The truth (My story)

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This is actually a very personal piece, I wrote it at a very hard time in my life. I want to share it because it is full of emotion and I think some people will be able to relate it a point in their lives. It too was written in 2000

Submitted: February 16, 2009

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Submitted: February 16, 2009



so many thoughts running through my mind

i dont know which ones to choose

it seems no matter what i do

i always seem to lose

the friends i have are there i think

though far and few between

but i lost them in my saddness

this i should have seen

i have nobody here for me

to help me when i fall

i always thought youd be there

when i did need to call

but now im stuck here all alone

with no one here but me

im gonna end it end it all

no one will care youll see

i walk away from my home

i turn to look to see

is there anyone there for me

no so i let it be

walking walking where do i go

somewhere i can be me

but why am i now in a hospital

i want to go home let me be

i dont belong here i never did

just let me die alone

i want to call my mommy

can i please use the phone

talking now is awkward

you dont know what to say

you try with a dont worry honey

youre gonna be ok

ive been through shit and i cant take

all of the sorrow and pain

i wanna be able to smile

and maybe even laugh again

gina helps briana does too

even tim makes me laugh and smile

doing so it occurs to me

wow it has been a while

i like to talk about my past

friends in this place are true

because with every story

they can say been there too

its not a pity party

just people that understand

they were the ones that helped me the most

they were there to hold my hand

maybe ill learn to be happy again

and smile at lest once a day

for what i have put my family through

its a small price to pay

where are my friends it seems i have lost

the ones that mean everything

the only thing that helps me escape

is getting to play and to sing

i know ill get through it but times are tough

taking things day by day

now i realize doing that

really is the only way

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