Pink or Black? (alpal17's Challenge!)

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For alpal17's challenge! The emotion indecision and the photo posted here had to be included somehow.

Submitted: August 09, 2009

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Submitted: August 09, 2009



Pink or Black?


You are black,

I am pink,

You like to slack,

I like to think.


We are so different,

You are so strange,

Thinking gets you spent,

I don't think you'll ever change.


You kiss my cheek,

Tell me you're here for me,

The outlook isn't bleak,

What is it I see?


I'm not sure I like this,

Everything about it is odd,

I'm usually called lady and miss

You're called everything but God.


Ravens circle over you,

Doves circle over me,

Anything you'll do,

Everything I see.


What is so wrong about this, you ask?

We come from different worlds,

And this is not my task,

I think I just might hurl.


You're cute, and sweet,

If you didn't have all that metal on your face,

I think maybe it could be neat,

But let's not make this a race.


No, no, no! This is not right!

I'm not meant to be like this,

This is out of sight!

Just wrong, this is.


But no, maybe I should?

You are so cool,

Maybe I could?

Don't be a fool.

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