The Truth in Two Words

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A man tells you how he died and his experience of the afterlife.

This is written for a prompt from my writing website. The prompt was "It was a dark and stormy night" and to turn something cliché into something worth reading. You can get to my website by going back to my Bio.

Submitted: February 10, 2014

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Submitted: February 10, 2014



It was a dark and stormy night the last night I was alive. It’s easy to forget how you died, especially in the afterlife. When you’re alive you like to think that life has some sort of meaning and that what you do affects how your afterlife goes. Like if you steal you’ll spend eternity in a fiery hell and forever be tortured by a damned angel.
Let me tell you what really goes down when you die. You are set free. Every creature that is alive, whether it breaths or thinks or soaks up the sun, is just an infinite spiritual being experiencing a few insignificant moments of mortality. Humans spend most of their time wondering their purpose, and I’ll tell you in just two words what it is: to experience. Experience love, loss, pain, happiness, joy, fear.  When you decide to experience mortality, you sign up to be tied to things, to have responsibilities. Tied to other people, tied to a place, tied to dreams.
When you die, you leave them behind. You wave good bye to the worries and the stress that you thought you would so enjoy and you take with you the happiness and love you accumulated and use that as your energy to exist freely and uncomplicatedly. With that you exist solely to emanate your purest energy and keep the world turning.
That dark and stormy night was supposed to be a beautiful one. The weather man called for clear skies and a full moon. But when I went out for a walk with my wife that night we couldn’t see the moon past the clouds. We almost didn’t go, but we wanted to go get ice cream. Wednesdays were always date night. Always.  That night as we walked I grabbed her wrinkled hand. I ran my thumb over the top of her hand, felt how smooth it was under my calloused skin. We walked and I reflected on how my love for this woman propelled every action I’ve completed since I met her.  She talked, and even then I didn’t catch every word she said, instead I just enjoyed the sound of her voice as it filled the emptiness of the night. I looked up at the trees and watched the wind blow the leaves, they rustled as the cold air ran through them. My lovely wife shivered. I wrapped my arm around her and rubbed her arm. She smiled up at me. I felt my soul glow when she did. Then I didn’t realize it was my soul, then I just thought it was my heart. Honestly they’re the same thing.
We ate our ice cream and snuggled in the booth. The waitress smiled sweetly at us when I nuzzled into her hair. I knew she thought we were cute, in our old age, still in love. I owe everything to this woman, who kept me on this path of happiness and love.
It started to rain. The rain pelted against the window and she looked worriedly up at me. I told her not to worry, I’ll walk home and get the car and come back for her. I kissed her, and she touched my cheek so gently. It was a really lovely last kiss.
Before I left I told the waitress to bring her a hot chocolate and gave her forty dollars to pay for the ticket. I walked as fast I could through the rain. My old knees didn’t let me go as fast as I would have liked to. I got home and panted. I went inside and our old dog walked up to me, tail wagging. He touched me with his grey muzzle and I pet his head. I went to the garage and opened the car door, and felt a pain in my arm. I knew what was happening. I gasped and pictured my sweetheart’s face. I pictured her the whole time. And then I was set free.
I stayed with her. When she found out what was taking me so long. When she called our kids to tell them. For the funeral. I wrapped myself around her so she would never be alone. I radiated my love for her and hoped she could feel my presence. She calls out for me in her sleep; I tried my best to let my energy keep her warm.
She’s strong enough to live the rest of her mortal days without too much sadness. Every now and then I know she feels me there. And I will be there until she’s set free. And when she is our spirits can be together forever and we can put our love and our happiness back into the world.

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