Royal Blood fight scene

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I havent posted anything in a while so I wanted to give you guys a small taste of what I have actually written out of sequence and just havent put up yet. Its just a small clip of the fight scene that i really like so I hope you are as anxious to get there as I was to write it! :) The rest will be up soon.

Submitted: March 03, 2009

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Submitted: March 03, 2009



“Nebula.” Demitri said.

I turned to Calpurnia and she flashed me a wicked grin. I thought you never wanted me to see this I thought. She winked, sunk back into her crouch and barred her teeth to the awaiting surge.

Behind her Nebula, back to us, glanced over her shoulder. In one effortless and fluid movement she spun ever so slowly toward us. She floated through us and stopped between Alex and I. At an agonizing pace she raised her right arm level to her shoulder and flipped her hand palm up. It looked like she was cupping something. She puckered her lips and blew a gust or wind from them and diamonds flew from her hand down toward the city. It was like shards of crystals glittering in the moonlight covering the earth below us. She pulled her lips back exposing her teeth and with a blink of an eye all hell broke loose. Screams broke out in a chorus of pain below. The tiny fragments were dancing their way through the bodies of the vampires that wanted to kill me, slicing their skin and blood flowed freely on the rooftops.

“Five, four, three, two, one.” Calpurnia counted, and in perfect harmony everyone jumped off of the cliff into the sea of serpents waiting below. At the same instant the crystals disappeared into thin air. A look of shock, surprise, fear, and anger washed over the many faces that waited below.

I stood in awe for a moment as I watched Demitri manipulate boulders and tree limbs and slammed them into and even through unsuspecting victims; Marius as he lept building to building setting ablaze groups of vampires and Amasia following closely behind finishing them off; Duncan as he would blind a victim and rip off a part of his body and toss it into the fires; Calpurnia as she danced around all who advanced on her as she read their thoughts and Alex as he sped through the crowd mangling bodies in fractions of a second.

It was the most spectacular sight I had ever seen. Like a perfectly choreographed symphony playing a death waltz. As I watched them I grew hungry and I wanted them to die. All of them.

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