How would you feel if your loved ones had to leave?

Early autumn winds twirl; responding to this gentle request, summer leaves begin their farewell dance as the night falls upon the South Bank.

City lights dazzle my eyes as they celebrate the destined change of seasons.

Sudden chills send shivers through my spine.

Strands of hair fail to escape the mischievous wind and caress my cheeks.

As the final glimpse of sunrays sink beyond the horizon, I ask why the day should end before it runs its course?

The serenity of moonlight shows pity on my unfruitful quest.

For in the vastness of nature, what the heart desires most shall forever be beyond reach;

And in the fullness of time, we indulge ourselves in an arduous search to prove the worth of our existence.

Drizzles evaporate into emptiness against a backdrop of midnight sky.

Tapping my shoe, I tried to find a rhythm to cast away the pain that has arisen from your absence.

What is vital to the heart is invisible to the eye.....and the journey continues.

Submitted: March 08, 2011

© Copyright 2023 Christine Chow sy. All rights reserved.

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