Finnick Odair's Story, Part 2

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Finnick Odair was a popular character in Suzanne Collin's Catching Fire and Mockingjay. I am writing these from the perspective of what his life was like before he was chosen for the 75th Quater Quell.

**There more than likely will be spoilers for The Hunger Games trilogy. You have been warned.**

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



Every year the mayor stands up there and explains the history of Panem. He reminds us of the Dark Days that lead to the demise of District Thirteen and the invention of the Hunger Games. He then begins to recite theTreaty of Treason, which explains that each of the twelve remaining districts must offer one boy and one girl between the ages of twelve and eighteen to fight to the death in the Hunger Games. I intend to be the boy tribute from District Four.

The mayor then introduces Mags. She is the only remaining victor from District Four, and she is in her seventies. If I am successful in gaining the spot as tribute for this year’s Hunger Games, she will be my mentor. I’ve heard that the other districts see this as a sign of weakness. They don’t believe that an elderly woman will be of any use to the District Four tributes. My father also thinks this way. He often talks of how he wishes Navan Marksith was still around. Navan was from District Four, and he was the victor of the 53rd Hunger Games.
I have to disagree with my father. Navan would have been a formidable mentor because of his morphling addiction. He could barely put together a coherent sentence, much less help a tribute to be victorius. In fact, the morphling is what led to his death. They found him in his home in the Victor’s Village overdosed on the stuff two years ago. He never could get past his experience in the arena.
This leaves us with Mags, whom I would rather have over Navan any day. She can at least organize sponsors. She also has knowledge. Not only has she been a tribute in the games and won, but she was a child in the Dark Days, and she has witnessed every single Hunger Games to follow. There’s no doubt in my mind that her knowledge will be extremely valuable to me.
Mags takes a seat on the stage as the mayor introduces Eleena Bracin, District Four’s escort. I have to stifle a laugh as she takes the stage. I will never understand the Capitol’s insane fashion sense. Her blue hair stands straight on the top of her head and comes to a fine point at the tip. The rest of her outfit is the color of her hair. Her shrill voice echoes throughout the town square as she welcomes everyone to the reaping for the 65th Hunger Games.
As Eleena babbles on in her Capitol accent, I catch a glimpse of my parents. My father nods toward the front of the stage. I look around and realize that several other boys are pushing their way through the crowd towards the stage, and I do the same. We are all preparing to volunteer, but only one of us will succeed, and I am certain it will be me.
The time has come for the female tribute to be chosen. Eleena reaches into the ball full of names, and I hold my breath as I worry she could pull out Annie’s name. “Avana Seewood,” Eleena announces. I breathe a sigh of relief, then I see another girl jump on the stage. In our district, whoever makes it on to the stage first is the winner of the coveted spot as tribute.
“It seems we have a volunteer,” Eleena says in a not at all surprised voice. “I’m Alexia Grayer, and I volunteer as tribute,” the tall blonde girl says confidently. The crowd erupts in applause, but Eleena quickly quiets them. “Very well then. Time to select our male tribute,” Eleena says as she walks to the ball containing all the male names. I have pushed my way to the very front of the crowd, and I ready my stance to run. I notice several other boys doing so as well. She reaches into the ball, and pulls out a name. The second the name leaves her lips, I rush for the stage. I hear others rushing too, but they are behind me. I quickly jump on the stage. Eleena says something to me, but my heart is pounding so loudly I can’t hear her. I’m sure she’s telling me to get off the stage, but then I realize I was first on the stage. I turn to the audience; “I am Finnick Odair, and I volunteer as tribute,” I boast.
The crowd roars with applause while Eleena tries to say, “I give you the District Four tributes of the 65th Hunger Games,” but her voice is drowned out by all the commotion from the audience. Everyone is celebrating; everyone except Annie. I watch as she stands completely motionless. She sends me a sad smile as a single tear runs down her cheek.

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