilest creature she had ever met. The moment she heard a familiar voice at the entrance of the cave, relief set in. For it was Logan's friend, Felix. But where was Logan?

Felix: *calm* Hello, my name is Felix. May I have a word with one of you??

Ezar: *furious* Grab him Tonka!!

Tonka: *grins* Yes brother...

Maria: *worried* Felix run!!

Felix: *calm*

And in one quick leap, Tonka grabbed Felix by the neck and carried him over towards his brother. Ezar could already smell the sweet taste of fox blood. It had been a long time, since either of them had fox for dinner.

Ezar: *curious* So, which one of you will we be eating first?

Maria: *sobs*

Felix: *calm*

Tonka: *eager*

(Short Pause)

Felix: *raspy* I would like to make a proposition, if you don't mind?

Ezar: *intrigued* And what may that proposition be?

Felix: *raspy* If you release us, you can have all the humans you want.

Tonka: *confused*

Maria: *puzzled*

(Short Pause)

Ezar: *grins* I'm listening...

Felix: *raspy* My friend Logan spotted a group of Knights walking near the river and they are searching for the princess.

Maria: *confused*

Ezar: And how do we know your telling the truth?

Felix: *uncomfortable* Because I have something in my possession that might interest you...

Ezar: *curious* And what is that?

In that instant, Felix pulled out a woman's necklace from out of his pant pocket. Maria recognized it instantly. The necklace belonged to her mother, her mother had kept it safely hidden inside the cottage. The question was, how did Felix find it? At that moment, Maria had questions running constantly through her mind and she too wanted answers.

Felix: *raspy* This necklace belongs to the Queen. The Queen is there at the river, I am certain of it...

Ezar: *ponders*

Tonka: *impatient* Can I kill him now?

Ezar: *bellows* No...

Tonka: *discouraged*

Maria: *speechless*

(Long Pause)

Ezar: You know, I'm not as stupid as you think I am.

Felix: *confused*

Ezar: Your friend is still out there, why would I set any of you free?

Felix: *furious*

Maria: *worried*

Immediately, Ezar pulled the princess up off the ground and held her tightly within his grasp. Maria kicked as violently as she could, but it did not faze the creature. Ezar then faced Felix, who was still being choked by his brother, Tonka.

Ezar: If you are telling the truth, then I shall take the princess to the river and there I shall devour her, the Queen and the Knights. As for my brother, Tonka will stay here and devour you, I can't have your friend interfearing with our dinner now can I?

Felix: *distressed*

Maria: *sobs*

Ezar: Now doesn't that sound like a proposition to you?

Felix: *furious*

Ezar: *grins* I thought you would agree...

Carefully, Ezar carried the princess out of the cave and back towards the river. Meanwhile, Logan observed from the top of the cave, sensing that Felix's bribe didn't workout as planned. So, in order to save the princess, he would have to save Felix first. So, Logan climbed down and entered inside the cold cavern. Immediately, he sensed another troll choking Felix, so, Logan took out his pickaxe from out of his knapsack and charged. Instantly, Tonka reacted, releasing Felix from his grasp and using what strength he had to defend himself.

Logan swung his pickaxe with great force, but Tonka abruptly stopped his attack with his bare hands.

Meanwhile, Felix kept his distance, as well as helping Logan out with fighting the troll. Again Logan swung his weapon, only this time he left a deep cut on the monster's left leg. Tonka bellowed loudly in pain as he grabbed Logan and tossed him directly at the wall, luckily, Felix was brave enough to intervene for awhile. And it gave Logan the opportunity to regain his composure. Carefully, Felix grabbed his daggers from out of his boots and tried scarying the troll away.

Once Logan got back up on his feet again, Felix flashed him a quick look of concern; knowing that the princess was still in danger.

Felix: Logan, go save the princess...

Logan: *concerned* But what about you?

Felix: Don't worry about me, I got big and hairy taken care of...

Logan: *deeply sighs*

Tonka: You won't make it in time, he will have already devoured her; along with the other humans.

Felix: There are no other humans. I made that up.

Tonka: *furious* WHAT?!?!

Logan: *smiles*

And without hesitation, Logan ran out of the cave and headed straight towards the river. His sapphire marble began to glow brighter the faster he ran; which also gave him the ability to sense when an obstacle was in his way. Logan ran through several branches and jumped over several fallen trees. By the time he reached the river, he could hear Maria's cries and this immediately brought him reassurance. As for Maria; she was lying on the ground, moving frantically underneath her abductor.

Ezar: *growls* Lay still...

Maria: *cries* No, please don't...

Ezar: But I am starving and you look so very tasty...

Maria: *sobs*

Feeling hungry for blood, Ezar jabbed his sharp pointed nail into Maria's right leg and licked all of the blood he could consume. Maria screamed in agony as the pain surged through her leg. Surprisingly, Logan arrived in time to stop the creature from doing more serious damage. And with one quick swing of his pickaxe, he sent the troll flying several feet into the air. Quickly, Maria got up off the ground and hid behind Logan, as the troll came stomping back towards them.

Ezar: *furious* How dare you interrupt my dinner time?

Logan: Why don't you go cry me a river...

Ezar: *bellows* Give her back to me!

Logan: *upset* You will not touch her...

Ezar: *growls*

In that instant, Logan could feel Maria's touch as she placed the palm of her hands upon his back. And for this, it ignited a deep intimate feeling, a feeling he knew he could never allow.

Ezar: Then I shall kill you both!

Logan: Go ahead and try...

Ezar: *growls*

And just as Ezar was about to attack, Logan held out his necklace in front of him. Immediately, the troll backed away from it's glowing light. Maria's eyes widened with surprise as the necklace shined even brighter. There was something very powerful within Logan's necklace and she was rather curious to find out what.

Ezar: *terrified* Keep that thing away from me...

Logan: *smiles* Aww, are you scared of a little light?

Ezar: *growls* I said, keep it away from me...

Logan: Then you stay away from her...

Ezar: *furious*

Logan: *direct* Don't look at her, don't touch her and don't even think about her. If anyone is going to do anything to her, it's going to be me.

Maria: *speechless*

Ezar: *furious*

It wasn't long, before Felix and Tonka came running on through. Once Tonka spotted his brother Ezar, he immediately reunited with him. As for Felix, he remained by Logan's side and fully prepared for the next attack. But Ezar and Tonka weren't in any mood for a blood bath, instead they ran off. At that moment, Logan turned to face Maria who had appeared to be in a lot of pain. Deep down, Logan was furious with her, but at the same time he couldn't help, but feel vulnerable around her. Immediately, he grabbed her by her right arm and brought her closer to him. Maria softly quivered.

Logan: *upset* Why did you run from us, your highness?

Maria: *silent*

Logan: *overwhelmed* What were you thinking? You could've gotten yourself killed...

Maria: *stressed*

Logan: *direct* This is the second time I've saved your life...

(Short Pause)

Maria: *annoyed* Let go of me...

Logan: *calm* No...

(Short Pause)

Maria: *furious* I said, let go of me...

Logan: *firm* No!!

Maria: *snaps* Let go of me now!!

Logan: *direct* Not going to happen...

Maria: *huffs*

(Short Pause)

Logan: *curious* Where is the money, highness?

Maria: It's still in the cave, duh, where else would it be?

(Short Pause)

Felix: *interrupts* Umm no, it's not. I grabbed it on my way out, I found it lying on the floor of the cavern. I thought it wise to take it...

Maria: *enraged* You lie...

Felix: *sincere* I would never!!

Maria: Oh yeah, sure...

Felix: *rolls eyes*

(Long Pause)

Logan: *sincere* You're really hurting me, your highness...

Maria: *laughs* Yeah right...

Logan: *concerned* Why are you acting this way?

Maria: *defensive* In what way?

Logan: Your acting as though we are the bad guys...

Maria: *firm* Because you are...

Logan: Ok, now I think you are overreacting just a tad bit...

Maria: *furious* I am not overreacting!!

Logan: *sincere* Look, I'm just telling it like it is...

Maria: *upset* Whatever...

(Short Pause)

Logan: It seems you have suffered quite a lot these past few hours, you must be exhausted...

Maria: *defensive* I am not exhausted...

Logan: *calm* Alright, whatever you say...

Maria: *huffs*

Slowly, Logan pulled out what looked like a dirty cloth and examined it very carefully in his hands. Meanwhile, Maria couldn't help, but ponder deeply in thought.

Maria: *enraged* What now? Are you gonna cry?
Is that why you need that cloth, to dry your tears?
Well, let me tell you something, I'm not falling for it...

Suddenly, Logan placed the damp cloth over her mouth; Maria muffled a few words, before succumbing in Logan's arms. The moment her body went limp, he carried her back to the cottage. Meanwhile, Felix followed closely behind and staying fully alert of their surroundings.

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