Pain and Deception

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Desiree comes from a home with no father and an alcoholic mother. When she meets Javon she thinks she's found a way out and the love of her life but every gift comes with a price. Will Desiree pay with her life?

Submitted: October 12, 2011

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Submitted: October 12, 2011



I was sweating and it was like I could hear my heart beating loudly in my chest. I had never killed anyone before but it was either me or him. I was tired of the abuse physically and emotionally. My hands were shaking and it was hard to steady the gun but there was no backing out now. As I stood over him aiming the gun at his head, flashbacks of his abuse ran through my mind. All I could think of was all the events that led to this point.

As long as I can remember, my mother was a drunk. I never knew my father but my mother would get drunk and beat on me blaming me for him running off and leaving her. Family members would whisper about how her drinking ran him off, but I ignored the comments. When I turned 16 I had to get a job, it was either that or starve. I lied about how much I made just so my mother wouldn't drink it all away. I would envy the chicks walking around in all their designer clothes, meanwhile I shopped at thrift stores and consignments. All my money went to bills, food and my mother's drinking problem. Something had to give, this wasn't the life I used to fantasize about. Those dreams of  bright lights, beautiful clothes and nice cars were just that.... a dream.

I had been waiting tables at Mama's Kitchen for almost 6 months, so I was one of the better waitresses but I still hated my job. The customers were rude and my tips were lousy, but it paid the bills. Barely.... but it paid them. It was a Wednesday afternoon and business was slow. I sat with the other girls talking and joking when he walked in. He stood 6'2 with deep waves and hazel eyes. His smile showed straight white teeth and deep dimples. He was fine as hell and he knew it, he had swag outta this world. Deondra ran over to his table but shortly returned to where we were sitting. "He wants u Desi" she said popping her gum with some attitude. I was nervous when I headed over to his table but I kept my cool and instead replaced my nervousness with a lil attitude. "What can I get you?" I asked trying not stare too hard at his pretty ass smile. "Can I get a side of Desiree, please?" He asked with a big smile." That's not on the menu and if you're gonna play games and not order, then you can step" I had attitude but I really wanted to kiss his beautiful full lips. Before getting up he pulled out a roll of money and pulled off two crisp hundred dollar bills and with a big smile he says, "That's just a lil somethin to show you how I get down for my woman. When you ready to roll with me let me know. He writes his number on a napkin and leaves it with the money. Before he leaves he winks at me and says, "Have a good one Desiree Atkins!" How did he know my whole name?

Something about how he said my name let me know I've met him before but he didn't look familar. All day I searched my brain wondering how he knew my name as I walked home. I was so deep in thought I didn't notice the pearl colored Cadillac Escalade that pulled up beside me. The tint was so dark that I couldn't see in it. The window slowly rolled down to reveal the man that had been on my mind all day. "You want a ride?" He asked with the same big smile that made my heart jump. I shook my head and kept walking but there was no shaking him. Finally I gave in and hopped in the car. I was nervous and felt like my stomach was in knots. "Don't be nervous, ma, here drink this", he said handing me the bottle of Goose he was sipping on. I took a couple sips and frowned at the taste. After seeing what alcohol did to my mother I didn't wanna go that route. I started to feel comfortable and we talked nonstop. "What's your name anyway" I asked. "My friends call me Von but my names Javon" he answered confidently. "I knew a Javon in school I said lowering my eyes, remembering that horrible day I've tried to forget since I was 11. “Cool" he said with a smirk on his face. The look in his eye creeped me out but I brushed it off. Peer pressure is a mutha and soon I was drinking and smoking weed. Before I knew it I started feeling dizzy and blacked out.....

When I woke up it took my eyes a minute to adjust and my head felt like a marching band trampled across it. As my eyes adjusted I realized I was in a beautiful bedroom that did not belong to me, of course. The bed was huge with tiger print as the theme and a realistic tiger rug in the floor. Almost distracted by the beauty I jumped out of bed and panicked, I was fully clothed but still scared of what had happened. What did happen and where was I? After vowing to myself not to drink or smoke again I started to head downstairs. The smell of bacon and eggs danced around my nostrils as I got closer to the kitchen. There in the kitchen was Von making breakfast and he seemed to know what he was doing. I smiled to myself and cleared my throat to get his attention. He turned around quickly, caught off guard. "Good morning" he said as he placed my plate in front of me. I nodded my head and asked "What happened?" "You can't handle your liquor" he said jokingly as he placed food on my plate. That was the beginning of the perfect relationship, so I thought. I had got so messed up the night before but he never touched me.

Six months had passed and we were inseparable. I moved in with Von and no longer had to work. He said no woman of his would have to work and he bought me everything I needed or wanted. I hadn't seen or talked to my mother since I had left but things seemed better that way. Until the one day I saw a part of Von I didn't know existed. He rushed into the house one night out of breath and covered in blood. I was so scared I didn't know what to do so I grabbed the phone. He snatched the phone out of the wall and snatched me up by my throat with rage and anger in his eyes. Tears ran down my cheeks from fear and lack of oxygen. "You will never call the cops no matter what ever happens, understand?" He spit the words out like flames from a dragon’s mouth and I slowly started to blackout. Before I could, he released his grip and I fell to the floor gasping for air.

I stared at myself in the mirror as tears left a trail of sadness down my face. I had red marks on my neck and my neck hurt but not as bad as my heart did. I could feel it breaking into pieces yet the thought of leaving didn't cross my mind. I felt stupid but I was in love. I could easily find a man, I wasn't an ugly girl. I stood 5 foot 7 with caramel skin, green eyes with wavy shoulder length hair. I had the body shaped like a coke bottle and the walk of a model but all the confidence I displayed was fake. My mom broke me down every day with her drunken words full of hate. She was alone because of her drinking but was too stubborn to face the truth and instead blamed me; it was easier to deal with that way.

It was around 10 pm when I was awakened by a kiss on my neck. I opened my eyes to his staring deep into mine. He never apologized but I saw it in his eyes and smiled as he kissed me softly. A tear fell down my cheek and I fell asleep in his arms wondering what was to come in our future.

Von woke me the next morning and told me he was taking me shopping. I jumped out of bed and I was showered and dressed within 15 minutes. I always loved to shop and nothing was ever too expensive, he spoiled me and I loved it. As we were walking down the strip of uptown New york I was so happy and all the hurt from the night before vanished from existence. By the time we were done shopping we had so many bags we almost couldn't carry them all. We loaded them into the caddy and drove to get some lunch at a beautiful five star restaurant. As soon as we were seated our waitress approached us to take our orders. She was very pretty and was extra flirty with Von. Jealousy had me angry and I felt disrespected. I cleared my throat to remind them I was sitting there as if they forgot. Von was flirting and ignored me as if it didn't matter. "Excuse me but I've lost my appetite" I yelled as I stormed out of the restaurant to the truck. Von came out minutes later with anger in his eyes but I didn't care. "Get your dumb ass in the truck and don't give me no lip" he yelled as he climbed in the truck. As soon as I got in the truck he hit me hard across the face. I was caught off guard and it felt like somebody hit me with a baseball bat. "If you ever embarrass me like that again I'll kill you!" He screamed as he pulled out of the parking lot to drive home. The way he said his words made me shake with fear and I believed his words. This was only the beginning of more abuse to come but I wanted to believe that it wouldn't happen again.

After a while it seemed as if all the abuse made me emotionless. I no longer cried or questioned God why He was doing this to me and I hardly talked these days. Looking back on how jealous I was of all those girls wearing their designer clothes and hanging on the arm of a known drug dealer seemed stupid now. There was a price to pay for those expensive tags and beautiful cars. Von had went on one of his "business" trips so I was actually enjoying the time I had alone and the safety I had while he was gone. He had left me money to shop with but he monitored the miles I put on my car and I didn't dare go further than I was supposed to. Like I said before, there was a price to pay for expensive tags and I paid every time Von was angry with me for that candy apple red BMW in the driveway. I'd trade it all to get my simple life back working at the diner and go back to being a nobody. Being a nobody was safe and less painful. Caught up in my thoughts a tear slid down my cheek and I quickly wiped it away. I had to be tough; there was no room in this life to be sensitive or emotional. If only I had the courage to leave but I was far too scared to make a decision like that. It was only a thought that crossed my mind for the past year I was with Von. I knew he cheated on me but he nearly put me in the hospital the first time I confronted him about it. Girls called my phone constantly to brag about being with him or to say they were having his baby but I did nothing. I was stupid for staying but if I ever tried to leave he'd kill me. We had more bad times than good but the good that we did have was the only thing that kept me sane. Time and time again I had heard of Von fathering at least two chics in our neighborhood kids. What hurt the most was that he made me take birth control because he told me he didn't want kids. I so badly wanted one of my own, someone that would love me just as much as I loved them. A sweet baby who I could hold and gaze into their eyes, taking all my problems away and giving me reason to live.

It was around eight o'clock and I decided to take a peaceful bath and relax. I ran a bubble bath, lit a few aroma therapy candles, put on some slow music and grabbed a glass of wine. I stepped in the bath and sunk down leaving just my head out of the water. I closed my eyes and before I knew it I had dozed off. I was awakened out of my sleep by a deep voice yelling at me "Wake up bitch and step out of the tub!" I opened my eyes to be staring down the barrel of a gun and I shook with fear. "Give me my money and I won't put a bullet in your head" he said angrily with a crazy look in his eyes. "I don't know what you're talking about bu...." before I could finish he hit me with the butt of his weapon. "Please stop" I cried spitting out blood but he kept hitting me. My right eye was swollen shut but I could see another man going tearing apart my bedroom looking for what was theirs. Throwing shoe boxes out of the closet he yelled "Bingo" He had found my stash of money in one of my Lou shoe boxes. "Bitch you lied to me" the man yelled that had been beating me. He kicked me in my ribs and I screamed out in agony. He raises his gun, pointing it at my forehead. This is it I thought to myself as my life flashed before me. A gunshot echoed in my ear and everything went black, I was dead.

When Von walked in Rich was standing over Desiree pointing his gun at her head, he reached for his 45 slowly and shot him in the back of the head. He should have known Rich would go after Desi after he robbed him last week, but hell he was getting money. The other dude that Von didn't recognize tried to run to his gun that laid across the bed but Von shot him before he could get to it, putting him to sleep for good. Von looked down Desiree not sure if she was dead so he reached down to feel her pulse, which was faint. Before calling 911 he bagged up the bricks he had left and the money from his safe. Good thing he had secretly switched the apartment in Desiree's name so if the cops did find anything he wouldn't go down for it. After calling 911, he jumped in his truck and sped off. He'd go see Desiree in the hospital after he took care of business and since she was unconscious she wouldn't know he had been there.

Beep... Beep... Beep...

When I woke up my body felt like it had been hit by a truck and I could barely move. The pain in my side made me cry out in pain and I pressed the nurses button. "Hello, Ms. Atkins" the nurse replied as she entered the room. "I'm glad to see that you're awake. You have a few fractured ribs and a few cuts and bruises but you'll recover quickly" My memory was vague but I remembered bits and pieces of my attack. Where was Von when I needed him and why did he bring trouble to our door step? Why did he owe that man money when we had money for days? So many questions ran through my mind as I lay in that hospital bed with the beeping of my machine ringing in my ear.

I knew it wouldn't be long before the cops were all up in my room asking me questions but I didn't have answers for them. The same questions they asked were the same ones that crowded my brain since I had woken up in the hospital. After an officer handed me his card telling me to call if anything came to mind they all left and I let out a sigh of relief. I needed rest and badly. My eyes got heavy and before I knew it I drifted off. Maybe it was the meds they gave me or just pure sleepiness but it felt good to doze off into a place away from this all. What did I get myself into?

When I was released from the hospital a week later, Von was there to pick me up. Not once had he come to visit me but I had called him several times from the hospital and he told me it was because he couldn't bear to see me in pain. Deep down I knew it was because he didn't want to run into the cops but I accepted it and waited for the hospital to release me. When we arrived to the house he helped me inside, I was so tired. "Get dressed we're going out" he said walking into the bedroom. "Von, I'm too tired" I said turning my back to him to get into bed. Before i knew it he grabbed me by my hair and threw me in the floor. I raised my hands in front of me in defense afraid of what he might do. "I said get dressed! Now if I have to repeat myself you'll be right back in that damn hospital" he said through gritted teeth. I did as I was told and I got dressed. I wore a tight fitting red dress with gold stilettos and gold accessories. My hair was down and wavy but pinned with a gold clip on the side.

When we arrived to the club we walked right in like we owned the place, we never waited in line for anything. Without the abuse my life would be perfect just as it appeared to everyone else. We sat in VIP as always and I sat next to Von sipping on my vodka and cranberry. I watched as Von flirted with random chicks and rolled my eyes. It didn't faze me anymore because I wasn't in love with him anymore and I wanted more than anything to leave. If they could see behind the money and the attention they'd change their minds about Von. Von looked at me and winked, mocking me knowing I wouldn't dare make a scene again. I excused myself to the restroom, I needed time to clear my head and keep my composure. I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn't recognize the person looking back at me. I shook my head and touched up my makeup. Just as I was about to head back out gunshots rang throughout the club. My screams echoed in the empty bathroom and I quickly locked myself in a stall and stood on the toilet. I prayed for God to bring me out alive as the shots continued.

What seemed like hours I sat in the bathroom stall crying and praying for God to bring me out of this alive. The gunshots had stopped for about ten minutes but I waited a little bit longer to be sure the shooters were gone. I slowly stepped off of the toilet, my legs had gone numb but the thought of dying kept me from moving. I slowly opened the stall door and crept to the bathroom door. I peeked out before finally making my way through the club. The club was completely destroyed on the inside and I was shaking with fear. There were bodies lying all over the place and my heart seemed as if it was going to jump out of my chest. I didn't realize that I had been holding my breath the whole time so I exhaled slowly. Tears poured down my face as familiar faces lie on the floor lifeless and bloody. I made my way to the VIP section to look for Von, wondering if he too was another lifeless body lying on the floor. When I got to VIP the girl Von was flirting with laid there across a table with a pool of blood under here. I shut my eyes and turned away shaking my head, but even with my eyes closed I could still see her. As I was about to turn and leave somebody grabbed me from behind and placed their hand over my mouth. My scream got caught in my throat and a familiar voice kept me from fighting them off. "Be easy, it's me ma" It was Von, he had somehow survived the shooting and it made me wonder if he had something to do with it. Club Chaos was ran by a dude everyone called "Stacks" because he was rich and the biggest drug dealer in town. He used his club to launder money and as a cover up for the cops.

Just as I was wondering where the cops were and why they were taking so long, I could hear sirens off in the distance. Von grabbed my hand and practically drug me to the truck and we sped off before the cops showed up. I didn't dare ask Von how he made it out in fear of another beating so I kept quiet the whole way and put my curiosity to the back of my mind. When we got home I noticed two black duffels in the back seat of the truck and my heart skipped a beat. Those bags answered my own question. Von was capable of murder and it scared me to my soul. At that moment I knew I had to get away and get away fast before it was too late.

Within an hour I was out of the clinic and Keysha drove me home. We rode in silence, me in deep thought and Keysha not sure what to say. When we pulled up Von's car was in the driveway and my heart stopped. I looked at Keysha and she stared back at me with the same fear in her eyes as mine. He wasn't supposed to return for at least another two hours. Searching my mind for an excuse, my thoughts were cut short. Von came walking out the house with his arms crossed and a familiar look on his face I knew too well. I thanked Keysha and closed the car door as she was telling me to call her if things got out of hand. Things always got out of hand but I never called anyone. What would he do this time I wondered as I slowly walked up the driveway to Von. Without a word said he slapped me so hard making me stagger into the door. "Where have you been and what did I tell you about hanging with that hoe?!" Before I could answer he hit me again knocking me to the floor. "You think you're slick, probably out meeting up with some other nigga!" "No baby, we just went to grab a quick....." Whack! He kicked me in my side before I could finish my sentence and I screamed out in pain, my ribs weren't completely healed yet. "Bitch, you must think I'm stupid!" Von was getting angrier and angrier as he hit me repeatedly. I prayed to myself that it would be over soon. He grabbed me by my hair and drug me to the room, throwing me inside and before closing the door he looks at me with hate in his eyes and says "If you leave this room, it'll be much worse! Since you can't listen I'll leave you here to think about it!" I painfully lifted myself out of the floor and climbed in bed crying. I couldn't take much more of the abuse; it was killing me more and more inside. I balled up like a baby and dozed off almost immediately. I awoke to the sound of a drill coming from outside the door. Confused I laid there and waited to see what Von was up to. After the drilling stopped Von yells through the door "Just a little reassurance you're not gonna go sneaking out again I put a padlock on the door." He laughed as he walked away from the door. I jumped up and ran to the door turning the knob and pushing and kicking at the door. How could he do this to me? "Shut up!" He yelled through the door. "Oh by the way, I know about your little trip to the clinic. Good choice, you don't deserve to mother my child. You're nothing and remember that." His words were like a hundred swords stabbing me in my heart. I cried silently to myself and slid down the door in defeat

Two days had passed, Von had not been home and I was starving. I drank water from the bathroom sink to keep me feeling full and from feeling weak but it was starting to take a toll on me. I slipped in and out of sleep until I heard Von slam the front door. I jumped up and listened at the door until I heard his footsteps getting closer to the door and him unlocking the door. He slid a sandwich inside and threw a small bag of chips at me and then shut the door and locked it again. I devoured the sandwich in minutes and scarfed down the chips. After I was done I sat in the floor against the bed with my knees in my chest and hugged my legs rocking back and forth. I started to cry again, I was surprised I had tears left to cry. My eyes burned and were red as fire. Something had to be done; he was out of control and should be taught a lesson. For the next couple days I tried to come up with a plan but I was lost. Then it hit me, the safe was in the closet and Von kept an extra gun in there just in case he needed it. I walked over to the closet and turned the dial to the safe, remember the combo from the day I watched Von go into the safe. 06......10......11..... click! "Yes!" I said to myself as the safe door popped open. There were stacks of money, a passport, and some other documents and right on top sat the chrome 9mm, my life saver. I looked through the papers and an old picture fell out. When I looked at the picture I stopped breathing and I couldn't believe my eyes. In the picture stood four familiar faces, smiling and posing next to each other. Troy....Donte.....Lloyd.... Javon.... the four that beat me up and raped me so long ago! Then it hit me Von WAS Javon! How could I not know! He looked so different back then; he was a lot heavier and ugly. I was so mad I saw red and it was then that I decided that he had to die.

Von returned that night and unlocked the door."I believe you've learned your lesson, so get dressed. I've got a dinner with some very important people tonight. During the dinner I was zoned out the entire time as everyone talked amongst themselves. Their voices were off in the distance and I was wrapped up in my own thoughts. The drive home was quiet so I decided to put my plan in affect and spark a conversation. "Baby, it's been so long since you've sexed me like you used to. Let’s go home and do it like the old days" I said sticking my tongue in his ear and rubbing him between his legs until he stood at attention. I felt sick to my stomach with the thought of him touching me again but it had to be done. I should of gotten an Oscar for the performance I put on. It took every ounce in me to follow through with the whole thing. Afterwards we both rolled over and I pretended to be sleep until I heard Von snoring. I slid out of the bed slowly and crept to the safe. I turned the combination quickly and the safe popped open. I looked over at Von to be sure he was still sound asleep. I grabbed the gun out the safe and closed it quietly. I started to shake as I followed through with my plan and walked over to Von's side of the bed. I was sweating and it was like I could hear my heart beating loudly in my chest. I had never killed anyone before but it was either me or him. I was tired of the abuse physically and emotionally. My hands were shaking and it was hard to steady the gun but there was no backing out now. As I stood over him aiming the gun at his head, flashbacks of his abuse ran through my mind. Along with the picture I found, all this was fuel to my fire. "Fuck you Von!" Before I knew it a single gunshot echoed in my ear.

I was so shaky that I missed and hit the headboard, waking Von out his sleep. He jumped out of bed and lunged towards me so I screamed and let off another shot hitting him in the stomach. He dropped to his knees holding his stomach as blood poured from his mouth as he fell to the floor. I was crying, not because I was sad but because I was scared and relieved. Something came over me as I stood over him watching him die. I felt powerful and in control at that moment. I quickly turned on my survivor mode and wiped the gun off, laying it next to his body. I went to the safe and cleared out all his money, packed a bag and stuffed the money in it. I needed to leave town and quick, I grabbed the keys to my car and rushed out the house. I stepped outside and looked around to see if anyone had heard the shots and came outside but it was completely dark, I let out a sigh of relief. I got in the car and being careful not to draw attention I drove off slowly. The last thing I needed was to get pulled over for something as stupid as speeding. I wasn't sure where I was going to go but it was definitely out of New York. I drove and drove until my eyes got heavier and I felt as if I would fall asleep at the wheel. I stopped in Virginia and checked into a hotel; as soon as I got to my room I tossed my bag in the floor and threw myself across the bed falling asleep instantly.

When I woke up it was 9:45 at night, I had slept all day and it felt good to be free. I've felt like a prisoner all my life and now it was time to do Desi. I emptied all the cash on the bed and it added up to fifty thousand. I smiled and threw myself back on the bed feeling happy; I hadn't felt this happy since.... I couldn't remember ever being happy. I got up and stuffed the money back in my suitcase. I couldn't stay here for too long I needed to keep on moving just in case they had found Von. I drove and drove until I reached South Carolina. It looked welcoming and I felt at ease as I was driving through it. "This is where I'll start over" I said with a smile stopping at a gas station. As I was pumping gas there was a man there pumping gas next to me that gave me an uneasy feeling. He kept staring at me and when we made eye contact he didn't try to turn away. It gave me chills so I quickly got in my car and sped off. I had been driving for a while looking for a house when I got to a beautiful gated community. I typed the number to the realtor into my cell phone and he answered on the second ring "Hello, Julius Johnson speaking" his voice was deep and sexy. “Yeah my name is Des....." then it hit me, I had to change my name if i was going to start over and lay low. "I'm sorry, my name is Mia and I'm interested in looking at some houses in your area" "Yes, how soon would you like to move in and how will you be paying?" "I want to move in as soon as possible and I'll be paying cash"

When he arrived he was a very attractive man. He stood at least six foot, with deep waves, a goatee and I could tell he had a nice body under the suit he was wearing. He looked me up and down extending his hand out to me. "Nice to meet you Mia" I shook his hand and smiled, I could feel myself blushing. The house had two bedrooms, two bathrooms and an office. It was fully furnished and felt like I could make it my home, after adding a few personal touches. After signing the papers we shook hands. He held on to my hand a little longer and I smiled, I didn't mind. "I'm sorry; let me let you get settled. Here's my business card, call me if you need anything at all" I thanked him and locked the door behind him. It was too soon for me to get involved with anybody. I quickly brought myself back to reality. He seemed like a nice guy and if he knew what I had done he wouldn't be interested in me. I was sound asleep when the sound of footsteps woke me up. I sat up in my bed holding my breath and listening in fear. My door slowly crept open and I froze in fear. Von stood in front of pointing his gun at me smiling. "Oh you thought I wouldn't find you, huh bitch?!" He pulled the trigger and I screamed. I sat up in my bed sweating and my heart was racing. I was tired of these nightmares and soon I'd lose my mind if I couldn't shake them.

I laid awake staring at the ceiling afraid to fall asleep. The nightmares wouldn't stop and staying cooped up in the house wasn't helping me keep my sanity. I decided to find a job to pass the time and try to piece together what I called a life. Sleep finally came to me but there were no nightmares, no dreams at all and I was awakened with a knock at my door. The bright light shining through my window blinded me as I shielded my eyes and slowly rolled out of bed. I slipped my feet in my soft slippers, threw a robe on and made my way downstairs.

When I opened the door there was nobody there and just as I was about to close the door I noticed a package on the ground. I looked around cautiously before grabbing the package and locking the door behind me. My heart began to beat fast as I wondered what was in the box and who it was from. Nobody knew my address or where I was and there was no return address. I grabbed a knife out of the kitchen and slowly opened the box.

Relief rushed over me as I reached in and pulled out a stuffed bear and a box from Tiffany’s that contained a beautiful silver bracelet with pink stones. I had only been living in my house for a few months now but Julius had made it known he was feeling me and wanted to take me out. We had lunch a few times but I always said they weren't dates and turned him down when he asked for one. I picked up the phone to thank him and accept his many pleas to a date but somebody was already on the phone. "Hello?" I asked confused. The line was silent for a moment but just as I was about to hang up a familiar voice paralyzed me with fear. "Hello Desi, long time no talk!" Von laughed and the line went dead. I dropped the phone on the floor and stared at it in fear. This had to be a joke! I killed him, didn't I?

After that I quickly called Julius and begged him to come over. He was confused but came as I wished with me promising to tell him the whole story. When Julius arrived I quickly snatched him inside and locked my door, looking out the window with paranoia I asked him repeatedly if he was sure he wasn’t followed? After I was convinced I began to tell Julius my story. My heart was beating a 100 mph as I told him everything from the beginning, fearing that he’d want nothing to do with me but feeling relieved I was finally letting it all out. When I was done I exhaled with relief, feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and staring at Julius with hopes he wouldn’t run out the door.

Julius sat and took it all in for a moment then he spoke calmly. “I don’t know what to say but you’re a strong woman. Mi….I mean Desiree, you didn’t have to lie to me. I like you, I like you a lot and I’m going to protect you from this boy that calls himself a man. Come stay with me until this all calms down.” I was relieved when I heard his words. “Julius, you’re a very good man but I don’t want to involve you in this part of my life. It’s dangerous and if something happened to you I wouldn’t be sble to live with myself.”  Julius stood to his feet and took my hands, “Fair enough but whether you like it or not I’m here for you. I will be checking on you every day and also calling, understood?” I nodded and he kissed my forehead. The kiss felt so good because I hadn’t been shown affection in so long. Before I knew it I started kissing Julius passionately and we were removing our clothes. His hands felt so good all over my body. We both rolled around on my floor naked and in ecstasy. Soft moans escaped my lips as we grinded together, sweating and neither of us wanting to stop. We both climaxed at the same time and laid gasping for air next to each other. He ran his fingers through my hair and kissed my cheek. Before we knew it we had fallen asleep in each other’s arms.

Smack! I opened my eyes confused and in pain. When my eyes focused I tried to scream but my mouth had duct tape over it. When I saw Von staring at me laughing I began to cry and I was shaking with fear. No this had to be a bad dream! No way had he found where I lived! Then it hit me, I frantically started looking around for Julius and what I saw made my heart drop. There he sat on the couch smirking at me and I stared back at him with fire in my eyes. I tried to yell but my mouth was bond and I was tied to a chair. “What’s that, Von asked removing the tape from my mouth. “I said both of ya’ll are gonna get what’s coming to you!” I spit in Julius direction and shook my head in disgust. How could I be so stupid? Von raised his gun to my forehead and a tear rolled down my cheek. “Any last words”, Von asked with hate in his eyes. “See you in hell!” Bang!

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