Silver Kiss

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a kiss can only be given

Submitted: July 01, 2009

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Submitted: July 01, 2009



I don't understand my own heart

How could I love one who canot love themselves

I feel your ice cold lips on my skin

the prick of pointed fangs

I feel the Passion flow through me

Your lips leave my neck

Following a path to my lips

A fire burns deep inside me

The forbidden passion Awakwns the flame

I wisper gently telling you I'm not afraid

Your lips go deeper as if to take in my every being

I answer your vigorous with my own

My hand travel trough you hair

And in response yours travel up my Back

The ice is burned away with passion

You hold me close to you with an unhuman strength

But you can't break me no mater what you do

The silver kiss Continues

The flame burning away my humanity

I don't feel the pain 'for I know you are mine and I am yours

My heart is your heart and yours is mine

No longer human am I

But my love is still strong and I still love you with the same burning passion

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