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I know that I deserve better than what I got from him...So what experience's that I went through I put it all in words and expressed myself.

Submitted: January 11, 2007

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Submitted: January 11, 2007



  I think I can do much better than you. I can do much better than all the lies that you made me believe. The guilt kicks in after I think about it and I feel sorry for not only you but myself. As days go by and the more I think about what we had and the love that I felt for you. I told myself after you left that I wasn't going to miss you.

  But the truth is that I will not think about you and I will forget what we had. Because what we had was all a bunch of lies and it meant nothing to you. I really think that you should know that I deserve much better than you. It's true that I loved you and I was so into you and nothing else matter'd to me when I was with you.

  The truth is that I don't really have any regrets about what we had and I really hope that you find someone what will matter to you one day and she will be better than me. I'm not really sorry about anything that we had or would've had.

  All I can say to you is that if there is a chance in the future that we cross paths I will pass by you and not say hello or even act like I see you. Because all that you are is just another person on the road that means nothing to me. I don't want you to look at me and say ''Hey I know her, we had something in the past" because you were not apart of my life and never will be. What we had was a mistake and should've never happened. You mean nothing to me!

  So if someday in the future we cross paths keep walking, enjoy life and never look back. Not to glance at me or even acknowledge me in any way. I have moved on from ever knowing that you exist.

  I just hope that someday you will find the woman of your dreams and the moments that you share with her are rememberable and they take your breath away.

 The only thing that I'm sorry about is wasting my time crying over what we had and wishing there was more!!!!!

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