To The Men And Women In Iraq

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This is for all the Men and Women in Iraq that are fighting for the USA. Because of you we are safe!

Submitted: January 07, 2007

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Submitted: January 07, 2007



To The Men And Women In Iraq

 We may not know what goes on over there or how it feels to be away from your family but we know what your doing for us here at home.

 Most people think that what your doing is stupid and they don't think about what you go through so other's may beable to walk out of their homes and go to work without worrying about getting shot or watching where you step.

I for one appreciate what you are doing. I may not know what you put yourself through to stay safe and make it home to your husbands or wives and children. But I'm with you 100% on what your doing over there and I support it.

 If it wasn't for the men and women over there in Iraq fighting day in and day out we would not be safe. We wouldn't have what we have today! And that is freedom and the courage that those men and women have is something that most of us US citizens don't have. We don't have the courage to put our lives on the line so other's can live.

 What you men and women have is something that I wish I had. I don't see how you can be away from your families and miss your babies first words or their first steps. How you can be away from your husbands and wives, but you do it.

 Thanks to you I can walk out my front door every morning and look up and thank God because we have such great people that care not only for themselves but for other's.

 So thank you for everything You have done and will do! Thank you for making my home safer.

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