The Person You Are

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Basically it's for someone really important in my life. She has had many rough roads and she still get's back up and goes through life like it doesn't bother her so her kids can see that it's okay to be strong.

Submitted: December 26, 2006

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Submitted: December 26, 2006



The person you are can't be described by only words but by feelings and expression. You are one of a kind, a person who is there when you need them, a person who hear's the voice's of other's that most people can't hear. When I'm screaming your the one who answer's my call.

The Person you are isn't something that you can take advantage of. You are taken lightly at times and strongly at others. People pass by you and see only your apearence and not for who you really are. They see what they want to beauty isn't only on the outside it's on the inside as well but much deeper.

The person you are is a very special gift and it should be cherished and not stomped on like a doormat. Your personaility strikes me as one who defends the weak and up holds the strong. You are a very special person that matter's alot to one's that really and truly care.

The person you are touches hearts that can't be touched. You weaken the strong to feel good things instead of bad things. You are the type that when you walk into a room your the only one people see and everything else just stops and time is on your side.

The person you are has a aura that is surrounded by good and makes other's want to be just like you. You are the role model everyone desires to be. Your the type of person that should be trusted. Your the one everone calls on when they are in their moment of need.

The person you are shouldn't have their heart slaughter'd by people who only feel hatred. Your feelings matter most than other's and the presence you hold inside of you inspires most and other's it make's intimidated.

The person you are is a gift from God himself. Your like an angel sent here to help the ones that need it most. Your white wings are like a ray of sunshine on me. You inspire me to be a better person.

The person you are is like heaven is pouring down on everyone around you and they finally see the light. You should be loved and taken care of to the highest. There are times that you feel hurt and distraught but then when you think more about what you have it brightens up your day because of the ones that you have helped along the way.

The person you are is radiant and open to the ones that matter. The anger that other's feel goes away when they talk to you because of the voice that you have calms and soothes other's to forget about their pain and agony that they have. Other's feel they have a fighting chance to be like the person you are.

The person you are is one that I have never seen. A free spirt that knows what she want's and goes for it. Your like a mustang horse running free with a high spirt that noone can put down. All the things that have happened in your life where hurddles that needed to be jumped so other's can be inspired to do the same.

The person you are's love is wholesome and overwhelming. The love that you share with other's gives them comfort knowing that there is great love out there somewhere you just have to seek it and it will be there.

That's the person you are to me

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