Chapter One

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Princess Maria Marigold's life drastically changes when a demonic half/human spider invades her home.

Submitted: July 31, 2014

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Submitted: July 31, 2014



Int. Princess Maria’s Bedchamber –Night-

Maria stood gracefully by her bedroom window with a paintbrush held firmly secure in her right hand. Gently, she brushed it across the easel in irregular motions, keeping an eye fixed solely on the harvest moon. The moon alone left its magnificence in the very core of her already dilated pupils.

She was completely breath taken by its radiance.

A sudden knock on her bedroom door had left Princess Maria rather distracted, for it was only the maid who was ready to prepare an evening bath for her. And in a soft, yet refined voice, the Princess summoned the maid in. The moment the maid entered the room, her attention was focused directly on the moon.

Maid: Isn't it just beautiful, Princess?

Maria: Oh yes, yes it is...

Maid: I just love how it's glow fills up your room with such vibrancy. 

Maria: *smiles* Me too...

Maid: You know Princess, I just love the way you capture the moon in your painting. You add so much detail, so much life into it. You are very talented, I could never paint like you.

Maria: *blushes* Thank you Harriet! Your kind words give me such inspiration, perhaps you wouldn't mind if I painted a portrait of you sometime?

Maid: Oh milady, I would like that very much.

Maria: *smiles* Then I shall hold you to it...

(Maid Curtsies)

 Maid: You are too kind...

Maria: My dear Harriet, you've always been so good to me. I cannot thank you enough for all that you do. And as long as my father is not present, there is no need for you to bow. I assure you.

Maid: *concerned* But milady?

Maria: It's alright Harriet...

Maid: *sighs*

Maria: And I suppose you've come to prepare my bath for me?

Maid: Yes, Princess...

(Short Pause)

Maria: There is no need for you to tend to my every whim. I'm quite capable of taking care of myself, as Princess, I give you a weeks leave.

Maid: *concerned* But what about the King and Queen?
What will they say of my leave of absence?

Maria: Don't you worry about my mother and father, I'll take care of everything.

Maid: *unsure* I don't know about this...

Maria: It's going to be alright. It's not like I haven't been scolded before. And besides, it's not every day you take time off for yourself.

Maid: I suppose...

Maria: *smiles*

Princess Maria momentarily put her focus back on her painting; while Harriet stood and observed patiently from behind. Harriet admired everything about Maria. Not only did she admire the Princess's sense of creativity, but her unconditional love for others as well.

Maid: Well, at least let me get your bath ready for you. It's getting extremely late, you know? And you should already be in bed...

Maria: *smiles* Indeed I should...

Int. Princess Maria's Latrine -Continuous-

Lightly, Harriet turned on the faucet to the bathtub, while clogging the drain with a cork-like cover. And as the water gradually began to rise, Harriet took a moment to look through all sorts of different varieties of beaded fragrances.

Fragrances such as; vanilla, jasmine and passionflower. There were so many options to choose from and they all smelt divine. One by one, Harriet sniffed each perfume, before picking the best one out of the bunch. Much to her liking, she chose passionflower.

As she tore open the package, Harriet dumped it into the warm rising water. By the time the water reached it's highest peek, Harriet turned off the faucet and grabbed a hold of all of her belongings. Just as Harriet was about to leave Maria's personal latrine, a small strand of web caught her eye in the upper left corner on the wall.

Immediately, she placed her belongings down on the sink countertop and took a closer look at the web. The spider appeared to be a black widow, which made Harriet feel rather uneasy. Several times, Harriet tried shooing the creature into a hole in the wall, but the spider would not budge from it's web. The last thing Harriet wanted to do was alarm the Princess of such a tiny creature.

While Harriet continued doing what she could to scare the spider away, Princess Maria called out to the maid from her bedroom.

Maria: *curious* Harriet, are you still in there?

(Short Pause)

Maid: Yes milady, I will be out in a minute...

(Short Pause)

Maria: Oh ok, no worries. I'll be coming in there shortly for my bath. I just need to put away all of my art supplies.

Maid: Alright, take your time...


Assuming Princess Maria was busy putting away her things, Harriet grabbed her feather duster from out of her dress pocket and destroyed the web in one quick swipe. As for the spider, it had managed to escape into the hole in the wall.

Maid: *grins* Good riddance...

Feeling overly confident for scaring the spider away, Harriet then turned around to find herself staring into the eyes of a six eyed creature. It had eight legs, a huge hairy body the size of two horse carriages and saliva dripping down its fangs. It hissed hungrily at it's prey, longing to devour her. Harriet had managed to open her mouth, but no sound came out, she was completely frozen with fear.

And in one quick leap the creature attacked; jabbing it's stinger into Harriet's abdomen, releasing it's paralying venom. Foam began to trickle heavily out of her mouth, as the spider seized it's prey and cocooned her body in it's massive impenetrable web. Once the body was layered from head to foot, the enormous creature placed it's dinner on it's back to preserve it.

Meanwhile, the terrified Princess witnessed the entire thing. With her robe held firmly in one hand and her bath towel in the other, Maria's eyes widened with fear. Once the spider sensed her presence, he hissed hungrily at her. Immediately, Maria's eyes rolled back into her head and she swiftly collapsed to the ground. Steadily, the spider inched towards the unconscious Princess and prepared to cocoon her in its web.

That was until, Maria's bedroom door burst wide open and in ran the King and his Knights with their swords and their flamed torches held high. The spider hissed angrily at the tresspassers. Immediately, the King noticed his daughter lying motionless on the ground and the creature hovering ravenously over her. The King grew very concerned for his daughter's safety.

King: Kill it, kill the creature!!

Knight 1: You heard the King, lets kill it...

(Knights Holler in unison)

While the twelve Knights surrounded the ferocious beast, the King crawled on his hands and knees towards his daughter. Meanwhile, the spider hissed furiously at the Knights as they consistently poked it with their swords. Once the King was within his daughter's reach, he craddled Maria in his arms and lightly patted her left cheek. For he had hoped he could wake her. 

As the fight continued, one of the Knight's was brave enough to grab the spider by its leg and climb up to save the maid, who had apparently been ensnared by the web. But the spider heaved the Knight off its back; along with the maid who was still imprisoned. The other Knights continued poking it with their swords, they even tried using the fire from their torches to scare it away. But much to their dismay, the creature refused to back down.

Meanwhile, the King discreetly pulled his daughter out of her bedroom and out into the hallway, where her mother waited eagerly. The Queen sobbed in distress, as she got down on her knees and comforted her daughter in her arms. As for the King, he went back inside his daughter's room to help fight off the gigantic spider. Some of the Knights found themselves tangled up in the spider's web, but had managed to cut themselves free.

A Knight by the name of Gideon quietly snuck out of the Princess's bedroom; along with the maid's cocooned body. The Queen stared in horror as the Knight freed the young maid. Surprisingly, the maid was still alive and this immediately brought relief to the Queen. However, she was desperate for answers, so, the Queen turned her attention on the Knight.

Queen: *terrified* What in the world is that thing?

Gideon: It's name is Araenton, a demonic half-human spider searching for living beings to devour.

Queen: But what is it doing here in my castle?
And how did it get inside?

Gideon: We don't know how Araenton got inside the castle, but he's probably here to catch it's dinner. Araenton is an extremely intelligent demon, who completely caught us Knights off guard. When we informed you and the King of the monster's presence, we knew Princess Maria was in danger. Araenton will more than likely come after the Princess again. Once he has smelled her fear, he won't stop until he has her...

Queen: *distressed* No...

(Short Pause)

Maria: *faint* Mom?

Queen: *relieved* Oh Maria, your awake...

Gideon: *concerned* Are you alright Princess?

Maria: *trembles* I feel so dizzy...

Queen: It's alright cricket, I'm here...

(Short Pause)

Princess Maria used what body strength she had left to lift her upper body.  Immediately, she noticed Harriet craddled in Gideon's arms and then quickly peered into her bedroom. The moment she saw her father and the Knights fighting off the spider, Maria's eyes rolled back and swiftly collapsed into her mother's lap.

Queen: *anxious* I must get my daughter away from here...

Gideon: Then you must follow me your highness, I will bring you, the princess and the maid somewhere safe.

Queen: *relieved* Oh, thank goodness!!

With Gideon's help, they dragged the maid and Maria's bodies down several hallways, before coming to a large wall within the castle. With the maid held securely in his grasp, Gideon used his free hand to knock repeatedly on the wall. The Queen gasped in amazement, as a small hidden door appeared right before her very eyes. In all of her years of living in the castle, she never knew of its secrets.

Queen: Oh my, I've never seen a door like this before...

Gideon: The servants and maids use these doors
 to get around the castle faster.

Queen: And how come I've never been told about this?

Gideon: I suppose they figured you and the King have
far more important things to worry about besides hidden doors.

Queen: And how is it that you know of these

Gideon: Please forgive me your highness, for withholding
such valuable information from you and the King. But we must get the Princess and the maid to safety, before Araenton finds them.

Queen: Oh right, yes...

Carefully, Gideon and the Queen dragged Maria and the maid through the hidden door. Once they were all safe inside, Gideon shut the door and closed his eyes. As for the Queen, she craddled both Harriet and Maria in her arms. Hoping they'd soon awake from their slumber. With his eyes still closed, Gideon listened intently for any peculiar noises. But he couldn't hear a thing, not even the sound of the King's voice nor the sound of the Knights screaming. There was absolute silence throughout the hallways and Gideon didn't like it. Instantly, the Queen could sense the Knight's anxiousness.

Queen: *concerned* What is it Gideon?
What is wrong?

Gideon: Something doesn't feel right, I do not hear the Knights...

Queen: *curious* And what of my husband?

Gideon: *anxious* Nor do I hear the King...

Queen: *distressed*

Gideon: I don't think they made it...

Queen: *quietly sobs*

(Short Pause)

Gideon: We need to get you and the Princess out of here.
There should be a spare boat for you and Maria by the river, take the boat as far away from here as you can. There is a small brown cottage about twelve miles from the castle, you both will be safe there. You may take Harriet with you, if you so choose.

Queen: *concerned* But what about you Gideon?

Gideon: I will do what I must...

Queen: *curious* And what of Araenton? What if he follows us?

Gideon: Some say, that he's afraid of water. Find a bucket and fill it. You might need it, in case he does decide to follow you.

Queen: *smiles* You are indeed wise brave Knight...

Gideon: *pleased* Much obliged, your highness...

Queen: *smiles*

Not long after, Gideon spotted a tiny spider crawling in through the crack of the hidden door and he was immediately filled with fear. Gideon turned his attention on the Queen and instantly, she knew something was wrong.

Gideon: *whispers* Run...

Queen: *anxious*

Gideon: *bellows* Get out of here now!!

Without hesitation, the Queen got up on her feet and tried dragging Maria and Harriet both in her arms. But unfortantely, she could only save one. In that instant, the Queen looked back to see a dark shadowy figure of a man. And he was draining the blood from Harriet's right leg. Fear flooded the Queen's eyes. There was nothing she could do to save Harriet from her tragic demise. As for Gideon, he got stabbed by Araenton's stinger, which had completely paraylyzed him. While Araenton feasted on his dinner, he looked up at the Queen and smiled.

Araenton: *hissing* Hand over the Princess...

Queen: *upset* You will not lay a hand on my daughter...

Araenton: *hissing* But I must feed, feed, feed...

Queen: *disgusted*

Araenton: *hissing* Give her to me...

Queen: *screams* NEVER!!!

And with all of her strength, the Queen dragged her daughter through the secret passageway. Meanwhile, Araenton was still busy feasting on his dinner; draining their essence dry until they were nothing, but corpses. The Queen panted loudly, trying to get as far away from the demon spider as possible. She even looked back several times to check and see if he was following behind. Luckily, there was no one there. Once the Queen found a way out of the castles passageway, relief immediately set in. She took a moment or two to catch her breath, before continuing on. Maria stirred quite frequently in her mother's arms and completely unaware of what was happening.

A large wooden door stood right in front of them, instantly, the Queen opened the door and dragged her daughter out into the cool night air. Now that they were outside, the Queen felt safe knowing that they were not too far from the river. All of her hopes were high when suddenly, thirty five cocooned bodies dangled down from the castle windows. The Queen screamed in terror the moment she saw her husband's face inside one of them. Determination coursed through her, as she dragged Maria away from the castle and towards the river. Eventually, the Queen spotted the boat resting on the shore and right beside it was an empty bucket. Quickly, she hoisted Maria inside the boat, along with the little brown bucket. Little by little, the Queen pushed the boat back into the water.

The minute she was just about to heave herself into the boat, she was soon caught by several strands of web. The Queen cried with fear, as Araenton pulled forcefully on the other end. Meanwhile, Maria awoke with a rather terrified look on her face and she could sense that her mother was being pulled away from her. Without hesitation, Maria grabbed a hold of her mother and tried pulling her inside the boat, but Araenton would not let go. Maria cried in agony as she watched the tears roll down her mother's face. Araenton hissed hungrily, as he pulled even harder. The Queen cried with great sorrow, while Araenton pulled the boat back towards shore. She knew she had to save her daughter from the demon's grasp and in order to do that, Maria had to let her mother go.

Queen: Maria, my cricket. Look at me...

Maria: Mom, I'm going to pull you in...

Queen: Please, look at me?

Maria: *cries*

Queen: You must let me go...

Maria: No mom, I won't do that...

Queen: Maria, I'm doing this to protect you. Please, let go...

Maria: Momma, please don't do this, please...

Queen: *sobs*

Maria: *sobs*

(Long Pause)

Queen: I love you cricket...

Maria: I love you too...

And with immense regret, Maria released her mother and watched as the creature pulled her mother onto shore and drained her essence. Maria screamed in terror as she observed her mother's death. By the time Araenton had finished devouring the Queen, he watched the Princess float away on the river. So, Araenton used his telepathic abilities to invade Maria's mind.

Araenton: *hissed* I will find you, Princess...
And I shall devour you piece by piece...

Maria: *faints*

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